Namit’s dream

Posted on 7

Namit writes: Hi Admin, I am Namit from a upper middle class family and proud brother of beautiful sister Riddhi. Somehow I was directed to the Facebook pages and then on your website. Initially it was a very different feeling to read the posts here, I was a silent reader and never commented on any […]


Musalman Bull

Posted on 20
muslim hunks bulls

He writes: Hi, I am an NRI muslim.. indian and afghan mixed.. I am a big fan of your website!! I moved back to calcutta, India from Toronto canada.. in 2009. I am an experienced and very hung bull.. done it in toronto and in kolkata.. Would loveeeee to meet some nice hindu housewives from […]


Aishwarya pregnant with rizwan’s child

Posted on 45

Aishwarya writes Hello, I am Aishwarya, a 26 year old Brahmin housewife from Delhi, I had a boyfriend named Rizwan in my college days. I lost my virginity to him, and continued to have sex with him everyday. As he was my junior, and a Muslim I couldn’t marry him. I had arranged marriage with another guy. Even after the […]


Pathan musalman aur hindu bivi

Posted on 12
sexy hindu woman

Dominance and Submission: Scientifically woman is physically weaker sex so they are evolved to to rely on deception, seduction and manipulation as their weapons. You can always count on a woman to lie to you under certain circumstances the same way you can count on a real man to punch you in the face under certain […]


Sissy wants to get his wife fucked

Posted on 11

Vijaya writes: Hi Dear, I am submitting my small and limp cock for your readers view. My small pathetic cock cannot satisfy my wife and I fantasize big muslim lunds to seduce and fuck my wife and me as well. Anyone who can give ideas as to how make my wife agree for this, please contact me.


Female statistics

Posted on 54

This website gets around 40% Female Indian visitors and 10 to 14 thousand views per day. Here are some statistics from a small survey. 30% of the hindu females who visited this site weren’t really surprised as they had seen such erotic content on similar topic before and craved for more on the topic so they enjoyed […]