Hindu Sluts #1: Musalmans are widening Hindu Girls Gand

Posted on 2

LoveJihad is everywhere, Musalman openly pursue hindu girls in clubs, discos, pubs where hindu girls come in semi naked clothes further adding fuel to the fire. The musalmans are easily able to seduce hindu girls, they floor them and bang them with full force widening their asses. Hindu ladkiyo ki gand chodi karne mai musalman […]


Kashmiri Musalman After Dandiya Night With Hindu Girl

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Musalman’s khatna ho rakha lunds are at their peak during Garba nights Musalman mards in large numbers take part in Dandiya. While hindu boys invoke lovejihad and question the motive behind musalman’s interest in Hindu event like dandiya. The musalman mards are invited by hindu girls themselves. Kashmairi Musalman mard Khaliq living in Jaipur was […]