Confession of a Bengali Brahmin Woman

Hi, I am Chumki a bengali brahmin woman. I am 44 years old, from Tripura. I have read various experiences of ladies and gents over here and finally got the courage to write my own.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am the Principal of a certain school in our area. And from the last 4 years of my life, I have been addicted to big, muscular, beefy Muslim cocks.

I was not always like that. In fact I was a self established pure devoted to my husband kind of woman. One certain incident and I turned into a Muslim loving slut. The Muslim guy is none other than the chowkidar of my school.

One day due to his misbehavior to one of the students, I called him in my cabin and slapped him hard. In order to get back to me he waited a few days and one day after every body left the school, he came to my cabin and forcefully fucked me and slapped me hard on my cheeks. He called a lot of dirty names like Hindu Rakhel, Musalmano ki Randi etc etc.

Because of the incident, I cried the whole night, couldn’t even sleep and at the dawn of morning I suddenly realized that I had the most amazing fuck of my life. I didn’t know the desire of my cunt till then as because I didn’t know that my cunt have had any desires. But after that fuck my cunt started burning with desire of getting fucked by that circumcised beefy cock.

The next few days he didn’t showed any interest towards me as if nothing happened, but the desire inside my pussy was growing by every hour. Then due to some work he came to my cabin, and I being a teacher on seeing him rised from my chair and fall directly on the feet of that hunky stud and apologized for slapping him and begged him to ravish my cunt which was burning because of his cock.

He asked me to stand up and said that he will only ravish me if I follow all his instructions:
1. I should always call him malik (Owner) and think of myself as his gulam (Slave)
2. I should be his rakhel (Mistress)
3. Whichever Muslim cock he brings in front of me, I should get fucked by it.

I accepted all his instructions and from that day, I am getting regularly ravished by him and his friends.

Now I can proudly say that – Yes, I am in love with all Musalmans and their beefy circumcised cocks. I am their Hindu Slut who satisfies them by using my body. I guess, I was born for this wonderful opportunity i.e. to serve Muslims and be their Slut. I can recommend those who are like just how I used to be that come out of your comfort zone and enjoy what God has given us to enjoy with.

Love you all my Muslim Maliks’. Horny hindu bengali brahmin woman for hunky beefy Muslim studs.

hungry bengali woman

8 thoughts on “Confession of a Bengali Brahmin Woman

      1. Mam my name is Anjali slut for Muslims. Till now I have fucked with 4 Muslims. I want to know what happened after you agree to the condition. Please I request you

  1. Mam apnar golpo pore amar nunu dariye gache. Amar maa o muslim der thapon khai. Apnar sathe aamr katha bolar khub icche. Jodi interested thaken to bolben.

  2. Mere sath bhi yesa hi huwa tha.. ek musalman ne meri izzat luti thi.. lekin uske baad mai uski randi bani hui hu… ek bar muslim lund ka maza lene ke baad kuch bhi karne ko tayyar ho te hai

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