Cleaver H!ndu girl I am going to marry already has a muslim boyfriend

Hello Interfaithxxx, I am *****, a big fan of your website.

I am a upper cast hindu boy,  recently I got an alliance from a hindu bhramin girl Yamini. She is good looking, well educated girl, teaching in a school in Delhi. I got impressed with her beauty and her qualification, really beauty with the brain. We met few times and it was all going right until she told me that she is in relationship with a muslim guy named Asif, and they both love each other. I thought she is telling me the truth so that I will break this alliance and it will help her.

But to my surprise she requested me to marry her. It was like freeze attack, I was unable to reply anything except being surprised by her audacious approach. She explained that she and Asif can’t marry as firstly, her parents will not accept this and secondly, Asif is already married and he doesn’t want to upset his wife and children by getting a second wife.

She tactfully placed her hands over mine and beseeched to accept her the way she is. Initially I refused and asked for some time to think. That night I logged on to Interfaithxxx and read stories about hindu women carving for muslim cock, I masturbated a lot and realized its not her fault. The fault is in us , a beautiful hindu girl is bound to be fall for a muslim boy. I immediately called her told her that I am ready to marry her. Later on our parents met each other and the alliance got fixed.

We started talking on phone almost daily, we talked normally like any couple. Asif was back in my mind but neither I nor she raised his name again. Suddenly her phone was switched off for a few days, upon asking she said she was with Asif as her wife and children went to their grandparents home. She further added that whenever her phone will be switched off I should understand that she is with Asif and since she had honestly told me about her and Asif earlier and since I have accepted her the way she is so I should not inquire about it. My heart ached but I accepted it,  hindu girls are meant for Muslims only. I should feel lucky at least I am getting chance to marry her.

We are getting engaged next month. I hope she will soon tell me about her sex experiences with Asif so that I can jerk my dick. I will post about it about it.

Thank you

Looking forward to hear more from you.
May be her parents already know about her affair and want to get her married as soon possible or she sees a cuckold in you and knows you are the right choice. In any case it seems you are enjoying it, therefore you posted it here.
H!ndu girls are in abundance for the musalman guys, there is no place where h!ndu girls are not present and today most musalman guys in India usually have H!ndu girlfriends so you shouldn’t be surprised. Aur Delhi jaise bade sehro mai to ye aur bhi jyada hota.

10 thoughts on “Cleaver H!ndu girl I am going to marry already has a muslim boyfriend

  1. once you get your pussy fucked by a musl!m cock, you’re gonna be so pleased that you’ll never go back to h!ndu dicks

  2. this is the reason why I never stop my wife Fucking Muslims… rather I enjoy it… even take her to Muslim colonies.

  3. Mostly hindus ko maza Ata hai jab bhi unki behen ya biwi ko Unke samne chodo.pehle gussa karte hain fir apni Napak lulli hilate hain..kik me sahilkhan877

  4. lulliii hilayen ya nhi… but mullo s chudwate zrur h biwion KO.. meri randi biwi Ashima KO main bahut mullo s chudwata

  5. Ya.. I hope after marriage as well, she will continue this affair. I just fear what society will think, if they get to know abt it.

  6. Main hope krta hoon ki kaash meri biwi bhi aisi ho . Jo mujhe cuckold bnaye aur uski beefy muslim lund se chudai ki stories batate hue mujhe humiliate degrade abuse kre
    Kik – cuckpornlover

  7. Wow bro you are so lucky to have a girl like Yamini. I too am searching for a girl who has a muslim bf but can’t marry him due to family and society. I’ll be happy to watch her affair with her muslim bf. If anyone has a reference of such a girl, let me know at [email protected]

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