Brahman Wife Manakarnika Fucked By Muslim Boss Part 1

Namaste admin this is a story of how my brahman wife Manakarnika was seduced, manipulated and ultimately fucked by my muslim boss Mohammad Babbar Khan from Afghanistan. All the names in the story are fictional . This covers detail of about a 6 to 7 month period as I need to cover how dismal my sex life was , which instigated my wife to cheat on me and cuckold me with a muslim man. The story will be in parts.

It was a great day as I was going to meet my would be wife and finalize the dates for our wedding. My name Dhananjay Ghatpande and her name Manakarnika Gokhale. I and my parents reached her home in the afternoon and I was excited as hell to meet her after all this was the first time I was going to engage in such a close relationship with a woman , as no girl ever took a second look at me for reasons I will explain later on.

Finally the moment arrived and there she was , the.most beautiful woman i had ever seen. A typical konkanastha bramhan woman around 22 years old and 5 feet 5 inch in height, gifted with a milky white complexion and blessed with steel grey eyes and brown hair. She was possessed well rounded buttocks and succulent boobies which I felt contained unlimited milk. Her clevage was visible as she was wearing a punjabi dress which was tight and her curves were visible. It seemed as if those milk buckets were just about to pop out of her bra .Ooooooh boy my little cock was about to burst. I was startled and frozen for a minute. And agreed to the relationship and felt some precum in my white dhoti which I embarrassingly tried to hide. I went home and thanked god for such a beautiful wife and stroked my little dick , cumming three times that day.

I was an cloud nine thinking of my Manakarnika. I would mastrabate every night and blush when my brahman aunties and sisters mentioned me about the wedding. But I felt a sense of guilt as I was making her sell her self below her standard. I was fat.witj a big belly that made me look pregnant and I was 35 years old. Apart from that my mastrabations did not last more than 5 mins and with an average height of 5 feet 7 inches i was a below average male. Anyhow all konkanastha bramhan males are pussies and out of shape. Thus the goddesses have to settle for something below their level and our community is averse to inter caste marriage.

Finally at the mandap in the marriage i filled sindoor in manu’s maang and tied the sacred mangalsutra around her neck. Then after all the formalities were over we went to the 7 star hotel room booked for us. There was floral decoration in the room with rose petals and a glass of milk with badam and kesar. I told manu that I had to go take bath. The warm water got me excited for the encounter with my love and I readied my self with my heart pounding in my chest. I went out if the bathroom and saw manu completely naked now I was just looking at her with lust and I felt cold on my little wivi suddenly as she had removed my dhoti and I was stark naked in from of her. The situation was embarrassing as I was there with my fat belly and my little 3 inch konkanastha bramhan lulli sticking out.

She smiled seductive and put her hands around my neck. Now my belly touched hers and my cock was pressed in between ooooooh i was gonna cum any moment now. I could feel her hard nipples and She put her hands on my butt and started squeezing them, doing this she asked” aho swami plangat chala na, tumchi zara kalji ghyaychi ahe” meaning o swami climb on to the bed i wanna play with you a bit. I obliged i climbed into the bed and lied down waiting to be fucked by this voluptuous little ardhangini i had.

On the bed , her right knee was touching ny balls and leaning down she missed me on my nipples. I got turned on and squeezing her boobs and caressing her konkanastha bramhan butt and silky smooth back. She planted a boob in my mouth and I drank milk out of it but she took out the boob and sprayed her milk all over my fat face. My cock was now throbbing hard with excitement and precum leaked from it like sap from the tree. She felt the precum on her thigh and collecting it from my cock’s head, she sprinkled it all over my face. Now my face was a mess with her milk and my precum mixed up. The room was filled with the scent of the substance .
Then those juicy lips were on my little dick sucking it and making wet sounds like pouch pouch mmmmahhhhh. Then she licked the hole of my penis and my hands were still fondling her boobs with milk dripping from them.

Suddenly we did a 69 with her love juices flowing through her little honey pot into my mouth and my little cock getting massaged by those konkanastha bramhan lips. She put her finger in my asshole and I ejaculated cumming into her mouth uttering words like ooooooh aaaaaaa manu…. my manu i loooooveee you aaaaah .. ooooooh my lulli . She swallowed all my cum and smiled at me. She desperately tried to harden my cock again. But I cummed while she tried to revive it. Thus I was done for the night and kissed her and went off to sleep. Manu was disappointed and turned her back towards me and slept off. But the whole experience was great and I was really happy wondering that I will get such services every night.

Next morning we both woke up naked , she tried hard to revive my cock but her efforts were in wane disappointed she went to take bath and soon we both git ready to visit the temple and seek the blessings of God plus we even had to checkout . After that she went home to cook for everyone and I went to the gurukul to teach my disciples.
After I reached home , manu greeted me cordially she on the cheek.and put held my hand and took me to the dining room. There , she had kept all the delicious goodies she made and boy! I loved to eat. I overate was really flattered being given such treats.
Then a great surprise was to be revealed to me. Manu came out of the bathroom in a jeans and a cropped top and I developed a horny feeling towards her. Then we got on to each other we were kissing and sucking each other’s lips. Soon i opened her jeans and took off her top she was simultaneously removing my clothes. Now I could see her black bra and red pantee . Her huge boobs were fully erect and I started sucking on her nipple. I was really turned on but she did not seem to be effected all my attempts failed to get even a simple moan , then with my manhood challenged i decided to fuck her now . I asked her to lie down on the bed and made her and my self totally naked and pushed my brahman lulli inside her.

It went in easily i moaned and went on with all the force i had but being a fat pig did not help. I tried my best but to make her cum but my little rat was pathetic. Just 5 mins into sex i was about to cum i moaned ” ooooooh aaaaaaa heeeee raaaam aaaaah ooooooh “I’m cumming!” i exclaimed but then a tragic event happened just a was about to come she slapped me hard and threw my lulli out i cummed all over her foot. She ordered me to lick the cum off her feet and I resisted she stroked my balls and I felt the pain. So I obliged like a sissy i licked all my cum.
But then the sight before me made my world crash down. There was no hymen in my wife , she did not bleed and her pussynseemed to be stretched out by some iron rod.
I thought what could have been her past and why did she hide it from me all such questions flooded my mind.

To be continued….

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  1. nice buildup, i think it is the same boy who posted his tiny lulli pic in another post.

    hehe cant help laughing again at brahman boy trying to push his little lulli inside his wife on first night and finding that someone else had already ploughed his wifes pussy well…i told my hubby that i was a virgin, his confused expression when he pushed into me first time and went in easily, still makes me wet hehe

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