Brahmin Srivastava woman on virtues of her Muslim husband’s Ramadan and food

I came across this article by one Mrs. Saumya Srivastava ( who is married to a Muslim male named Shahzeel. She fondly remembers her childhood where she had Eid dinner at the home of ‘Junaid uncle’.

She and her husband host Eid lunch. She refers how her husband despises vegetarian food as ghaas phoosh. She praises her husband’s Rozas too.
She says “And if he (Shahzeel) smells aloo gobi or green veggies (which he refers to as ‘ghaas phoosh’)”

I came across another post by the same lady where she asks why Hindu women are chained in mangaslutra (
Many modern day h!ndu women consider mangalsutra as backward, they say its a leash. Good she married a strong beef/meat eater musalman mard.

11 thoughts on “Brahmin Srivastava woman on virtues of her Muslim husband’s Ramadan and food

  1. Yes mangalsutra is backward and its a leash, but when a h!ndu woman with mangalsutra sucks musalman mans hot cock and wraps it around his dick and then licks his cock head, then it becomes so erotic plus progressive and its called liberation.

  2. I am sure this liberal woman must be preparing beef for her Muslim husband on eid days and relishing it her herself.

  3. meri behen priyanka KO Muslim s attraction hai… mere saamne wo musk ldko KO tadti hai… Pta nhi kitni khaaj h usko mullo k Lund se

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