Marrying an Arab guy: advantages beyond imagination

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Hi there, continuing from my first post, my real life story, I would like to say a few things here. There’s an extremely disgusting notion going on all over the world, especially India that Muslim men, specially Arab men are brute, uncultured etc. They are like beasts, they don’t respect women, they are rapists […]


Main harr maanta hoon

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Hello doston, mera naam Chetan hai, aur main apne saare muslim maalikon aur hindu doston se ek baat kaih na chahta hoon: main harr maanta hoon. Maine bohut koshish kari sach se bhaagne ki, lekin ab main samajh gaya hoon ki aaj ke zamaane mein harr hindu ladki ek muslim lund chahti hai. Agar voh […]


Effects of musalman Lund on hindu girls

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Watch the video Video The overwhelmingly large number of muslim lund loving hindu girls on tiktok has deeply concerned many Hboys. Hboys are taking about how tiktok and vigo is spreading love jihad. Hindu girls love dancing in sami-naked clothes, they love showing their bodies on tiktok and vigo, then they get trapped and […]


LoveJihad: Every time a muslim guy pushes his thick circumcised cock inside a hindu girl’s pussy hinduism dies a little

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More love jihad Hboy: save hindu from lovejihad.Turns out that shez already addicted to sultaani musalman sullah. There is no end case after case hindu girls falling for musalman katbullah lunds Hboys are asking- “Are hindu girls fools ?” “Why are they falling for love jihadis?”Hboy above is saying that he is tired of trying […]