Blackmailed By My Husband’s Driver Part 2 by Deepti

Part 1:

Few weeks have passed since my husband’s driver fucked me.

“Oh Waseem” I moaned looking up to him, I was on my knees, stroking his huge cock, while my husband was at the office giving his driver ample amount of time to use his wife in his bedroom. I took his 6 inches of his cock in my mouth and gagged on it immediately, but it wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to punish me so he pushed another inch inside and “awk… awk… argh” and made me choke on it.

Being a slut was paying off, I was happy and satisfied. Waseem had been spending a lot of time in my bedroom and Nikhil had no idea about it. But there was just one problem, Waseem was our driver, it won’t be long before our neighbors would figure out our little arrangement. Other option was for me was to sneak into his chawl, though I liked to get fucked in his filthy room, but to be truthful our bedroom was quite comfortable. So I preferred it over any other place, this meant two things; one I could whore around with Waseem only at times when my husband was at office and second, Waseem and I had to be careful enough to make sure no one knows our dirty little secret. Frankly speaking I wasn’t scared about the word getting out but I was scared about the future of my marriage.

“Yeah Deepti” he grunted, and pulled his cock out for me to breathe, I gasped. “Fap… fap… fap… ” I stroked his glistening wet cock with both hands making it ready for him to fuck my face with it. I spit out a mouthful of saliva on his cock and started stroking it again.

He pointed towards the bed, “on the bed” I smiled and willingly got onto bed, facing the celling as I threw back my head down the edge of bed, he held my throat and pushed his cock down my mouth and started face-fucking me. His balls was hitting my forehead every time he pushed his cock deep inside my throat.

“Ooommph” I gasped for air as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“You like it don’t you? You filthy bitch?” he questioned, I nodded in yes. I was salivating like bitch in front of a sausage.

My body was getting tensed now, I arched my back and Waseem held me down to the bed and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He smacked his cock over my face and then turned me. I laid on my back spreading my legs and he pushed his fingers into my cunt, and I whimpered “Oh god… argh argh…”

I closed my eyes as he started to finger fuck me.

“ARGHHH ARGHHHH… FUCKKKK” I screamed as he pushed his three fingers deeper inside me increasing his force with each passing second, he looked into my eyes, and he knew that I was about to have an orgasm pretty soon. He quickened his pace further,

“UUMM MUUMMM… AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH” I screamed and squirted on his hand.

“Fuck me…” I pleaded. I was so consumed by lust that I literally begged him to fuck me.

Without wasting a much time, he pulled his fingers out of my cunt and pushed them in my mouth, I sucked on them.

“Turn around I want you from behind” he said, and like an obedient pet I got on my hands and knees.

“No move up and put your hands on the headboard” I held the leathery material of the headboard and he started to push his round cock-head inside my cunt “Argh” I whimpered and I tightened my grip on the headboard.

He kept pushing his cock inside, then suddenly he pulled it out, “What the fuck….” I said to myself, then he smacked my cunt and ass and pushed his cock back inside me in one big thrust.

“ARGH FUCK WASEEM IT FEELS SO GOOD” I screamed louder, he pushed my head to the headboard and started fucking me, I kept whimpering, I was his bitch and he was using my cunt for his pleasure, and it was turning me on.

“Umm… Mumm oh Waseem… fuck me deep” I moaned as he mauled my tits, I expected him to pinch my nipples but instead, he wrapped his arm around my throat and pulled me closer to him. His grip tightened on my neck and his pace increased, I held his strong arm with both hands.

“I want you to scream” he whispered, he was hungry, he wanted me, and I knew it. With his other hand he started rubbing my clit, “OH GOD YES… ” my voice grew louder, I closed my eyes once again.

Even on the soft mattress my knees were hurting, my whole body was in his control, and he went on to pound my cunt for another ten to twelve minutes.

It was more than what my body could take, “OH GOD I AM CUMMING, I AM CUMMING WASEEM PLEASE DON’T STOP” I pleaded.

