Power display- showoff

Posted on 28

On 22nd October we posted a facebook page screenshot under Facebook trend. The page is not owed by us just a random facebook page. and today on 26th October from 5,542 likes it moved to 16,000 likes with no change in content. This is a proof enough that so many people like such fantasy. […]


Another Mail from Bimal Kashyap

Posted on 8
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Previous post by Bimal Kashyap the same guy whose wife ran away with a Pakistani stud. He writes: This is Bimal Kashyap. I previously wrote about my Punjabi Brahmin ex-wife who left me and married a Pakistani Pathan man she met while working in the Middle East. Looking at some of the posts on […]


Hubby wants to get his wife fucked Part- 2

Posted on 13

Previous Post Thanks for all your advice. I have taken these steps after your suggestions:  1- I praised a lott about Usman Ji and Javed. 2- On Diwali, maine soniya ko un dono ko dinner pe invite karne bheja. 3- Pooja ke baad, Usman Ji and Javed dinner ke liye aaye @ 9:00 PM. […]


The ultimate truth

Posted on 78
happy diwali 2014

Submitted by Pavitra Jain What can I say you have said it all. All these women below are like role models for hindu girls. They flaunt their bodies to attract men. Women are approached, hit on, whistled at, and drooled over multiple times a day.  It is part of their routine and part of being […]


H cuckold

Posted on 9

Submitted by a H cuckold Cuckold Rohit Sharma (30) wants to see his wife Shivangi (28) getting fucked by a muslim male. He sends an image of his tiny dick and I feel sorry for Shivangi, she deserves a bigger cock. I can definitely say that this was a typical hindu arranged marriage were her […]