Confession Of A Cuckold : Erotic Story

My wife Vidya was a smart educated woman. She was a loving wife and good in sex, but shy and traditional when it came to her clothing outside home. Despite being friendly with others, she never flirted or even came close to that with others. She never wore revealing clothes and never allowed anyone to talk anything inappropriate with her, not even mildly adult jokes. So despite being a friendly open person, she was also in way reserved and inhibited with others.
But she was quite free with me about sex. We could speak about anything without any reservations. After all we had been married for over 8 years. She was 30 and I was 35. We lived in Mumbai.I work in an IT company and Vidya works in a call center as a receptionist.

I did not know how and when it started, but slowly I started getting an urge to see her flirting with other men and slowly that transformed into an urge to see her having sex with another man. I had expressed that to her and she was initially shocked. That was years ago. But slowly she got used to it and I was able to get her to at least role play about it during our sex sessions. This went on for 3-4 years. She had no qualms or uneasiness in playing along my fantasy and would invariably call me with a name of known person while having sex. I always found it too hot. This also seemed to trigger off her orgasm, each and every time. I realized she also does get turned on by it. After a point I wanted to take it to the next level – to see it happening in real. But Vidya was dead against it. She said its okay having it as a fantasy, but trying in real could be risky and she wasn’t prepared for it. I tried to convince her many times, but she just wouldn’t agree.

I used to chat a lot and made a lot of online friends with whom I shared this fantasy of mine, of course with a fictitious identity of mine. I used to enjoy chatting about it ,especially with one of my chat friends. He was quite a enthusiastic, yet a non-pushy kind of a person. He had nice, interesting erotic ideas and yet a decent trustable person. His name was Akram Khan, at least that’s what he told me. Akram was a businessman from Mumbai. He had lot of construction business in and around Thane. He was quite rich and had lot of powerful political connections. He was 33 and divorced and stayed alone in a 3 BHK flat in Hiranandani estate.

He used to probe my mind and I used to find that quite arousing. He almost started to control me, which was a great, turn on. I could never refuse anything to him, almost became his puppet. Yet I never crossed a point regarding giving information. I didn’t want to give our telephone numbers or job details etc. He used to ask me many times, but these few information I never gave.

He asked me whether I was serious in seeing my wife sleeping with someone else in real ? I of course said yes with great enthusiasm. He told me to prove it. He told me to at least show her on webcam. I had a webcam, but my wife didn’t like it at all. Not only she herself didn’t like being in front of it, she didn’t want even me to expose myself or anything in our house either. But because of Akram’s persuasion, I eventually started showing her by hiding the cam. We had intensely erotic talk while he would watch my wife on cam, doing her daily routine work at home. And when she wouldn’t be at home, he would ask me to show her belongings, her clothes, Her innerwear. But even more erotic than showing her innerwear was showing her things that revealed her identity. I even showed Akram her passport. But of course it carried our old address (we didn’t have any connection with that place anymore). I think I almost came when I was showing her passport. Now he knew my wife’s full name and he was also sure that we were real authentic people.

He also showed himself and his personal things. Slowly our trust for each other grew. Eventually I gave him my telephone number. He gave his.

One day he came with an idea. Why not he see my wife in real. I didn’t understand what he meant. He said that I should inform him of her daily routine, where all she goes at what time and he will go and see her in real. I said that would be risky. She wouldn’t like strangers talking to her. He said he wont talk .just see. I was wondering what will he get out of just watching my wife from far, but the idea was arousing me. Literally being a puppet in hands I agreed!

We were waiting for the right day. And one of the days as we were chatting, I got to know Vidya will be going to Big Bazaar in Phoenix mill to buy a few things after lunch. I informed this to Akram. He said he will go and see her there. He said he will leave now as he lives a bit far from Pheonix Mill. And rest we will chat through SMSes. Even though we had exchanged our numbers I didn’t get the courage to talk all this about my wife through voice conversation. We used to just SMS, as per my request to Akram. As my wife getting ready to leave, I informed Akram, what exactly she will be wearing and where exactly she will be going (first to Croma). And when she was about to leave home, I informed that to Akram. My heart beat was fast and loud. I was nervous as well as aroused. After all I didn’t know much about Akram – just had to believe what he told me about himself on the chat. He seemed trustworthy but I couldn’t be sure about it. I had even shown my wife to him on cam, even when she was changing clothes and now he was about to see her in real. I was absolutely nervous. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I had no control over my action. My dick was controlling my mind. And so was Akram.

I kept SMSing Akram for the next two hours, but I got no reply and then finally I got a SMS from him saying that I should check my email. I immediately opened my mail to see a mail from him in my mailbox. I opened it to see a video. I downloaded it and started playing it. It was a scene in Big Bazaar. First I couldn’t make out anyone, but then a few seconds Vidya appeared in the video. She was looking at toaster. The video was shot by Akram that afternoon. My dick immediately stirred! It was arousing to see my wife being photographed by another man. She was not at all aware of the camera I could make out and went about looking at the wares. Akram moved closer and then the camera moved downwards towards my wife’s ass, and then up to her breasts. For the next few minutes Akram followed her, pointing towards her ass and breasts every now and then. By now, my dick was rock hard. The mail had a one line sentence “this is your wife, right?” . I replied back saying yes.
Apart from this being a hugely erotic experience for me, this also made me trust Akram a lot more. That night we chatted and he was describing my wife to me. He told me about her breasts, her ass, and the way he could see her cleavage every time she bent down to pick up any goods. It was such an erotic chat that I had precum leaking out of my dick all the time.


Akram wanted to take it to the next level. I also wanted to, but I was scared and nervous. But by now Akram was completely controlling my thoughts and actions. He could make me do anything.

He said he wanted to see on Vidya’s intimate things, like her clothes, her innerwear, her photos. I said I can show those on webcam when she isn’t at home. He said not on cam but in real. I didn’t understand what he was saying. I was puzzled. “Do you want me to send you her clothes and innerwear”? I asked him.
“No don’t send. I want to see them in your house.” Akram replied
“What” I exclaimed. I was sure he was either joking or was out of his mind. But as I said he was completely controlling me. In fact he used to literally order me around.
“I am going to come to your house when she isn’t there and you show me her clothes, her underwear, her photographs, her intimate belonging etc” he gave the details of the plans.
I said no way could I face him like this in the house. I would be too embarrassed. And moreover I can’t give our address just like that. He said that he anyway knows where we live.
“You stay in Lokhandwala Galaxy building in Byculla, right?” he asked.
I was shocked and asked him how he knows it. He said he followed my wife that day from Phoenix Mill to our home. I was in a dazed state. I didn’t know what was happening. Just because of my kink, was I taking it too far. It was becoming irreversible. Akram knew too much about us and it was not just some online fun anymore. When it’s just on the chat I can put off the computer and I can get back to my real life. But now this was spilling onto my real life. Was I creating a mess out of my happy and peaceful life? But all this thought was also turning me on a lot. My dick was stiff hard and throbbing. I was aroused and in a risk taking mood.
Nevertheless I wasn’t able to muster up the strength to meet him face to face. I knew I would finally agree to whatever he wanted to me to do. I couldn’t resist for long in front of his persuasion.
But I managed to convince him, that I wouldn’t be there when he would be come, instead Gopal, our house help would allow him in. I would leave instructions with Gopal that you will be there for testing our internet connection. And when he would in our house he could go to our bathroom and I would keep Vidya’s clothes in the clothes basket meant for washing in the bathroom.

He agreed to it but not happily. He wanted me to be at home when he would come. But for once I was able to have my way. But the difficult part was to come now. “Ok that fine” he said “not give me the “exact flat number” As I was about to type the number my hand was trembling with both nervousness and arousal. I typed “4” and entered
“Just 4 ? Whats the full number “ he asked
All kinds of thoughts were racing through my mind. I still had time. I could just pull out of this, say bye to Akram and never chat with him again and pretend all this never happened. I was really going towards a stage from where there would be no return. I still had a chance to pull out of it. In a few minutes it would be too late. My mind was going on telling me all this. But my heart was in a completely rash and reckless state fuelled by my extreme arousal.
I typed “0” and pressed enter
“40 ?” he asked
My hands were literally trembling. And I typed “6”. Should I press enter? This was it. There would be no coming back after this. But I wasn’t in the state to think rationally and suppressed all these sensible thoughts and pressed enter! It was done!!
“406 is your flat number”? He asked
I said ‘yes’
“Are you sure”, he inquired.
“Yes, that is our flat number”
I was feeling all this was a dream. This all seemed so unreal. What was I doing to my otherwise, steady and peaceful life? But now it was too late. We fixed a date and time, before we finished our chat. And since then I lost my peace and tranquility. Every now and then I would think whether I should tell Akram that all this is just a stupid impulsive behavior from my side and we should call it quits. But these thoughts would be quelled by my constant state of arousal. I had a perpetual hard on, especially when I would see Vidya. She had no clue what I was upto. She looked so innocent and whenever she laughed or told me words of love, I felt like a villain, I felt guilty. But as I found out, none of these feelings stand a chance in front of the emotions that a stiff dick gives rise to.
When the day of our plan arrived I was absolutely nervous. I was in two minds and wanted to back out of it. But the other side of mine wanted me to go through with it. My heart beat just wouldn’t slow down. The D day had arrived. After Vidya left . I was in no mood to go to office and had applied for a day’s leave, but I too left to give Akram an empty home.
But before leaving I left instructions with Gopal, telling him that someone from the internet company will come to repair the connection.
As I left home, I SMSed Akram, that the coast is clear and he could come anytime. My heartbeat was above 150 for sure. Here I was allowing a complete stranger, with whom I had discussed my wife in the most intimate of ways, access to my house. Not only that, he would also be seeing all the used innerwear of my wife without her knowledge. How would my wife react to it, if she got to know about it ? I shuddered to think about it. It would be disaster for sure. Was I out of my mind? I concluded I was. But I seemed to be enjoying it too. Now I was into it, and so be it. Whatever happens, happens…lets it enjoy it for now, I tried to reason with myself.
I didn’t go too far and sat in a nearby coffee shop.
In an hour’s time I got a SMS “I am in your house”.
Moment I read that message my heart beat became so loud I could almost hear it. I ordered a cup of coffee to calm myself down but I was far away from the word ‘calm”.
In 15-20 minutes time my phone again beeped, announcing the arrival of another message. With nervous hands I clicked to open the message.
“ I am sniffing your wife’s used bra and panty. I am rubbing it against my face” The message read. My dick immediately violently throbbed inside my trousers. I was in peak of arousal. I could even feel precum leaking out. I looked down to see if it wasn’t visible through the fabric of the underwear and trousers. Luckily it wasn’t seen.

Time seemed to hardly move. I was waiting impatiently. And then the next message came
“I have finished and left home”

Immediately I paid and went home. I impatiently pressed the bell and Gopal opened the door. The first thing I did was to go to the bathroom. I locked the door and started taking out the clothes from the basket. I could see my wife’s bra and panty on top of the pile. I lifted them. I was imagining Akram standing right there and smelling my wife’s panty and bra. The thought was just too erotic. As I was about to place them back in basket, I suddenly saw something unusual on the panty. I brought it closer and saw white thick fluid on it. It took me no time to realize it was semen. I saw the same on the bra too. It was Akram’s semen?
He had masturbated on my wife’s inner wear. My arousal was reaching dizzying heights at what I was seeing. I turned around faced the mirror and dropped my pants. And even I began to masturbate. I kept looking at the Akram’s semen on my wife bra and panty as I jerked off. In no time I came. I saw to it that even my semen fell on the same spot on the bra and panty where Akram had cum.
As you can imagine Akram and I had a very sexually stimulating chat that night, revolving around my wife. He described to me how he jerked off on my wife’s bra and panty. How turned on he felt smelling Vidya’s pussy on her panty. I think I came without even touching myself, just reading Akram’s words.
And then he dropped another bomb, which he made a habit of it in each chat of ours. He said he wanted to see her naked in real ! And if possible he wanted to see us having sex.


I said that’s not possible. Vidya will never allow that.
Akram, said she needn’t know. I asked how is that possible.
He came up with another one if his strange but erotic ideas. He told me that when my wife goes to sleep, I should allow him inside and then I should take her clothes off and have sex with her, as he will hide and watch. And after all is over and she goes back to sleep again, he will leave.
It sounded erotic ..all his ideas were always erotic but risky like hell too.
He told me he is not asking but is instructing me and I need to arrange it. I could have easily said no, but I just said a yes !!!
During that week we enthusiastically fixed up the date and time. It had to be a weekday otherwise my wife wouldn’t go to sleep early. It was fixed for Wednesday at 11 pm. Akram would come to our building and wait for my SMS.
Wednesday arrived and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I told my wife to take leave so that we can go out and spend time with each other. She was a bit surprised but immediately complied.
“So hubby dear, what’s on your mind ?” she asked me with a warm smile “ what’s this suddenly ?”
“Nothing, just felt like spending time with you” I replied, trying to be calm “we will eat out, watch a movie..”
My wife said
“Can I make a request” I asked looking into my wife’s eyes.
“yes” she replied puzzled
“Just for one day , I want to spend time just with you”. I said
My wife smiled “ok..if that what you wish”
I too smiled and kissed her.
She called her office and informed them she wouldn’t be able to come to office that day.

As she was getting ready, I told her to wear something sexy and revealing.
She turned around surprised
“What’s got you today, Ravi” she asked with a inquisitive smile.
“Pleeeaaase” I pleaded with a smile
“ok, baba.. Lets see what I can wear without attracting too much of attention”
As she was selecting between two cotton saris, I walked upto the alimirah and pulled out a chiffon sari and low cut blouse. “this will look nice” I said
“No way. I can’t wear that at my age. Moreover this is to be worn in evenings not afternoon. And I can’t walk out with the security guards watching”
“Please Vidya, don’t be a spoilsport. Women all over Mumbai wear this, and who are much older to you. And why bother about the guards. See how some of the other women wear their dresses. Do they bother about the guards? Those guards are used to all this and don’t care.”
My wife wouldn’t agree but after a lot of persuasion she finally agreed. And when she got ready she looked too hot. The Sari was quite transparent revealing her stomach and navel. And her deep cleavage was clearly seen. He back was also greatly exposed. In my mind I was thinking the guards will surely bother and I smiled, especially as they have never seen her like this.
She again started protesting that she can’t walk out like this, that too in bright daylight. But I cajoled and pleaded till she gave in. Though I must say that it was not a dress which was revealing too much. Many women wear clothes revealing much more, but it was out of the ordinary for my wife. When we walked out, the guards did notice the change. I could see the surprise on their face. She quickly got into the car.
We first went to Atria mall. It was quite arousing to see the men lustily staring at my wife. Then we had lunch in a restaurant in Colaba and went for a movie at Sterling cinema hall. Apart from my perpetual state of lust, I could feel a lot of love and warmth as I held her hand in the ciname hall, as if I was on a date ! We kissed in the cinema hall and she didn’t stop me, but just giggled like a young girl.
After the movie, we walked upto the car, holding each other’s hand. Moment we sat in the car, I pulled her close and started French kissing her.
“What’s got to you today” She asked, asked with a giggle.
“Why you don’t like it ? “ I asked
“No, No I didn’t mean that. I really liked it. It was so nice. Thanks Ravi.”

We smiled at each other and kissed again. A minute later I started the car and headed back home. I began to drive through the crowded roads of Mumbai, It was late evening and as I began to think of the impending night, my cock began to grow and my heart starting beating faster. Once we were back home, I couldn’t concentrate on any of the routing things. My wife had changed into a night gown. I put on a movie on Star Movies, as we had dinner. My mind was of course on what was to happen later in the night. By 9 pm all household work was over and we all settled down in front of the TV to watch the rest of the movie. Gopal asked if we needed anything else, and when we replied in the negative he left for the day.
By 10 pm the movie got over. Vidya also got upto go to our bedroom, I pulled her back, straight onto diwan (bed) where I was lying down. I didn’t want her to sleep in the bedroom but in the drawing room, for easy access.
She giggled like a young girl and looked at me questioningly.
“Lets just watch another movie together” I said and I hugged her.
“Ok that’s fine.
I lay down behind her and hugged her tight.
“I don’t know what’s got into you today, but I am not complaining” she said with an equally naughty smile. My wife turned around and kissed me on the lip. We kissed for a while. She was getting more passionate and I could make out she was aroused and ready for sex. But that was not in my mind. I was not looking for sex but rather waiting for her to fall asleep.
I broke the kiss and stretched out my hands with the remote, to change the channel to some interesting program.
“Baby this looks interesting” I said point at the TV.
It was one of the regular Star World program that she used to watch. She immediately started watching it holding my hands, which was wrapped around her. I snuggled my face into her neck and we both started watching the program. Of course my mind was not at all into it. Instead I was waiting for my wife to fall asleep. And she didn’t disappoint me. In the nights she could never manage to watch a program completely without falling asleep. In 20-30 minutes she was fast asleep. I looked at the clock. It was 11 pm. My heart was pounding hard. I was nervous like hell. I slowly got up and looked at my wife. She was fast asleep. She was looking peaceful and beautiful in her sleep. With trembling hands I picked up the phone and typed a message. “ Come over, she is asleep”.
I typed Akram’s phone number, but hesitated before pressing the send button. Was I going too far ? But I was too aroused to stop now. I pressed the send button and in a short time I got a message that my SMS was sent.


I looked at my wife again to see that she was asleep. Assuring myself that she was, I slowly open the main door in our drawing room. The light was on and I stood next to the door waiting for Akram. I was too numbed by nervousness and sexual arousal. I stood there looking at the lift. I saw the lift’s digital display come alive as I saw it heading towards our floor.
The lift stopped at my floor. The door opened and a man, I supposed to be Akram walked out. My heart beat definitely was breaking all speed records. And it was sounding more a like a drum beat. I did recognize him as he had shown himself on the cam. He extended his hands out towards me and said that he is Akram. He was taller than me and looked rugged and fit. We shook hands and I told him my name.
I was feeling too awkward and embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do next. Infect I couldn’t even see him in the eye. My wife was sleeping inside and I was too dazed not knowing what to do next or what to say next. Suddenly I was feeling unsure, of what I had got myself into. I was wishing I had not created this situation. But it was too late, anyway. He asked me if everything was ok. I could muster enough courage to say a meek yes. However, he didn’t seem nervous at all.
“Can I see your wife ?” he asked without any hesitation and with seemingly wicked smile.
“Wait, let me just once check”, saying so, I stepped inside and looked at my wife. She was fast asleep with a peaceful look on her face. She had no idea what her husband was upto. The man she trusted. I was feeling guilty as well as aroused. But there was no getting back now, so let’s just go through it and hope for the best I thought.
I went out.
“Yes she is asleep” I told Akram.
He immediately had a devilish grin on his face and said.
“Then let’s see your wife. Why wait ?”
I slowly walked in followed by Akram. As we both entered, I closed the door.
I turned around to see Akram staring at my wife. I didn’t know how to react. I was too scared and nervous. My cock knew how to. It sprang to life. I walked upto Akram and told him to be careful and not make a sound.
“yeah yeah” he said impatiently, casting aside my words “ she is hot maan, he said greedily
I could see lust in his eyes.
“what fucking boobs your wife has got. I gotta see them” he whispered into my years.
“Man, what a hot maal your wife is. Show her to me naked”
I was trying to come out of my daze but just wasn’t able to. I was shivering with nervousness and arousal. And also with fear thinking what if she wakes up. That will be disastrous for my life !
“C’mon take the her clothes off” I heard Akram say.
I realized he was referring to my sweet, homely wife !
By now my dick had a life of its own and was continuously throbbing. I bent down next to my and with my trembling fingers slowly pulled up her gown up till her knees.
“Higher” I heard Akram instructing me.
I stood up and told him its too risky to pull her gown any further as it would require me to pull her leg up, which could wake her up.
“Its ok, she won’t wake up. Do it man. Don’t do KLPD. I haven’t come from so far just to see her feet”
I was too nervous. I sat next to my wife and slowly lifted her leg and pulled her gown upto her thighs. She was really looking sexy now. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was exposing my wife to a stranger and that too inside our own home.
“Better, but higher still please. I want to see your wife’s cunt” these words were the most erotic I had ever heard. My cock was stiff hard. I pulled Vidya’s gown further up, exposing her pink colored panties to Akram’s eyes.
And immediately I could hear Akram’s reaction, as he was seeing some tasty food.
“Kya maal hai teri biwi” he said in hindi
I turned around surprised at hearing such slang from Akram. He had never used such words during our chats.
He came and sat next to me.
“Take off your wife’s panties” he whispered into my ears.
“No, that’s too risky.” I protested
“C’mon, don’t you want me to see your wife’s cunt” ? He whispered again into my ears. But suddenly I felt his hands on my thighs.
Before I could react, his hand was on my crotch.
“I want to see your wife naked “he said rubbing my cock over my pants
He started unzipping my trousers as he kept whispering into my ear
“I want to fuck your wife” His words were having a magically erotic effect on me. He took out my cock and held in hand
“I want to make your wife my fucking partner” he said as started rubbing my cock.
I was moaning looking at my wife lying half naked in front of me and complete stranger.
“take off her panty”
“what if she wakes up ? “ I asked
“then I will rape her” he said as he squeezed my cock.
I tried hard to suppress my groan, which was coming out of pain and pleasure.
I lifted my wife’s ass very slowly and pulled down her panty inch by inch. As I was doing so I heard her sigh and move. I froze and didn’t move for almost a minute until I was sure she was sleeping. Soon my wife’s pussy lay exposed, with her panty pulled down to her knees.
“What a fuckable cunt your wife has got”
He just didn’t stop rubbing my cock all this while. But he used his other hand to guide my hand to his crotch. I was not at all a gay, but right now everything was turning me on.
“Take out my cock” he said
I did as told. I unzipped his pants and felt his cock over his underwear. He was huge. I put my hand in Akram’s underwear and pulled out his cock. When I saw it I was taken aback. He was double my size.
“Like it ?” He asked with a wicked grin “this is for your wife”
I moaned at just hearing his words. And began rubbing his cock
“Do you want me to fuck your wife” he asked as we were mutually masturbating each other.
I was in a trance
“Yesss. I want you to fuck my wife”
This time, without even without his asking I pulled her gown even higher, but it wouldn’t go up beyond a point. I wanted Akram to see my wife’s breasts, but I was finding it difficult.
“Make love to her” I heard him saying
“Whaat” I replied
“Have sex with her, that’s the only way you can take her clothes off”
“But what about you ?”
“I will hide and watch”
“ahhhh” I groaned in a sexual trance
“Ok go hide behind that curtain”
He walked upto the curtain and hid himself. After I assured myself that Akram couldn’t be seen, I lay next my wife.


I started rubbing her breasts and kneading her nipples. That was her erogenous zone. Slowly she began to come out of her sleep, as I heard her moan. She turned towards me and kissed me in her half sleepy state. We kissed for a while and then I heard her whisper “ I want you in me” And saying this she climbed on top of me. Her eyes were still closed, but her face had half a smile. Only if she knew that there was a spectator in the room. But luckily she didn’t.
She mounted me and then held my cock with her hand and started rubbing her opening of her pussy with it.
I could hear her moans getting louder and then as I felt her absolutely wet, she pushed herself onto my hard cock. It easily slipped into her pussy.
As my cock completely entered her, she sat up and began removing her gown.
As she removed her gown and bra, she was now completely naked, not knowing that a pair of eyes of a stranger is watching her. She starting moving up and down on me. Her eyes were closed and lips parted with sexual pleasure. It must have been a visual treat for Akram.
My wife then reached for my hands and pulled them upto her breasts. I knew that she wanted me to press and feel them. And that’s what I did, bringing out muffled moans from her.
I looked out for Akram and I could see him behind the curtain. Luckily she couldn’t see him because of the angle and it was dark near the curtain. One had to look hard to spot him. But as I knew he was there I could figure out his presence there. And I could make out he was masturbating watching us.
This spurred me on. I started moving my cock in and out of her harder. My wife’s groans grew louder.
She couldn’t take it any longer and brought herself down onto my face. First she kissed me for a while and then told me to suck her breasts. She lifted herself a bit and pulled my head into her left boob.
As I started sucking her nipples she started telling me to fuck her harder. But she didn’t call me by my name, but instead called me by the name of her colleague, Shekhar. This role playing was usual for us
but must have been an added bonus for Akram. At first I thought Akram won’t be able to hear, but then she got louder and louder
“Fuck me Shekhar…Suck my nipples, Shekhar”
“yess baby. Am I better than your husband” I asked pretending to be Shekhar
“yessss. Your cock is so much bigger. I can feel you so deep in me”,
“Shekhar fuck me . Shekhar fuck me” she kept saying as she pulled me tighter towards hers breasts. I knew she was coming.
“ I love you Vidya. Should I cum in you ?”
“Yesss cum in me Shekhar. Give me your baby. I love you Shekhar. Fill me with your cum Shekhar”
“I am cummmingggg Shekhar” She announced loudly almost screaming.
I was also about to cum. But I pulled out of her. That was an unsaid agreement between us. Even though she would tell me (or Shekhar) to cum in her, it was not meant to be !
As her orgasm subsided, she slumped on my chest.
I looked towards Akram. He wasn’t masturbating anymore. He was video recording us with his mobile phone. And as the lights were on, we would have come very clearly in his video.
In no time my tired wife was asleep again. Akram came out of his hiding.
“That was hot” he said with an evil smile “ who is Shekhar”
“her colleague” I replied
“what a randi your wife is”
I had just cum and was now feeling really very apprehensive and wanted the night to get over now. But didn’t seem Akram was in the mood to call it a day. Though his cock was covered with his underwear I could still see he was very hard and big.
“what figure your wife has. What juicy boobs she has. I want to suck them” Akram said said licking his lips, looking at the naked body of my wife
“Noooooo, its not possible” I reacted
“I want to fuck your wife now. Don’t say no. C’mon, she will love my cock. ” he said enjoying my reaction of horror. He was toying with me.
“Nooo, that will be disaster. She will freak out” I replied alarmed
As I replied, he pulled out his cock and started masturbating fiercely.
Suddenly he stopped and quickly turned towards my wife. Before I could protest and stop him, his semen flew from his cock and fell on my wife’s body. I was in a state of shock, expecting the worst, that she will wake up. He sprayed my wife’s breasts her face and finally her hairy pussy with her cum I couldn’t believe it. A complete stranger was standing next to my naked sleeping wife and cumming all over her. He just kept cumming and cumming , as if his stock of semen wouldn’t get over. But finally it did, but by then my wife was covered with the white sticky semen all over including on her face and lips. Even in her sleep she licked the semen on her lips with her tongue.
“I told you, your wife is a sexy bitch,. She loves to swallow cum, my hot cum” he said with a slight laugh

Despite loathing this situation, I couldn’t help getting turned on by the sight. I looked at Akram and saw him again recording my semen covered wife.
I was alarmed and asked him not to videotape us without permission. And what is he going to do with it, I asked
“Lets see” he said with a wicked smile.
He put his placid cock back into his underwear, tucked his shirt in, zipped up his trouser and said its time for him to leave
“ I am going to fuck your wife very soon” he said and left without much ado.
I sat there dazed with Akram’s semen dripping out of my mouth, the same that was covering my wife.
I looked at her. She was looking divine. I kissed her, again tasting Akram’s cum on her lips.
I lifted her and took her to our bedroom. In a reflex, she turned towards me and hugged me tight in her sleep. I could feel Akram’s sticky semen between us. I could have wiped it off her, but I just let it be there on her and now on me.
The next morning when I woke up at 7 am, all that happened in the previous night felt like a dream.. something that never happened. But as I looked at my sleeping wife’s naked body and saw the dry cum on her , I knew for sure it was no dream !
Around half an hour later she also woke up.
She was surprised she was naked and cum all over
“you have been a naughty boy last night, after I went to sleep” she laughed as she tasted the dried up cum. “you came a lot I can see.. what made you so horny ?”
Just looking at her tasting the dried semen, gave me an instant hard-on.

After that incident, may be around a week or so, when we were chatting, Vidya suddenly came in the room and for the first time saw Akram on the web cam. She didn’t show any emotion, but asked me who he was. I told her about Akram’s background and praised him a bit. Akram looked slightly rugged but overall he was very very handsome and sexy. He was dark, but had a muscular body. His chest was covered with thick black hair and his stomach was flat unlike my potbellied one. He was very large man standing at 6’2″. For a moment, Vidya looked on the web cam and then turned away. But even I knew that Akram has struck a chord with my wife.

I remember it was a Monday evening and I didn’t get chance to chat with Akram till Friday evening. I logged on Friday night just after we had finished dinner and started chatting with Akram. To my utter surprise, Vidya walked in the bedroom and sat beside me. She was wearing a pink colored satin night gown. It was sleeveless and very transparent. Her boobs were almost half visible through it and she was not wearing any bra under it. So the shape of her breasts was quite clearly visible from the gown. I was sitting on the bed in front of my laptop as she sat down beside me. Her lovely black hair was open and spread on one side of her shoulders.

“What do you chat with him?” She leaned against me and slowly kissed me. I turned towards her and smiled at her.
“Mostly we chat about you” I answered carefully. Then I asked “Why do you want to know?”
I had just logged into the yahoo messenger now and messaged Akram. He was online now.

“Well considering you chat about me, I have a right to know, isn’t it?” She had a point there and I conceded it.
“Well mostly he just wants to know about you and me. He wants to know what you like, what do you eat, what you wear etc. etc.” I was waiting for Akram’s reply.

Vidya looked in my eyes and was a bit sharp when she replied.

“You mean to say that you have been chatting with him for almost 4-5 months and all you have talked to each other is what I like, what I wear? That’s it?” She had a sarcastic smile on her face. I wondered what I should tell her.

“Well he is kind of interested in you. Few months back I send him a picture of yours. He thinks you are absolutely sexy and hot woman. He wants to meet us socially.” Now Akram had messaged me back. I noticed a distinct blush on Vidya’s face as I told her.

“He is interested in meeting with us socially? Do you really believe that?
I mean if what you told about him is true then I don’t think this reach guy really wants to meet a middle-class couple like us socially. He must have something in his head ” She was a bit incredulous as she said this.

“Well he is interested in meeting you personally as well, but then I told him that you have to agree for that.” I took my breath in and waited for her reaction. To my utter surprise, her reaction was very calm. She was looking straight into my eyes.
“Oh now I understand what he really wants? So you don’t mind if I meet him personally? Are you really serious about your cuckold fantasies? Do you want to turn them into reality?” I really couldn’t believe that our conservation was going this way. I swallowed and then replied.

“Well I don’t mind it as long as you are fine with that.” Vidya slowly moved and she sat in my lap.

“So tell me, how is Akram? That’s his name, isn’t it?” She turned and looked at the web cam. I rested my hand around her waist and then slowly kissed her neck. Her sexy half naked breasts were raising and falling in front of my eyes.

“Yes, his name is Akram. He is a nice person.” Vidya wrapped her hands around my neck and looked into my eyes.

“Just nice? That’s it? I know that you have chatted with lot of men, but he is the only one you are still chatting with. What is so special about him? She moved her finger in her hair and slowly tucked a band of hair behind her ear.

“Well you have seen him, isn’t it? He is dark and handsome. He has quite a powerful personality. He is rich and powerful. He is quite dominant and aggressive person. And I know that you have always liked dominant men. You often say that I am too timid and shy person. He is aggressive and quite talkative person. He is quite opposite to me.” She moved a bit closer to me as I smelled her perfume.

“You really fancy seeing me with him, isn’t it?” She was breathing very heavily now. I am sure she must be feeling my hot breath on her cleavage.

“Well, I don’t mind if you went around with him.” I looked up to her eyes and said heavily. My eyes once again slid down to her lovely boobs. She moved her hand and put it below my chin and raised it so as to look into my eyes.

“Does going around with him include getting physical with him? Would you mind that?” She had a cheesy smile on her lips as she said this.


“Why are you asking me that? You were dead against it and you never interested in getting physical with anyone apart from me.” I slowly caressed her back.

“Well let’s just say I want to grant you your wish. Does it really excite you to see me naked with someone else?” She slowly pushed me back on the bed so that I was lying down on the bed. She then came on top of me as her breasts were staring in my face.

“Yes darling, it excites me to imagine you naked with someone else.” She didn’t remove her nighty, but pulled out both of her breasts out of the cups. Then she slowly adjusted them so that they were hanging just above my face. Then she took her left breast in her hand and slowly bent forward. I eagerly opened my mouth as she fed her breast in my mouth. I slowly licked her breast as made it with my saliva.

“Will you watch him sucking my breasts like this? Won’t you be jealous when I feed my breasts to him rather than you? ” I couldn’t believe Vidya was saying this. She had always been somewhat conservative and shy. But somehow Akram’s sight seemed to have turned her into a shameless woman. I knew Akram has some kind of inner power in his looks and personality. Earlier he made me a puppet and forced me to do what he wants. But I never imagined how my conservative and homely wife will change like this by just watching him for few moments in the webcam.
I kept licking her breast and then switched from right to left.

“Honey, I would like you to be happy and satisfied.” I said before stuffing her nipples in my mouth again.

I kept licking her breast and then switched from right to left.

“Honey, I would like you to be happy and satisfied.” I said before stuffing her nipples in my mouth again.

“So why do you think you can’t satisfy me?” She slowly moved her hand behind her and touched my already erect dick. It was already making a tent in my pants. She slowly inserted her hand inside my pant. I was not wearing any underwear and she slowly moved her hand and put it on my dick. The naked touch of her hand on my dick stirred a horny feeling in me. She slowly caressed my dick with her soft hand.

“Is it because this is too small and doesn’t stay long?” She laughed as she shook my small penis with her hand.

I moaned as mouth was still feeding on her breast nodded to her in agreement. She slowly pulled her hand out and then put it behind my neck and pulled out her breast from my mouth. I looked up in her eyes.

“I don’t know from where you got that idea, but sometimes I feel like agreeing with you. So is Akram big?” She had a very sexy smile on her face. Both of my hands were slowly caressing her ass.

“He says he is. He says its 9 inch.” Vidya doesn’t know that I have already seen his enormous cock that night.
She smiled and slowly ran hands through her open hair. Her lovely big breasts bounced in front of my eyes as she tied a hair with a chop that was lying on the bed.

“So you won’t feel jealous if he starts fucking me with his big tool.

She tied the hair and then once again pressed my chest with both her hands and caressed it lightly.

“Darling, I want to see you satisfied and happy.” I moved my hands to her breasts and slowly squeezed them. Vidya looked in my eyes for a moment before replying.
“So is he really interested in meeting me?” She moaned as I pressed her nipple between my fingers.

“He has explicitly told me that he wants to sleep with you. He is very eager to have you in his bed naked. But I never thought you would agree, so I never told him anything.” Her lips were dry and there was a pink color on her cheeks.

“So you are going to introduce us if I say YES”
She playfully hit both my hands as I was playing with her breasts and moved them aside.

“Well you have never shown interest in anyone else. So I have been halting him even though he has shown keen interest in meeting you.” Vidya once again bent forward and slowly rubbed her soft breasts
against my face.

“Yes, but now I would like to meet him. So can you introduce us?” She bit her lips as I extended my tongue and licked her nipple. I stopped licking her breasts and looked up in her beautiful eyes.

“Why don’t we go for a dinner with him? He has often invited us for dinner.” She looked down on me with surprise.
“Where do we go?”
I wanted to get down to feasting on her breasts but stopped myself. “Well we can go to” Odyssey “
She smiled at me and said “are you sure”
Yes absolutely- I said
“So when do we go”?
“We can go tomorrow”
“Tomorrow……can you arrange it that early”?
I nodded once again and pulled her down to bury my head between her lovely breasts. I was very hard by now and wanted Vidya to finish what she had started. But instead she pushed her breasts back in her gown and got up.

“Hey what happened? Don’t you want to have sex?” She laughed as she pulled out the upper part of the gown and wrapped it around her body tightly.

“Well now that you are going to be a cuckold, you better learn how to control your desires. From now on,

Only I will decide whether I will fuck you or someone else.” She gave me a mischievous smile and then went out of the room and I was left wondering what would be the future. So that was the end of that and I had to stuff my cock back in my underwear.


After she had gone out, I have sent 3 sms’s to Akram describing the present developments. He was absolutely thrilled knowing about the developments. He wrote “You just introduce her to me. Your job will be done, I will take up from there.” I asked him if he was ok about our meeting tomorrow for dinner. He wrote he was waiting eagerly to meet us at Odyssey. We decided to meet at around 7 so that we have some time to spend with each other.

Our first meeting in hotel was fairly casual. We went there at around 7:20 by a taxi as our old Maruti car was in a garage for servicing. Vidya is somewhat conservative. So even though I had asked her to wear some sexy western dresses, she had never worn it. She always preferred to wear salwar kameej or sari occasionally. She even didn’t wear sleeveless dresses. It was a real pity as she has nice fleshy fat arms and she looks absolutely sexy when she wears sleeveless.

She was wearing a red colored Punjabi dress that day. Even though it covered her entire body, it was a bit tight and hugged her body tightly and her curves were clearly visible. All through the evening, Akram’s eyes were just on my wife’s curves openly. Vidya is a bit plump, but Akram had said that he liked plump women. And all through the evening, his eyes were assessing my wife’s curves and fleshy tits. Every now and then his eyes would rest on her breasts. Soon even Vidya became aware of his gaze on her breasts and she blushed every time he looked on her boobs. But to my surprise, Vidya even encouraged him by pulling her dupatta high up towards her neck so that it was not covering her breasts. Normally whenever we went out she used to cover her breasts with dupatta, but here she was giving Akram a blatant view of her boobs.

All through the evening, they talked to each other and I was somewhat sidelined although I didn’t mind it. Initially Vidya was a bit shy, but soon she became comfortable with him. In fact as I noticed, she even started enjoying his company. Akram was quite talkative and attractive. She smiled up at him all the time and laughed at all his jokes. In one time when Vidya went to the ladies room for refreshing Akram congratulate me and said that I have done tremendous job by managing Vidya to play with my fantasies. He also said “Ravi your job is done, I will handle your wife from now on, you just sit back and enjoy”.

Akram ordered non-veg for himself while we ordered veg. We finished our dinner and they were still talking to each other. After we had finished dinner, Akram suggested that we look at his car and Vidya responded enthusiastically for this.

She had always loved an imported car, but right now we couldn’t afford it as we had a home loan to repay. But Vidya had always wanted an imported deluxe car. So the moment Akram suggested seeing his car, she agreed enthusiastically and we all went towards the parking. Akram’s car was a brand new mercidize benz. It must have cost him at least 80 lakh. It was shining black in color and absolutely wonderful. As he started showing each feature to Vidya, she was very excited and asked him lot of questions. Akram answered them with interest and Vidya also showed very keen interest in his car. This went on for almost 15 minutes before Akram finished.

And it was at that moment I realized something about my wife that I never understood in all these years. Power and money excited her like nothing else. She was attracted to powerful men with money. We had often spoken about any other men, but all of them were normal middle class people like me. Akram was the only one who was rich and powerful as well as handsome. It was no wonder that she had agreed to meet him only. Akram was a builder of international reputation and he was obviously very rich. He also had lot of political contacts and wielded considerable power and Vidya’s views had changed the moment I had told her about Akram’s background. Akram suggested that he will drive us home and Vidya once again readily agreed, So Akram opened the doors and I got in the back seat. Vidya was about to enter when she thought for a moment. Then she said to me.

“Ravi, I will sit in the front seat with Akram. I hope you won’t mind. It won’t look good if we both sat in the back seat. He is not our driver.” I melted away in the brilliant smile she gave me and nodded. She closed the door and then went towards the front seat and opened it. She slid beside Akram in the front seat and closed the door. Her lovely hair was open and spread on her back. Akram smiled at me for a moment and then asked her to fasten the seat belt. She struggled to fasten the belt, so Akram quickly leaned towards her and helped her. As he was doing it, her breasts were pressed against his body and I felt Vidya blush. So we started and Akram dropped us home in about 15 minutes as there was no traffic. Once again Vidya needed Akram’s help to unfasten the belt. Then we both got out and said bye to Akram and reached home. That night I got one sms from Akram. He wrote “ Thanks bro for introducing your lovely wife to me. I wanted to fuck your wife from the first day we started chatting. I was getting restless day by day after watching you having sex with her that night. You rest assure when I will get my chance I will fuck her brains out.”

After that day, we often started meeting each other. Sometimes we met in hotel for dinner, sometimes for movie. We had already agreed that we will meet together and so I would always be with Vidya whenever they met. This went on for almost 6 months. But after that I started to notice that there was a clear sexual tension between Akram and Vidya. Sometimes Vidya would touch him to clear a speck of dust from his shirt. Sometimes he would touch her for some reason.

Also, what I had been trying to achieve all through my married life, somehow Akram achieved in just 6 months. Soon after we had met Akram, she bought 5 new salwar kameej. She didn’t attach sleeves to any of those. Also she bought 4 sets of top and jeans. 2 of those 4 were sleeveless and she also bought 4 saris with sleeveless blouses for those. This was a real sea change for a shy conservative woman like her. From then on, whenever we met Akram, Vidya would always wear either western or sleeveless and made sure that Akram had all the view of her sexy fleshy naked arms. And I could clearly sense the sexual tension between them although nothing had happened till now.

My chat with Akram continued as usual. He informed me how step by step he was wining Vidya’s faith and gradually moving towards his ultimate goal of fucking my sexy wife.

Three more months passed by and we all went on with our lives. As agreed, Akram and Vidya had not taken each other’s number. So they didn’t contact each other though Akram sometimes called me and requested to talk to Vidya. Vidya also asked me sometimes to talk to him because she didn’t take Akram’s number.

In the last three months I had sex with Vidya a couple of times though I didn’t feel she was much interested in it and I had a feeling that she was just indulging me. I wasn’t too concerned about that because every night I was getting tremendous sexual pleasures while chatting with akram. But then something happened that really changed my point of view about this whole thing.

I was visiting a mall with some of my friends one day when I met Vidya’s friend there. Her name was Tanushree. I knew her as she was Vidya’s colleague and she often talked about her and I had met her sometimes. I was sitting on a chair when she came over to me.

“Hello Ravi, how are you?” I got up from my seat and walked over to her. Even though she was Vidya’s friend, I didn’t very much like her as she was very gossip oriented and snoopy kind of woman. I intentionally moved towards her in order to talk to her away from my friends.
“How are you Tanushree? It’s nice to meet you after such long time.” We both walked towards a bench which was empty and sat down there.
“I am good. Though I don’t know what I should say about you. How are you? Have you had a fight with Vidya?” I couldn’t believe my eyes as I noticed her grinning.
“No, we haven’t fought. Why do you say that? ” She smiled a very curious smile. It was almost as if she knew something that I didn’t and she knew that I didn’t know about it.
“Well I really don’t know if I should tell you about this. Maybe you should ask Vidya.” The look of surprise on my face must have been obvious.
“What are you talking about? Why are you saying this? Please tell me.” She grinned from ear to ear. It was almost as if she was enjoying it.
“Well you know your business best. But as a friend it’s my duty to warn you. So I am telling you this.” She slowly looked around to make sure that no one was listening.
“Couple of days ago I saw Vidya entering a theatre here with a man. She had called me up in the morning saying that she was not feeling well. She said she won’t come to office. My husband had come here so I came here for lunch as it’s close to office. And I saw her here entering the theatre. She doesn’t even like movies and when we had sometimes asked her, she normally avoided it. But that day she lied to me about her health and she was going to movie with someone other than her husband.” She was almost telling this gleefully. I was shocked. It must be Akram only.

“Are you really sure it was Vidya?” I still asked her.
“Of course Ravi, do you really think I can’t recognize Vidya when I see her?” She admonished me.
“And since last couple of months, she has been acting very furtively. Whenever you used to call, she would always pick up the call in front of me. Now every day she goes away and talks in a very small voice for some calls. I can’t see what is so private that she needs to go away and talk. And then her cloths also have changed. She almost always wears western or sleeveless salwar kameej. Earlier I was begging her to wear westerns. But she never liked it and now she was wearing a short skirt and top yesterday. And she was holding this man’s hand.” She just didn’t seem to stop to me. My mind was in a whirl. I couldn’t believe how naïve I had been. I asked Tanushree if she could describe the man. Her description fit perfectly with Akram.
“And I even noticed that she deletes some calls from call history.” I used to check her cell sometimes, but never found Akram’s number in it. But then Akram must be calling her from some landline number as well.
“All right Tanushree, thanks for this. I don’t know but it may be nothing. I will talk to Vidya. Thanks anyway for this.” I wanted to get out of her presence. I absent mindedly nodded as she said bye to me and then went away to my group.


We spent some time there, but my mind was entirely on Vidya. I wanted to go home and talk to her as soon as possible. I decided finally to call her. We had come there during office time and Vidya also should be in her office right now. All I had to do was to call up her office and check if she was there now. I excused myself and told my friends that I was not feeling well and I was going home. They agreed and I went away.

I called up Vidya’s office and soon the receptionist picked it up. I requested her to connect call to Vidya but told her that I was friend rather than her husband. It seemed that she knew Vidya quite well. She told me that Vidya had just left around 5 minutes back. I was surprised at this as it was just around 2:30 PM and she normally left office at about 5. I asked her if she knew where she went. She said she didn’t know, but she left with a man in his car. He was driving a black colored Marcidize benz.

I knew the car. It was one of the cars that Akram drove. I felt very faint and odd. My wife was cheating on me. Even after I gave her permission to have sex with Akram, she was cheating me with him. It was very disappointing for me. I felt sick and went home immediately and waited for Vidya.

Vidya came home quite late at about 6. I opened the door for her. She looked quite stunning in a sleeveless black top and knee length denim skirt. She looked surprised that I was home so early.
“Hello darling, how are you? How come you are home so early?” She put her purse on the sofa and sat down.
“I was not feeling well so I came early.” I also sat down beside her. She looked at me and then touched my arm.
“Vidya, I wanted to talk to you about something. I want straight and honest answer from you.” She turned towards me and looked in my eyes.
“Of course darling, what is it?” She touched my hand and then wrapped her fingers around mine. I thought for a moment carefully sifting my words.
“I know that you have been meeting Akram. Why did you need to cheat on me when I myself was ready to allow you to have physical relation with him?” Vidya looked taken aback, but composed herself quickly. But she admitted my accusation.
“Darling I am so sorry. I really wanted to tell you about this, but Akram insisted that he wanted to keep it secret for some time as he suspected it may hurt your feelings. I am really sorry.” She looked genuine about this.
“I can’t understand why he thought like that. It was my idea from the binging; it was me who wanted to make the fantasy real. It’s me who initiated these events. Then Why?”

“Well he didn’t want to take any risk. You know from last couple of month we were attracted to each other like magnet. If some how your emotion gets heart and you wanted to back out from your decision then? We have reached a long way Ravi. We cant just back out from this relation.”

“So how long have you been meeting each other?” I asked her as she looked honestly pained at my disappointment with her. She slowly put her head on my shoulders and kissed me lightly.

“Almost immediately after we met at Odyssey for dinner. The very next day he called me on my mobile and requested me to have lunch with him in a restaurant which is located very near to my office. At first I said no to him but he continued to request me again and again. I couldn’t resist the excitement of meeting him alone. So we met. We have been meeting since, almost 8 months now. But I thought you won’t mind it much because you like getting cuckolded. So I continued to meet him.”
She looked in my eyes to see if I was hurt. She apologized to me once again and kissed me. I knew this was all wrong and I should be angry at her for cheating me. But one part of me was almost excited because my faithful wife of 8 years was cheating me for a rich and handsome businessman. The change in her after meeting Akram was astonishing. She was pretty simple before our meeting with Akram. Now she was damn attractive and almost glamorous.

Before meeting Akram, she almost always used to wear simple Punjabi dresses or sari. But after we had met Akram, she almost always wore westerns all the time. Even when she wore a sari, she would wear a sleeveless blouse to make it look sexy. Before we met Akram, she always complained about high heels. Now she wore nothing but high heels. Earlier she wore make up only when we went to some function or party. Now I could see her wearing make up every day. Akram had turned my shy and simple wife into a sexy and glamorous woman. As she sat there looking in my eyes, my eyes were rested on her sexy naked arms and her lovely big tits. I should have been angry, but instead I just melted and slowly kissed her on lips.

“Vidya, I am not jealous, but I would want to know if you are meeting him.” I kissed her lips slowly. She also wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my shoulders.

“I am sorry darling. From now on, I will let you know if I am meeting Akram. But you have to understand we can’t just back out now. If you can handle your emotion then we don’t have any problem to inform you what we are doing” And with that matter ended. I should have been angry with her and admonished her. Instead melted by her sexy tits and her sexy figure, I forgave her and just got a confirmation that she will let me know if she is meeting Akram. But this incident made some distance between me and Akram. I stopped internet chatting with him completely.


Vidya kept her word and she told me whenever she met Akram. Sometimes I also went out with them socially and I was surprised to find the chemistry between Vidya and Akram. They would touch each other on the slightest pretext. And Vidya would often talk to him in whispering tone as if they had some secret they didn’t want to share with me. But this excited me even more.

One day, after I came back from office, I found Vidya wearing a yellow colored sari and a black sleeveless blouse over it. She normally never wore sari at home. She was wearing a perfume as well and her forehead sported a sexy designer bindi. She looked sexy as hell with her naked luscious arms. She closed the door behind me.

“Hello, I was trying to call you for almost 1 hour. You were not in network range.” I put my bag on the sofa and sat down.

“Yes, I was in a meeting and had switched my phone down. What happened?” I wiped seat from my forehead and turned the fan on. My eyes ran over my wife’s luscious and plump figure and immediately sensed that something was up. She was wearing light make up and a bright red lipstick on her lips. She came over to me and sat down beside me.

“I wanted to ask if we can invite Akram for dinner here. But you were not reachable and so I took the liberty of asking him to come over for dinner. I hope its ok with you.” I simply melted with dazzling smile she gave me. So there it was; the reason why she was so decked up today.

She slowly brushed my hair with her hand and kissed me. I looked in her eyes.

“Is it just dinner or is he staying over?” I almost knew that this was not going to be just a social call. Vidya touched my face and ran her finger tips over my lips.

“It depends on what you want darling. If you want this to be just a social visit, we can make it that way. But if you allow, we can make it more interesting.” She kissed my ears lightly.

“So tell me Jaan what you really want. Would you like Akram sleeping with me in our bedroom while I make you sleep on sofa? Would you like to be cuckolded in your own home? I felt her hot breath on my face as she slowly kissed my cheeks. Her hand went inside my pants as she slowly played with my dick. The images of Akram and Vidya naked in bed flashed in my mind. She smiled as she noticed it was rising. She kissed me lightly and laughed.

“Shall I take it that Akram can sleep over?” She touched my erect but still small 5 inch dick. I smiled at her and then kissed her.

“All right honey, I won’t mind. But tell me one thing honestly, in past eight months did you ever slept with him”

“You will not get angry na” she asked being very serious.
‘No just tell me the truth” I said
“Many times. More than three four times I have even spent nights with him in his apartment too.” She looked very calm when she said this.
I was surprised like hell. When? How? I became speechless.

Every time you went on your office tours. But I never slept with him after I promise you that I will inform you when I will meet him. Vidya kissed my lips lightly before she got up from sofa.

“All right then, I have cooked non vegetarian for us and vegetarian for you. We just need to heat it when we have dinner. Can you please take care of that for me?” I also got up and went in the bed room to change.

“OK, I will take care of heating the food.” I said and then went in the bathroom for a wash. I watched TV for some time after change as Vidya worked in the bedroom. After that I also went in the bedroom. It was about 7:30 PM and the door bell rang. Vidya turned around and went to open the door. I also got up and went just to the door of the bedroom, but didn’t directly go to the hall. I could see Vidya opening the door. It was Akram and he came in.
“Hi…. you look stunning today. But where is Ravi?
“Ravi just came from office. He is in the bedroom” Vidya replied.
The moment she said this, he immediately pulled Vidya in his arms and kissed her hard on lips. She seemed like protesting but soon she melted in Akram’s arms and wrapped her hands around him and they continued smooching. Akram’s hands were squeezing and mauling my wife’s big ass as they smooched. After what seemed to me like an eternity, they finally broke the kiss and Vidya wiped her lips.
with her hand.
She wrapped her hand around Akram’s arm and then slowly walked over to the sofa with him. They both sat down side by side and Akram wrapped his arm around her and kept his hand on Vidya’s naked arm. I came out from the bedroom as Vidya shouted “Ravi…… Akram is here.”
I sat down on sofa that was kept facing their set.
“So Ravi, how are you?”Akram asked me while he caressed Vidya’s arm slowly. Vidya leaned over to him and then placed her head on shoulder. “Oh he is nice. He is great. He had a nice hard on when I asked him if you could sleep with me in our bed and if he would be ok with sleeping on sofa.” Vidya spoke before I answered.
“Thanks….That’s so nice of you Ravi” -Akram said and they both started laughing on this.
“Do you want anything to drink darling?”- Vidya asked Akram. She adjusted the chop in her hair. It was tied and neatly spread on her back. As she did so, I saw Akram looking at my wife’s big breasts.
“I don’t mind some tea if you are ok”-Akram said. He leaned back in the sofa and made himself comfortable. Vidya turned to me and to my utter surprise asked me to make tea.
“I am sorry darling, but I really don’t want to spoil my sari. Can you please make it and take it here?” She smiled at me.”All right, I will make some tea.” I turned towards the kitchen and started making tea. It took me about 10 minutes to make tea and as I came back in the hall, I found that it was empty. Then I noticed that there was some noise of laughing in the bedroom and turned towards it.
I saw Akram sitting on our bed and Vidya sitting in his lap. They broke their kiss just as I entered the bedroom. Vidya gently removed the pallu of her sari and pushed it aside as her sexy breasts came in full view of Akram. She looked sexy as hell as she sat on his lap. Just as I entered, she turned towards me.
“Ravi, how can you be so late? Anyway, Akram has changed his mind now. Instead of tea, now he wants my breast milk. So we may not drink anything.” Akram also laughed. Then Vidya wrapped her arms around Akram’s head and pulled it towards her lovely breasts. Akram buried his head in her big cleavage as Vidya threw her head back and sighed. Then she said to me “Ravi I feel Akrams mother didn’t gave him much when he was a baby” and started laughing.
Akram didn’t say anything; He was slowly massaging her breasts hard as Vidya moaned loudly in front of my eyes. I wanted to protest, but instead was intensely excited at the sight that Akram feasting on my wife’s big breasts. Her breasts were still trapped in the blouse, but Akram’s rough handling was arousing Vidya and she was twisting and turning in his lap. Suddenly he stopped and slapped her breasts with his hand. Vidya cried out slightly and opened her eyes. “Open these milk pots for me darling. I am so thirsty.” Akram slowly rubbed Vidya’s breasts once more. Vidya looked towards me and said “you no Ravi we both enjoy breast feeding very much”. I understood they were playing a game to arouse me as much as possible. This is also a type of role playing. While they will enjoy each other they want me to observe and enjoy being humiliated. Vidya knows very well how much I love breast feeding. She always used her breasts to control me when she wanted something.

She slowly unhooked her blouse one by one and then pulled the blouse cups aside. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any bra. She raised her hands and then slowly pulled the blouse aside. Akram immediately buried his head in her sexy milk pots even before she had removed blouse completely. Vidya’s body shivered for a moment before she threw her blouse at me and then smiled.
“Why don’t you smell this blouse while I am feeding him.” She laughed with contempt as Akram started kissing and licking her big breasts. Akram was making a peculiar sound while sucking her nipples hard.
Suddenly she cried out as she looked down on Akram’s face. “Oh god Akram, I love it when you suck me like this. She took her left breast in her hand and slowly pushed it towards Akram’s mouth and said “Akram suck this one also na”. Akram obliged her again. “Oh Akram, please suck my tits hard. It feels so good when you do that.” Akram’s hands were roughing up her big ass as he sucked Vidya’s tits. She was running her hands through his hair and was sighing wildly as she twisted in his arms. “You have got sexiest pair of breasts I have ever seen Vidya. I feel like sucking them all night.” Vidya turned her head towards me and said “Ravi if we ever decide to make babies you have to promise me that you will keep Akram away from me, otherwise your baby will not get any nourishment from me”. I didn’t like that bad joke but obviously my cock liked it.

Akram then buried his face in my wife’s breasts as she moaned and sighed. Her face was contorted with pleasure and excitement. Akram was rubbing her naked breasts hard as he feasted on them. “That’s enough” Vidya cried. “Let’s finish our dinner other wise you will end up fucking me in front of my husband”. After Akram released her Vidya started wearing her blouse. She quickly served our dinner and we also finished it more quickly.

After our dinner was over they retired to our bedroom and closed the door from inside. I sat on sofa and switched on the T.V. I then tried to concentrate on a discovery channel program but failed to do so. I was in a constant aroused state. Suddenly I saw one bedroom window was slightly open, they somehow forgot to close it properly. I went near it. My heart was beating like a dram when I found that I could see them inside. I saw vidya was benting forward so that her ass was raised high in the air. Akram moved behind my wife and then slapped her ass for a couple of times. Vidya laughed. “Hey…what are you doing?”-She whispered. Vidya’s face was touching the bed and her ass was raised high in the air. I could see Akram holding and adjusting his cock against Vidya’s cunt. Then with one swift motion, he slowly pushed forward. I saw Vidya’s face contorting as she bit her lips. “Ohh Akram, please push it slowly jaan. You are not small like my husband and you stretch me lot more than him.” Akram was holding her waist with his hands as he slowly started fucking my wife with smooth slow strokes. Vidya grimaced as Akram’s strokes continued and gathered momentum. Her mouth was open and her body was moving in small moves. Akram was lightly caressing her naked back as he fucked her. Vidya was also matching every stroke of him with her stroke as she moved her ass back and forth. Akram’s strokes had gathered momentum now and he was fucking my wife furiously. Vidya was sighing and moaning with every stroke as Akram’s massive cock went in and out of her cunt. “Vidya darling, you are such a sexy bitch. I feel like fucking you all night baby.” I could easily smell Vidya’s juices flowing out of her cunt. Small beads of perspiration were gathering on her back as well as on Akram’s chest as he fucked her furiously. Vidya was too busy getting fucked out. Her eyes were closed now and she was turning her face from one side to another. Vidya’s mouth was gaping open now as Akram took her cunt hard. Akram stopped for a moment as he bent forward and slowly wrapped his arms around Vidya’s chest and slowly grabbed her breasts in his palms. After few minutes of molesting he released her boobs. Vidya got on her hands and knees and Akram continued fucking her harder than before. Her breasts were bobbing up and down in the air as her body swayed to Akram’s strokes. Her face was contorted with pleasure that Akram’s cock was giving her. Suddenly I saw Akram’s body stiffening and I sensed that probably he was coming. “Oh Akram, please don’t come inside me…please”-Vidya shouted. But she was late. Vidya cried out as her own body shook with spasms and Akram came in her. Akram pushed forward as he collapsed on top of my wife and they lay there panting. Both of them recovered their breath slowly as they cuddled up to each other. Akram didn’t remove his cock out of Vidya’s cunt as he continued to kiss her neck and back as they lay there. Vidya also kept enjoying the warm afterglow of wonderful orgasm she had. Akram slowly pulled his cock out of Vidya’s cunt and rolled away to the other side of Vidya. Vidya turned over and slowly touched her cunt. I quickly returned to the hall and sat on the sofa. “Ravi are you still awake-I heard Vidya shouting from inside the room. I did not make any sound. “Ravi I need you here……If you are still awake pl come inside the room….the door is open”. I entered inside the room slowly.


“Ravi, Akram has flooded my cunt with his cum. There is so much of it in me. Now if you don’t want me to get pregnant with his baby, you have to clean it up. Come on darling, I am sure you love it.” Vidya slowly extended her hand to touch my hand. She pulled me on top of her though just around her thighs. Her cunt was overflowing and streaks of her own juices mixed with Akram’s cum were visible on her thighs. My cock was tight with excitement as I smelled the intoxicating mixture. I looked towards Akram as he cuddled my wife from behind her. His was cock was limp but even then it was bigger than my tight cock. He was kissing my wife’s neck as she slowly caressed his big cock with her hand.

Vidya wrapped her free hand around my neck and slowly pulled my face towards her creamy thighs and I started to clean up her lover’s cum out of my wife’s cunt. I took almost 20 minutes to clean her up completely. “Thank you darling, you deed a god job. Now you may go. We are very tired and we both need a tight sleep. If he fucks me again in the morning I will call you again”. Saying this she slightly pushed me on my solder using her feet. “Good night honey”-she whispered.
Next morning when I opened my eyes I saw our bedroom door was open. I haven’t found Akram there. I understood he must have left early morning. I checked in the kitchen. Vidya was there making our morning tea. She saw me and gave me a refreshing smile. “good morning honey…….did you sleep well”?
“Yes” I said.
“Ravi I want to talk to you about last night. Wait for me in the dinning table; I am coming with the tea.”
I went near our dinning table and sat on a chair. Vidya came with the cups after 10 minutes.
“Ravi, I hope you don’t mind we teased you a bit last night. Akram thought that you would enjoy it as you yourself had chatted with him about being cuckolded. I am sorry if I went a bit overboard.” She came towards my chair and kissed me after putting the tray in the table. She was bent over me as she kissed me and her cleavage was right in front my nose. The fragrant smell of her perfume filled my nostrils.
I also brushed my cheeks against her breasts for a moment.
“It’s ok. I enjoyed it.”
Vidya sat on my lap and slowly caressed my cheeks with her hands.
“So you won’t mind if we go a bit further with cuckolding you? Yesterday Akram was asking me if you would like to lick me after he has come inside me. I said “yes you will enjoy it”.
Did you like it?” She pulled my face in her breasts as I slowly flicked her nipples with my tongue.
I wrapped my hands around her ass and slowly kissed on top of her nipples over her nighty.
“You didn’t answer my question Ravi? Do you want it?” I caressed her ass with my hands. She held my head with both her hands and then slowly rubbed her breasts in my face. Her big breasts were heaving up and down on my face.
“Umm yes darling but tell me do you enjoy it also?”.
“Yes… I want you to lick my cunt after Akram has come inside me. I want you to clean me up after Akram has come in me.” She was almost lying on top of me now. She pulled out both of her breasts from her nighty cups and then adjusted them so that they were right above my face. She slowly lowered them and I opened my mouth instinctively as she fed me her right breast. I swallowed it as she moaned.
“Does it excite you when Akram and I humiliate you?” She slowly started moving her chest so that I was forced to adjust my mouth on her tit. I nodded but didn’t leave her tit.
“He has much larger cock than you and it’s circumcised. It’s going to give me much more pleasure than you ever can. You were right Ravi, you are too soft. You really can’t satisfy a woman like me. Akram is a real stud. He is strong, muscular and aggressive. Unlike you, he knows how take a woman hard and satisfy her. He loves being rough with me. And I also love it when he is being rough and tough with me. Do you really like me submitting completely to a dominant Muslim man like him?” She moaned as I licked her nipple. I also nodded n reply to her.
“That’s nice then. I won’t have any feeling of guilt when we cuckold you from now on.” She smiled at me as she slowly pulled out her tit from my mouth.

“Hey your tea is getting cold……finish it quickly”-saying this she left towards the bathroom.

part 12

Our sexual life improved quite a bit since Vidya got involved with Akram. Of course, whenever Akram was with us, she would just concentrate on Akram and ignore or even mock and humiliate me. But we all knew that it was because I enjoyed it and it was all within limits. Vidya kept her word and whenever she was going out with Akram, it was with my knowledge. Every now and then, Akram would come to our home and at that time, Vidya would spend the night with him in our bedroom while I slept in the hall. But when Akram was not available, she would shower me with all her sexual energy.

However, soon I noticed a change in Vidya. When she had started relations with Akram, she had been very secretive about this whole business. