Brahmin hindu woman Shobha de luring musalmans

shobha de in saree

Shobha de an intellectual liberal hindu women, an inspiration and a role model for many hindu girls out there.

shobha de and muslims

Shobha de when driving through a muslim area couldn’t help herself form flaunting her brahmim hindu jism in front of the musalmans.

shobha de sexy

Her love and support for musalmans is evident from her tweets.

18 thoughts on “Brahmin hindu woman Shobha de luring musalmans

    1. Really!! Are you as obedient like her for Muslims? Have u ever fight with fellow people for us bitch! If no then don’t compare her with you.

  1. I want to see my sister getting fucked by a Muslim guy. She is married. Her husband is in army so she is alone most of time. Agar koi use pta k chod skta hai to pls reply me.

    1. Gaytri,

      i wish i was there, and wish i was your nighbour. but i m too far. you know my id we chated pics and tareef hindu bibian. tang karna, hot comments on hindu females , remember ? we chated many times.

    1. gaytri, i m mature and you can see me on cam as well. but we are too far dear. otherwise mean jaror ata tum say melnay. aur chat karnay.

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