Chat with a musalman guy

My chat with a Kashmiri musalman mard.

First he though I was a male in female’s name. I provoked him and the chat started with trash talk and insults from both sides. Later I sent him my voice to prove that I am a girl.

Here I believe 60 percent of the of the muslim males are fake with h!ndu males using muslim names for what ever reasons one of them being it makes them feel more manly.
I have a good amount of experience. The easiest way to know whether its really a muslim or a h!ndu with a muslim name is this. If the guy with the musl!m name starts talking trash and uses abusive language without any reason or picks up a fight and is behaving too rude then that is the biggest indicator. In reality the musalmans are one of the most caring and polite people I have met and can be equally rough in the bed.
Personally I have learned the whole Salaat (the Islamic Ritual Prayer) on youtube from the start till the end as every muslim would know it and when in doubt I could ask him any missing word or question regarding it obviously a fake would usually not be able to answer or he would take too much time.

Some screen shots.

Verbal Abuses (I provoked him badly)

Reveals The Truth

He likes H!ndu girls

Phone Calls Start

Reveals something about h!ndu penis

Starts calling again

He had enough, decides to leave.

Now I sent him my voice saying something to prove that I am a girl he sends his voice in return.

H!ndu Thi ?

Jyada maza hindu mai aata hai

Kata hua is better

Gives more pleasure

I reveal the truth (muslim ka liya h)

How many h!ndu girls have you ****** ?

Sent a pic of mine

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