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Sex Ed textbook European edition

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New European edition of the sexual education textbook. Each version covers three major topics: anatomy and physiology, relationships and sex life. Male Christian version was designed to provide men with tips on new life in the era of mass migration. Emphasis was put on masturbation and psychological approach to wife sharing. […]

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Corporal Anna Cross

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Corporal Cross was providing vital support to help combat the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone, and her 300 other colleagues in country who continue that great effort – we are proud of them all.

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Victorian Era Interfaith Magazine

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May 1896, Mrs Victoria Whitehall will test her European Morals, sense of Racial Values and even risk the sanctity of her Christian Marriage. Will the Natural and Native Cultures of the World ensnare and enslave the innocent White woman as they tempt her with forbidden pleasures? Will her sense of propriety win the day or […]