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White wife used by muslim refugee

Posted on 5

My wife is a social worker for refugees. Recently one of them seduced her in her office and she came home and told me all about it. Apparently it happens to most of the female counselors and they’re encouraged to just let it happen because Muslim men are used to taking a woman they want. […]

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Muslim Takeover White Race

Posted on 9

White men love being faggotized by muslim men, there are thousands of white men on tumblr who are enjoying the blogs where white man is submitting himself to arab muslim men and is fantasizing about muslim cocks. The Muslim men faggotize white men and then breed white women peacefully without any intervention whose men love […]

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Crossdresser hooker Kendra

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I am a 28 years old crossdresser wannabe hooker named Kendra. I have been very confused as of lately as i have started to take an interest in muslim penis. It is so beautiful juicy and strong and always bigger . I can’t help going to bed fantasising about getting pounded for cheap and doing […]