Hindu wife fucked by Zubair

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I met Zubair at my place of work. He has a really amazing body, with broad chest and I could make out that he must be having a huge cock too. So I was looking forward to get the taste of his cock and looking for the opportunity now. One day we sat together while […]


Spying on married sister

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This happened when I just finished my schooling and was heading for my graduation. My sister is extremely good looking. My sister got married to Javed (a muslim guy) who is very handsome. Actually it was a love marriage. Initially my parents were against this marriage but later they accepted it. They stay in Delhi. […]


Muslim tailor servicing hindu woman

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I came across this pic on facebook and was reading the comments,  in one of the comments a hndu boy said – “Kya isko koi aur dukan nahi mili ?” Nahi dukan to bahot hongi lekin isko to musalman mard se he apne jism par hath lagwana tha. See the sheer happiness on her face while […]


When I fucked with Qasim by Aarti

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Aarti Sachdeva shares her story with us about her sexual encounter with Qasim. Aarti writes:- Hey admin your website sexually excites me. This is my real personal story that I want to share with you. My name is Aarti Sachdeva a 31 year old house wife. I have a daughter who is 8 years old. […]


Sanjay’s Story

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This story was submitted by Sanjay at, [email protected] Sanjay writes,  (quote) “I am Sanjay, studying engineering in mumbai. I am a hindu brahmin boy.I am telling you all the story of how i realized that muslims are our  and our hindu ladies specially hindu brahmin ladies are nothing but whores and sex toys for these […]