Burqa Clad Hindu Woman Who is Engaged To a Musalman Caught At Delhi Airport

A Hindu woman in a burqa traveling with a Muslim man living in Jeddah raised an alarm at the Delhi airport on Monday, officials said.

The incident took place on morning of September 25. At 7:15 am. During enquiry, it was found that the woman was a 26-year-old Hindu and travelling to Mumbai by Jet airways flight 9W 358
During the enquiry, the woman said that she was travelling with a 43-year-old Muslim man, who is from Madhya Pradesh.

“She told us that the man is her fiancé and she had come to meet him in Delhi.”
They were allowed to travel after nothing suspicious was found in their possession.


  1. isme galat kya h? india is secular country.agar Hindu women muslim Se pyar karegi to sadi bhi karegi aur burkha bhi pahanegi.

  2. wow 26 year old hindu woman married to 43 year old muslim man. They are going crazy for muslim lund it seems.
    In my locality there was a case of 22 year old hindu gal who ran off with a 40 year old muslim divorcee.

  3. Ye Kya ho gya he hamari Hindu girls ko

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