Muslim tailor servicing hindu woman

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I came across this pic on facebook and was reading the comments,  in one of the comments a hndu boy said – “Kya isko koi aur dukan nahi mili ?” Nahi dukan to bahot hongi lekin isko to musalman mard se he apne jism par hath lagwana tha. See the sheer happiness on her face while […]


Bimal’s wife

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Previous post that was sent by Mr. Bimal whose wife ran away with a Pakistani guy: Mr. Bimal e-mails us another pic of his wife I am sure that sexy body is taken care of very well by her pakistani lover.


Cock lover sürtük

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What do such noble looking decorated women love and craves for. hard circumcised rod I am Alaasd, a turk who sleeps with such Indian hindu women when ever there is a chance. Working in Emirates visit India often and women here just beg me to give them a taste of a real turk moslem cock […]


Married hindu women cheating

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Hindu married ladies often have affairs with musalman men. Hindu married lady Arpitha sucking circumcised cock of her Muslim lover Wrapping her mangalsutra around his Lund. An example of Hindu men put mangalsutra on their wife’s neck while the wife wraps it around circumcised musalman’s cock, very hot.