Buddhist Girls Marrying Muslim Men

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buddhist marrying muslim men

Muslim men have been favorites among women across religion, race, culture, nationalities etc. A free woman in this modern world has every right to have sex with, marry, date any man she prefers. It should not matter if he is a Muslim.

But we see that fear is stoked when such an interfaith relationship occurs. Muslim men are accused of kidnapping, lovejihad, abduction etc. Often, Courts later find out that the Muslim man is innocent. One recent such episode has occured in Ladakh of Jammu and Kashmir State.

Now we know that Ladakh is a Budhist majority area. Stanzin Saldon, a Buddhist woman from Ladakh, married a Muslim male called Syed Murtaza Agha. She converted to Islam before her marriage and became Shifah. Budhhist associations have opposed her nikah.

In an article in the Indian Express dated 19 September, the woman wrote:
” There is absolutely no other reason. The accusation that I have been “lured” or “coerced” by anybody is an insult to my ability to think for myself. The Ladakh Buddhist Association and random strangers are trying to objectify me by demanding my return as if I am their property and not a human being. I object to this in the strongest possible terms. No one owns me and I give no one the right to decide on my behalf.
I decided to become a Muslim five years ago and it wasn’t because I disliked the religion I was born into. It was an outcome of my spiritual quest and interest in different religious philosophies that I decided to become a Muslim. This happened long before I met Murtaza and fell in love with him. On April 22, 2016, I filed an affidavit before a court in Karnataka, where I was staying, to formally become a Muslim.”


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