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Bong Girl Meets Butcher’s Son

My name is Moumita. I am posting my experience to get your approval, it would make me feel even better. I am not good at keeping things inside me for too long. I am from West Bengal, 23 year old just completed college. I met Haider in a facebook group. It was a bengali group for seculars and libs.
Every year the group admins throw a party in Kolkata in which the group members are invited.
The place is not very far from my home, the party starts in the evening and ends after midnight. This year was my second year. I joined the party there were lots of food and drinks there. I was drinking some beer as Haider approached me. I had only seen him on facebook, never met him in person so this was the first time.
We had some conversations with him online. I knew he was a son of a muslim butcher. His father owns a beef & mutton shop in the area and I have seen it, its in the bazar where I go every now and then for shopping.

I was tipsy that night and Haider was trying to get too close to me but I was also in the mood.
I wore a tank top and jeans. Haider’s cock must have been dancing in his pants.
After a fun conversation he insisted me to stay with him all night. He said we would have a lot of fun together. He took me to his place on his motor bike.

I was drunk and in such a mood that no matter what Haider would have said, I was not going to get offended.
Haider took out a cigarette and started smoking we both shared the same one. The conversation was turning more and more intimate. He asked me – do i watch porn ?
I said yes I do.
He said wanna watch some real shit ?
Yes why not, I replied.
He took out his mobile and said he just received it today from a friend. The video played with the title hindu girl muslim guy. The girl was sucking on his cock.
I asked is this real, is the guy muslim.
He said yes, the guy and girl are from our town. See the guy’s cock its cut.

What do you mean ?
Muslim ka kabhi dekha nahi tumne ? Never seen a muslim cock ?
No, I dont know.
Haider – Its circumcised.
Oh !
Haider – Dekhogi ? Wanna see ?
Watching that girl sucking his cock had built up heat inside me. I could neither say yes nor no.
Haider touched me, he put his hand on my shoulder, while he was holding onto his mobile phone with his other hand, the girl was moaning now as she was being fucked.

Now he slipped his hand inside my tank top, I kept on watching the porn. He reached out for my boobs and pressed them. The video ended abruptly. He put down his mobile and took me in his arms while kissing me.

He says – “Ek baar ek he lo muslim ka” (you should see muslim cock at least once).
I responded – “Ab dikha bhi do, kyu pagal kar rahe ho.” ( you are making me mad )
He smiled and unzipped his pants and pulled it down.
I saw a big duel toned rod like thing popping out. It was his cock. It was not normal. It was abnormally big and thick. Even in the porn videos I had not seen something like that.
The head of his dick was so thick and stood out look a mushroom, the shaft was also thick with some veins which were clearly visible.

He said – “Moumita what are you thinking” Kya soch rahi ho ?
Is this real ? omg!
Haider – This is the only way to find out whether its real or not. The took my hand and made me grab his cock. When I grabbed it the tip of my middle finger was only able to touch the tip of my thumb when I applied full pressure thats how thick it was.
I sighed.
Haider – Won’t you get naughty with it ?

Aisa kya alag hai muslim k lund mai ? (Whats the difference in your so called muslim cock huh!)
Haider – Aage ki tip dekh rahi ho, isko supada kehte hai ye muslim k lund mai bilkul khula hua hota hai aur jyada tight rehta hai, ek baar experience kar logi to pata chal jayega. (see the tip, its called supada, its completely exposed and open in muslim cock like a mushroom with a hard shaft.

I was gently stroking his dick.
Haider said – Spit on it.. come on baby.
I did what he said and it felt like polishing his big dick with my spit and was smoother than before.

After some time Haider says- You must be hungry, let me get you something to eat.
He went to the kitchen and came back with a chocolate ice cream.
You need to earn it – said Haider.
He was comfortably sat on the sofa and made me stroke his dick again.
He put some icecream on his dick and spread it on his thick dick head. He said – Wanna eat ?
Kitne badmash ho tum, i said.
Haider – come on baby, my cock is burning. The ice cream would melt.
I began sucking his chocolate flavoured big cock but that was not enough, he told me to look at him while sucking his cock.

I could make out from his face that how much he was enjoying it, rolling my tongue on his cock head, sucking all the air out of his dick really put him on put him on cloud nine, moreover getting a hindu girl sucking on his muslim cock had only increased the fun factor by some light years if not more.
I also had this burning urge to explore, to try out something different and his muslim cock fitted in quite nicely.

He just had to touch my pussy and I went completely mad in heat. We removed each others clothes whatever was remaining. Then the two undraped bodies met.

When he entered this Lauda inside my Chut for the first time I had never felt so much tension in my pussy. It was completely stretched, beyond my imagination.
I didn’t ever think my pussy could accommodate something like that but it did and after the initial shock I was now enjoying his muslim cock rubbing my pussy from the inside.

That night he cummed three times inside my pussy, he fucked me three times, in a span of many hours.

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