Fascists ban AIB roast

Posted on 5 The fascists are trying hard to censor the internet. Luckily they don’t own the internet. Mr. Gulfam a fan of AIB knockout was unhappy because of the government crack down on the show when I asked him what did you like about the show he replied “Aditi Mittal ki garam chut” xd


Abhinav’s big cock fantasy

Posted on 22

Abhinav’s previous post He writes: “I am not a gay but I like sucking big veiny cocks. Here are the type of cocks I like to suck all circumcised ofc.” Middle Eastern cock


Devesh tells the truth

Posted on 5

Devesh writes:- Mhujhe aap ki site ka pata ek musalman ladke nai diya tha . Sach mai bahut guassa aaya or bahut kharab laga aap ka page dhek ke.. Mai aapne gusse ko kase batanuu ye mai bhi nahi janta.. Aap ka ek ek sabd mere ko ander tak chubtha hai…par mere ko ye bhi […]


How it began

Posted on 26
sexy hindu girls saree

Submitted Post You said hindustan was the land of milk and honey, in addition I would say that it was also the land of fruits, vegetables and fertile land and the real honey was inside hindu women, all that honey was waiting to be enjoyed by the stronger men. As opposed to hindustan Arabia did not […]