“ARGH” he grunted, I knew he was close “IN MY MOUTH…” I pleaded again, he pulled his cock out, and I quickly shifted on my back, opened my mouth and he shot his cum inside my mouth. I swallowed whatever I could.

“Yes bitch swallow it… one of these days you’ll beg me to make impregnate you” he rolled over, and went out of the room.

I picked up my cellphone and clicked selfie. I wrapped myself in a bathrobe.

“You have to go dear”

“I wish you we could stay longer, but I have a husband too, remember”

“Hmmm. Doesn’t he know you’re my bitch now?”

“He doesn’t and I would like to keep it that way!” I replied brushing my hair

“Will you tell him ever?”

“I might. Just not for a few days”

“Won’t he get angry or something” he asked

“I don’t know I haven’t really thought it through” I picked up my panties and wore them.

“You should get dressed I am already late for office” I said browsing through the wardrobe.

“Wear that pink skirt you have, I like you a lot in that” he said and pulled his cellphone out and started recording me again.

“You mean this one” I looked back at him

“Pease don’t record me like this. Not again”

“I will not share it don’t worry! God you are an amazing woman. The best woman I have ever fucked” Waseem remarked.

“Not now Waseem. I am already late for office” I said playfully blocking the camera with my hand.

“At least give me a kiss” he said smirking as he recorded me getting dressed

“Not now!” I gave him a stern look and hooked my bra.

“You know this is have to end someday. We can’t continue it forever.”

“Deepti you worry too much” he replied

“Hmmm maybe. But what if someone find’s out about this are you sure you delete all my videos?”

“You don’t worry about all that just keep me happy and no one will ever find out” he smirked and gave a playful spank on my ass

“Please delete anything that you still have.”

“Fuck bitch you look so hot right now” he replied.

“Well I am pretty satisfied right now so… ” I came closer and pushed my tongue into his mouth.

His hands started to wander between my legs once again. I gave a little pat on his hand to push them away.

“We don’t have time for this” we got dressed and we waked out of the apartment.

All the way to the office I kept thinking about my husband, worrying about where my affair with Waseem is taking me. Cheating on my husband was an entirely different thing that was troubling me but I had never been more satisfied sexually than I was now. It was so confusing.

For the next couple of weeks my life was back on track. Our home arrangement was working perfectly and I was finally enjoying sex. Nikhil was quite busy in work, and my lover Waseem had been fucking me almost daily behind my husband’s back.

“You woke up early?” Nikhil asked.

“Yes dear, did you forget I have to take your sister shopping?” I replied

“Of course I remember” he said in a lazy voice

Niharika, Nikhil’s younger sister had turned 18 and had recently joined college, so she wanted me to help her get some new clothes, she wanted to be an eye candy for the boys, so specifically told me not to bring her brother along and I thought it would be a good idea to have a girl’s day out.

I dressed, and looked at myself in the mirror, white shirt, with navy blue bra and a worn out denims. I wore matching kitten heels. “Perfect for Sunday shopping” I said to myself admiring myself in the mirror.

“I’ll be late… will you be…?”

“Yes, yes I’ll manage” Nikhil replied.

“I hope you don’t mind” I took his credit card and leaned to kiss him

“You’re the best husband ever”

It was Sunday and Waseem’s day off so I drove to Niharika’s house and honked

“Hello Bhabhi (Sister-in law)” Niharika shouted from the balcony. I rolled down the window and signaled her to come down.

“Bhabhi you’re late, I was trying to call you but you cell was not reachable.”

“Oh I think there must have been some reception problem, but any way now am here. So where do you want to go?” I was quite excited. I hadn’t seen her in months.

“By the way babe you look so stunning” I complemented her.

Niharika was nothing like her brother, she was 5 feet 6, 32-24-34. A perfect 18 year old woman. Her grey eyes complemented her pale white complexion.

“And oh my god that dress! What are you planning to…?” I pointed at her crop top and short skirt.

“Get raped” she joked.

“You might if that skirt of yours gets an inch shorter” I replied in a witty tone.

