Bold Muslims flirt women and do erotic chat openly

muslim flirt

I have said many times that Muslim men are very bold and they fear nothing. Last time i posted a story where a married muslim man Salman openly said infront of a news channel that he loved 2 other hindu woman and wanted to keep both of them as wives. He said “Mai un dono ladkiyon se bhi apni biwi ki tarah muhabbat karta hun. (I Love both women as i love my wife).

This bold and daring attitude of muslim males make them very hot. in addition their cut mushroom heads cock do the rest.

I saw this conversation on Twitter. Hiding the identities as they may receive abuse. A married muslim male, who has a hindu wife is openly proposing another hindu woman, who knows that he is married, still she flirts back. The muslim stud finally says that he will keep 2 wives and the hindu female agrees.

They are openly not just flirting but doing erotic talk. Most likely she will be married and share her muslim hubby with other women. I am also a marwari and know recent craze of marwari women for muslim males. The choose to be 2nd or 3rd wife of muslims than 1st wife of hindu

6 thoughts on “Bold Muslims flirt women and do erotic chat openly

  1. one Muslim asked my wife Ashima directly of she wants his dick and surprisingly my wife couldn’t refuse
    kik arijit1420

  2. Out of 10 4 muslim boys doesnt talk you as they cosider us nothing more then sh”””t while rest 6 ask about name and figure of sis gf etc

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