8 thoughts on “Black lives matter for white women

  1. Only black lives and black cocks matter, most importantly when black cocks invade and conquer white pussy and deposit their superior black seed, resulting in the eventual elimination of small white cocks like mine…please, let it happen soon.

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      1. I see what you mean Alica i’ve just been done by a massive Muslin cock OMG and it won’t be the last i want to see him again and i will take my daughters with me….my hubby don’t know and i can’t get that Muslim cock out of my mind….

        1. My hubby does not know his cute white daughters have been blacked for over a year now, and even their girlfriends are to a one all taking black cocks and seeds from 3 guys at a time. My daughters love it when 3 are in them at a time. Their holes and exterior parts are as big and hang down an inch or more from being stretched around cocks as big as their arms and they cum continuously on these guys. They service 6 to 9 blacks a night after a black cock matters ralley.

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