“Oh come on Bhabhi. Its 40 degrees out here”

“And you are responsible for half of it.” I said

“Now slide over to the other side, I’ll drive, I got my license”

“All right I guess”

Rest of the day went by pretty fast, we did some shopping and I dropper her home and came back, it was around 11:45 pm. I went straight into the parking. I got out of the car and started walking towards the elevator, as I pressed the button I saw two men approaching me. I turned to see they were Abdul and Imran our society’s electrician and security guard.

“Hello Deepti madam”

I stood there, staring at them both. I had never really talked to Abdul at length, except for a couple of times when he had come to my house for fixing some electrical faults. And I had never talked to Imran at all. I just stood there speechless, wondering what to say or do.

I entered into the elevator and both of them followed me. I moved towards one side, I was a feeling a little uncomfortable, as two men were standing next to me and were staring at my body. For a second I became conscious and thought my nipples were somehow visible through the shirt.

It was awkward silence when Abdul spoke, “You are a little whore aren’t you?”

“What nonsense.” I shouted.

“Oh such a temper.”

“Don’t pretend that you’re hard to get. We know about your arrangements with your driver Waseem.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Get out now or I’ll shout for help”

“Shut up u bitch!” Abdul pushed me to the wall, his hand covered my mouth.

He took out his cellphone and played the video, my heart sank and my shoulders visibly drooped. It was my clip with Waseem.

I was speechless.

“Now do you still want me to leave?”

I did not say anything.

“Just like I thought”

“Now I suppose you are smart enough to know what we want.” I was in shocked, all of this was happening to fast

He moved his hand between my legs and started rubbing my inner thighs

“STOP IT… I’ll pay you. How much money you want? Anything just tell me.”

“Money!” they laughed, “We don’t need money, whore. No money is good enough than fucking a bitch like you” he licked my neck.

“Now, let’s go to the roof… we can continue our activities there”

I meekly stepped out of the elevator and went past my door towards the stairs leading to terrace.

“Nicely done. Now you know the water tank where you keep your plants, we need to go there”

“Please, Abdul. It’s out in the open. Someone might…”

“Shut up bitch! Just move to the back of the water tank”

Making a reluctant face, I started moving again. I had on an expression of resentment. But there was a part of me that was actually looking forward to what was about to happen. Although I would have liked more control over the situation, the end result was going to be the same.

As I went to the back of the water tank I was surprised to see that Abdul had shifted some of my flower pots and placed a mattress in the middle

I kept my handbag at a corner “Ok. Let’s get it over with”

“Whoa! Such an eager slut, can’t wait to get stared… I knew you were a whore. Young wives like you never get enough fucking. Don’t worry you won’t complain after tonight.”

For a second we just stood there and stared at each other, when finally Abdul made a move.

Abdul was in his 40’s about the same age as Waseem or maybe older by a year or two and had a boxed beard.

He grabbed me by my waist and pushed his lips on mine, I opened my mouth and let his tongue force its way in. His hands were mauling my breasts.

“Ahh stop. Let me just…” I unbuttoned my shirt in a hurry.

“Ahh such a smooth skin” Abdul buried his face into my breasts, as I held his head and caressed his hair.

All of a sudden I felt another set of hands feeling my ass, it was Imran. He was 19 or 20 years old, slim and clean shaven, the more attractive of the two men. Imran had moved behind me trying to unhook my bra, while simultaneously kissing my neck. I was moaning in delight. Amused by his struggle for nearly 20 seconds I laughed.

“You don’t have much experience of doing it? Don’t you” I reached behind my back with my left hand and unclasped it. Abdul pulled my bra and threw it away.

“Ahh look how firm they are?” Abdul said taking my breasts into his hands and started rubbing my nipples between his thumb and index finger.

I was now standing topless between two men. While Abdul was busy with my breasts, Imran started sucking and biting my neck and my earlobe from behind. I was very sensitive in that region, and Imran’s tongue was doing a wonderful job.

While Abdul was sucking my nipples, Imran stared striping me of my jeans and my panties. As I stepped out of my panties, I realized it was the same place where that I was out in open and the idea of being watched like this turn me on more.

