Posted on 5

Ye bandi Mithali Raj, Bharat ki honhar beti jo world cup finals tak khel ke aayi, uska mai bahut bada fan hun. maine uske career ke har padav ko dekha hai, bahut mehnati hai aur aaj jo kuch bhi hai usi ki wajah se hai. Lekin ajkal jab se ye world cup aur media coverage […]


Rules for hot h!ndu w!fe for Muslim Mard

Posted on 13

Being a hot hindu wife for Muslim Mard, it’s how you act.Remember that you exist to service his sexual desires…. 1. In a situation where you are trying to catch a Muslim man’s eye; make sure to make plenty of eye contact with him and smile.whenever Muslim mard tease you or touch you, it is a […]


H!ndu Wife for Musl!m Mard True Secularism

Posted on 26

Let us spread secularism by all Hindu married males are cuckolded by their Muslim Masters and our hindu wife’s mercilessly fuck by Muslim circumcised cock. It is the obvious right of every Muslim man to dominate and control the hindu females in a household eliminating the inferior males from breeding or frustrating them. Females desire […]


Muslim mard Hindu aurat reservation

Posted on 29

Desh mai kabhi kabhi ye behas hoti hai ki kya musalmano ko reservation milna chaheye, kya ladkiyo ko reservation milna chaheye. Mere khayal se musalman madro aur hindu ladkiyo ko reservation milna chaheye, agar aisa ho jaaye to maza aa jayega. Mai chahata hu ki musalman mardo ko 30% aur hindu ladkiyo ko 40% reservation […]