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  1. bahut jald ho jay gaa. jab tudhay aur muslim bi saath mel jay. tu hindu mard aur aurtay jo party bi karay gay,apnay liya muslim mard laya karay gay. kay sab enjoy karay.

  2. अहमद खान वो वक़्त कब आएगा जब आप मुस्लिम फिर से हमें गुलाम बना के हमारी बहन बेटियों को हमारे सामने ही चोदोगे

    • i am also waiting for that Muslim Dominating period.. when all we hindus will be just Gulaam of mighty muslims..will fuck entire family and entire hindu kaum/ relgion too

      i m on kik

    • Sharm kar arun… We are not gulam… I know they r good in bed i like ut but we r not gulam…

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