Abdul who had complete access to my breasts, started slapping and pinching them. Imran went on his knees and started slapping and biting me ass cheeks. I wasn’t much surprised when he moved my legs apart and started licking my cunt. I reached behind and held his hair with my left hand pressed his head deeper. Abdul had now moved from slapping my breasts to licking my stomach and my naval.

Imran was still on his knees licking my cunt when Abdul decided to turned me around, and a smacked my ass cheek, the impact was so hard, it made me straighten my back. I hadn’t recuperated from the previous stroke when the second followed. It was so violent that I fell forward into Imran’s arms, and he embraced me. Imran then grabbed hold of my hair and turned my face towards him, planting his lips on mine. He kissed me really hard, and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played with each other for a while, and he finally broke the kiss and looked at me. My face flushed. We looked into each other’s eyes and I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him for another kiss. The second kiss removed all my hesitations and doubt. I was fully into it and was looking forward to getting fucked by these men.

Meanwhile Abdul had taken off his pants and was rubbing his cock back and forth over my cunt. I looked back to catch a glimpse of his cock, it was rapidly becoming erect. He was really big, 10 inches maybe quarter of an inch more. Abdul then took a few steps back and held me by my shoulders and pushed me down on the mattress, I was on my knees and elbows. I looked up and Imran was stripping out of his clothes as I felt Abdul garb my thighs and open my legs and to line his big apple sized cock-head with the opening of my cunt and rammed it into my wet cunt.

“AHH GOD, THAT BIG” I screamed

“Get used to it, whore!” he said and pushed his cock further inside my wet cunt and it felt like I have been knotted by a hound.

“Oh fuck ahh…” I moaned and he pushed it balls deep, and I felt it hit against my womb. I realized with amazement that I had taken all of Abdul’s 10 inch cock inside my cunt. Waseem was good 8 inches, and when he fucked me I felt quite full, I had never craved for a bigger cock, but it was only now that I realized I had never been fully filled in my life.

“Look Imran the bitch took all of it in one swift stroke, I told you these whores love circumcised cocks, don’t you?” he asked

“AHH YES” I moaned. I was in pain. I was enjoying every second of it.

The sensation of being filled like this was unprecedented, what followed next as Abdul started moving his cock vigorously in and out of my cunt, was absolutely divine. After a lot of slow and steady strokes, Abdul pulled his cock out and rammed me again, this time shoving all 10 inches of his cock into my wet and waiting cunt in one swift stroke, as if it always belonged there. That sudden stroke sent a sensation through my whole being and I made a loud high pitched noise.

As Abdul increased his tempo, I threw my head back in pleasure and saw Imran, he was very attractive compared to the blue collar workers I had fucked in the past. He was tall, fair and had well-toned muscles of a young man and a very few chest hairs. He had stripped out of his clothes and was stroking his cock. It was dark but I could easily figure out that his circumcised cock was huge, with a girth similar to my wrist, curving slightly upwards was a monster. His cock fascinated and terrified me in equal amounts. I kept staring at it with my eyes wide open, terrified at the thought of taking it all the way in.

“You like it, don’t you? Want a closer look? Want it in your mouth?” Imran asked

I nodded almost involuntarily. Imran kneeled and gradually started pushing it in my mouth and down my throat. Abdul has increased his pace. Imran was clearly inexperienced in this, he gradually kept sliding his cock inside, and I would feel it against the wall of my throat, and going downwards. His cock being shoved down my throat made me feel like even more of a slut.

He pulled his cock out, grabbed my hair and forced his cock into my mouth. I choked immediately gawk… awk.., he pulled out, I took a deep breath and swallowed his cock all the way, my eyes teared. But I wanted him to continue and he did.

I was getting rammed on both ends now. I was enjoying and they knew it. The taboo nature of the encounter had turned me on so much that I forgot where I was and why all this was happening to me. Abdul was thrusting me relentlessly, each time he rammed his cock inside me, it made me hornier, in a few minute started the first of my many orgasms for the night. I breathed in deeply, and arched my back.

“umm.. ummm.. aha ” I pleaded.

