Christian girl says Muslim boys are eye candy

Christian girl Miss Costa says Muslim boys are eye candy.

christian girl muslim men

chrisitna girl muslim

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  1. I as a white european and christian woman agree with all this!

  2. I too agree, but just with the Christians residing in western coastal India are beautifully good and physically Amazing to dig in…
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  3. girls of every religion.. admire the sex power of Muslims

  4. Now Ms. Costa is a Catholic, I am a Brahmin, some one else will be a Jain, a Sikhni and so on: but one thing unites all of us- our love for MUSLIM COCK!

  5. Amazing! Long live Muslim lowda.

  6. More and younger Christian girls are coming to this realization, which should be encouraged universally for the betterment of all.

  7. Not just Hindu, even Christian girls seem Islamized by circumcised cock.

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