College Teacher Hangs Himself After Knowing about His Hindu Wife’s Affair With Muslim Man

It is said often asked that why so many hindu girls have musalman boyfriends but no one asks how many hindu married women have affairs with Muslim men, many and some of them even get accepted by the hindu husbands as a part of life, also because getting a divorce can turn out to be expensive for a hindu male since he’d have to pay her wife alimony and all.
Here is just another one and it went wrong.

H!ndu wife Pragati was in a affair with local Muslim Driver Shahnawaz Khan and she also eloped with him just like the famous Rumi Nath with a musalman she met on facebook.

Quite recently the supreme court changed the law regarding adultery, earlier the male was held responsible for adultery and now its legal from both sides. Pragiti will continue to live with Shanawaz out of her own free will.

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