Imran held my arms and pinned me down. And the orgasm hit, as I started shaking, constrained by the strong grip of these two men. It was as if a jolt of high voltage electricity had been shot through my body. My body started convulsing even more as my orgasm lasted longer than it ever had. My orgasm sent Abdul over the edge and I felt large amount of cum filling my cunt.

Imran pulled his cock dick out of my mouth in one swift motion and let go of my arms. I took a deep relaxing breath

“Oh God… ” I pulled Imran for a kiss, he reciprocated and darted his tongue into my mouth.

Abdul took his cock out, and sat on his knees behind me, breathing heavily. I was still shaking and shivering from the intensity of the orgasm, and was covered in goosebumps. Breathless and still shivering, I sat up and said, “Oh God!!! That was AMAYYYYYYYZING!!! That was just… ”

I put a finger in my pussy, took out a gob of cum, and licked it.

Imran, meanwhile walked up, got on his knees between my legs, started rubbing his cock over my cunt. I opened my legs for him. He leaned and I saw his handsome face right in front of mine and felt huge pain as he pushed his monstrous cock into my cunt. Even though he was doing it gradually, it still hurt, and stretched my pussy to the fullest

I looked down and saw that as full and stretched as I was feeling, more than half of Imran’s cock was still outside my cunt. Having established this penetration level, he then started humping me gradually. The friction of his thick long cock against my stretched cunt walls was creating an unbelievable sensation.

“Stop moving.” he said to me and started kissing me. A kiss even more passionate than the last one. He continued his kiss as he put his hands around my waist and pulled me even closer to his body I inhaled deeply as he hit some special spot that even Abdul’s big cock hadn’t been able to hit. As he increased his tempo, I felt another orgasm approaching. I started moaning and broke the kiss. Once my lips were off his, I started literally screaming, so loudly that people on the ground floor might have thought that I was being murdered. Fortunately, Imran covered my mouth with his hand at the right time and muted my hollering. With each stroke of Imran’s, my orgasm kept growing and growing instead of plateauing.

Finally at one point, the pleasure just broke all barriers, and the climax hit, making me shudder so violently that I bit his shoulder to stop myself from screaming again. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this blissful sensation of being well and truly fucked, without giving any thought to what this meant for my reputation.

Meanwhile, Imran’s tempo had increased to an adulatory level, and combined with the kinky realization of getting fucked in the cunt with a young boy out in open, it brought on another orgasm. Shivering from the orgasm I just had, I wrapped my legs around Imran’s waist. He, groaned and he shot his gigantic load into my cunt at the same time that my climax was on.

I sat up ran my fingers through my hair, “Oh GOD… I have never had… oh fuck” I was panting.

“On your hands and knees, Deepti, get on all fours like the bitch” he said

Then I slowly turned over and got on my hands and knees, wondering which one would fuck me, as both of them was already hard, in fact Imran’s cock hasn’t soften much.

Abdul got behind me. He plunged his dick into my wet pussy. While Imran got I front of me, and started pushing his cock in and out of my throat, while pulling on my nipples.

“Amazing…. you really are great at this.” Imran said

I took his cock out of my mouth and put his balls in my mouth sucking one at a time. Within a matter of minutes I had gotten him hard again.

After fucking me for a little while, Abdul had taken his cock out, I thought to avoid cumming so soon. He then spit on my asshole, and inserted a finger into my asshole with saliva on it. That’s when it hit me…. he was going to sodomize me!! I tried to take Imran’s cock out of my mouth and say something in protest, but Imran had a tight grip on my hair.

There wasn’t much I could do as Abdul pushed the head of his dick on my sphincter. I clenched hard, making it difficult for him to insert it in.

“Come on, just relax your body. You know it is going to happen. Don’t fight it.”

I relaxed my muscles and Abdul pushed his cock on my asshole again. After slow gradual pressure for about 20 seconds, Abdul’s cock head entered my asshole. It hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. He smeared some more saliva all over his cock, and pushed it again. This time it went inside me. His balls were resting against my ass cheeks. I was amazed how well I took it.

“I need her cunt now” Imran said and maneuvered himself under me. Abdul’s cock was still buried inside my asshole. I lowered myself slowly on Imran’s cock. Tip of his cock went in effortlessly. Then all of a sudden Abdul lowered me hard on his cock. Imran’s fat cock was completely inside my cunt. I let out a low moan as I registered this reality of two circumcised cocks in me, one in my cunt and another in my ass. I had never had this experience before, and the feeling was indescribable.

“Oh… umm, that feels so good” I moaned, and lowered myself on Imran. Imran took this opportunity and started sucking my tits.

Abdul held my hands to my back started pumping his cock into my ass, “OH FUCK…” I screamed.

As the three of us settled in an uncomfortable position, they started using my holes and once again I was ecstatic. Nikhil was unable to satisfy me from long time, and after Waseem my desire for sexual satisfaction had overpowered my marriage vows. And with these two men fucking me on the terrace of my apartment I had forgotten everything else.

The ass fuck had a peculiar feeling, different from my previous ass fucks with my lovers. Earlier it was mostly with men who wanted to do it coz their cock got the friction but I was just turned on at the taboo of being sodomized, but this was different.

As I was thinking about all this, both men had stepped up their tempo. In a couple of minutes I felt an orgasm approaching.

“OH YESSS!! OH YESSS!! Keep fucking my ass Abdul, ram it hard.” I yelled out.

Abdul grabbed hold of my hair, and pulled me up until my head was close to his face

“I have fucked many women but you my dear you is a real whore”

He then started laughing and pushed my head away, and then he started spanking me, hard. He increased his tempo and started fucking me harder, these were not playful strokes but were administered with force and were meant to hurt. I kept taking his punishment. Meanwhile Imran has matched his tempo with Abdul’s and was thrusting his cock upwards into my cunt.

“Oh god… oh god… I’M CUMMING”, I screamed.

“Shut up bitch don’t be so loud” Abdul ordered. I planted a kiss on Imran’s lips to stop myself from screaming.

I closed my eyes and all of a sudden Abdul grunted and shot his load into my ass, that feeling sent me over the edge as I started shaking with the impact of the orgasm. Imran wrapped his hand around my back and held me down, he started thrusting harder. I was exhausted.

“Fill me…” I asked Imran

He finally hit his orgasm and discharged his jizz into my hot cunt. I kissed Imran several times, rewarding him of cramming my cunt with his cum.

He pulled his cock out and I felt a little relived as it was over, I collapsed on the floor, lying on my back. I was exhausted. And I was covered in semen and sweat. I wanted to be held and cuddled, but these men weren’t the cuddling types. I look at them and they were getting dressed, rejoicing on their latest conquest.

I took some face wipes from my bag and wiped my face clean. I also wiped sweat on my ass and cum dribbling down my thigh. I finally got up and picked my clothes.

Imran helped me dress, while Abdul stood their smoking beedi (hand rolled Indian cigarette). I followed them down on the stairs. On reaching my door, I quietly opened the door with my key. I was about to close the door when Abdul held the door.

“I am sure you understand this wasn’t just one time affair. We’ll tell you soon when we can do this again.” he said.

I was speechless, I hadn’t thought about it, in fact I thought it was over.

“Good night” he said with a smile, and kissed me for a good minute or so. I tried pulling away, but could not resist. Once he broke away with the kiss, I whispered in a voice full of anger.

“Are you crazy? My husband is inside”

I pushed him and closed the door. And stood there with my head resting on the door listening to their footsteps fade.

To be continued …

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  1. Another great piece, you should consider a career in writing erotica. On the story itself, I think it shows hindu women are sometimes even more sexually charged than the ‘hunkiest’ of muslim men.

  2. I think in reality she will the one fucking men . And that sister tease was amazing. Sometimes I wonder how you get so much talent. Waiting eagerly for part 3…

  3. Amazing story Deepti. I am so jealous of your Nikhil right now. I wanna be a cuck husband in future. Only difference between Nikhil and me would be that I would know(and encourage) my wife fucking cut cocks behind my back.
    You mentioned yours and Nihkil’s sister in the previous and this story. Any chance that I can hookup with either of them? My email id is [email protected]

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