Chat With A Genuine Muslim Guy On FB And Affair With A Married Woman

This is how I met him
I am a psychology student and I am in a group with over hundred thousand members mostly students of psychology from all over the world, in that group people also ask questions about their real life problems and the interested students try to answer them.

This guy happened to ask a question – He met a married woman at a party and soon they become friends. They started chatting on facebook. Now the woman wants to go physical with him and he is confused as she is married and has a husband.

He seemed genuine and had pics of him with quite a few hindu girls so it wasn’t as if he was desperate for girls. He already had quite a lot of them. So I decided to chat with him.

I knew she must be from hindu family, usual combination when it comes to muslim guys in India.

Sent him my voice to convince him

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  1. Very good one. Guess we should chat in fb as well 😉 I have a few interesting ones to share.
    My hangouts: [email protected]

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