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Bengali H!ndu Mom’s Club

Hi I am Abhisekh, a cuck son. I want to share a small experience of mine. It was when I was studying in class 10. My Bengali mom Mitali Chatterjee was 36 then. She is fair with figure 36c-30-38. Her ass always shakes when she walks. She runs her own boutique. My mom has a big friend circle. My father don.t stays here due to job. My mom goes to party a lot with her friends. She returns home late at night.

One night when she returned home very late. Her blouse was torn. There was no lipstick. Her sindoor was almost rubbed. I asked her what happened but she didn’t reply and went to his bedroom and shut the door. Next day I planned to follow her after she closes her boutique.

Next day at around 9.30 pm I saw her closing the shop. After that, I followed her. She walked for 3 min and then went inside a big bungalow. The security guard stopped me. I asked him what is happening inside. He answered “it is a bungalow of a local Muslim leader. And he runs a club of Hindu moms. There are many Hindu women and Muslim men inside. If you don’t want to fuck up then get lost.” I gave him Rs.500 and went inside the bunglow.

I went to the back side of bunglow. One window was opened I looked inside and was shocked to see inside. There was a big hall. There were nearly 15 women all above 30 years age complete nude. Around 20 muslim male of all age were present. All muslims were nude. I was stunned by seeing their erected cock. All were more than 7 inch. Some women were sucking their cocks and some were fucked by those big cocks. I saw my mom nude was sucking a big black cock of around 9 inch. 2 women were dancing nude mujra in the middle of hall. I saw 1 women was tied to the bed. I felt very helpless and humiliated. My Bengali hindu mom was actually whore of muslims.

I left that place because it was risky. I went back home. My mom returned at around 2.00am that night. It was routine for her. I knew she is fucked by muslims.
If you like my experience plzz comment and mail me. If you like my story I will tell you how parties of that club started taking in our house and how I became a cuckold son.

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  1. hi abhishek it must be so nice and fulfilling for u to see your beautiful mom fucked everyday. I also have a hot mom n didi can they too join the club? plz mail me. [email protected]

    • Abhisekh Chatterjee August 26, 2017 at 5:19 am

      There are some muslims who come in to our house daily who are running this club. But it can be risky because those muslims are very rough and tough. Mail me [email protected] if you are interested

  2. nice … i have been to such a party while i was in kolkata ,,,, married women splly bengoli get crazy for us n spread there legs for thick hard circumcised cock and want our pure cum in their sacred pussy to spread islam

    • It’s true. Main Bengal to nahi gayi hu, par Desh ke kayi shahro mein is tarah ke club hai jaha Hindu aurte akeli ya kisi doosri hindu aurat ke sath ya kayi baar pati ke sath jati hai, aur mard sare musalman hi hote hai, khaas kar slums ke kattar musalman mard.
      In parties mein hindu aurto ko akele ya group mein khub istemal kiya jata hai, aur hindu pati kursi pe baith ke apna hilate hai
      Main khud Delhi mein aisi parties mein gayi hu
      Asli jannat milti hai

    • Abhisekh Chatterjee August 26, 2017 at 1:14 am

      Yes sir just like my mom many other hindu women are riding muslim cocks in these types of clubs.

    • Saahi hai.. perticularly bramhin shadi shuda ladkiyon pagal hoti hai musalmani bade lund ke liye aur ek bar kisi se maza lene ke baad tadapti hai unke niche sone ke liye tadapti rahti hai .. ye mera khud ka anubhav hai

  3. Abhisekh Chatterjee August 26, 2017 at 1:12 am

    Thnxx a lot for publishing my post.

  4. I would love to be a part of such clubs. If anybody knows about such clubs please mail me, maybe I could try and be a part. Humble thanks to everyone. ????

  5. To isme naya kya hai. Jo hindu aurat ek bar muslim lund k niche aa gayi fir wo lund nahi ginti, bas chudwati jati hai. Khas kar shadishuda aurat

  6. aise club aur kaha hai, please help me. Mujhe bhi jana hai in clubs me, please help.

  7. wish sm1 made an erotic post abt my didi …. wish she was forcefully bred by an illiterate kala mulla

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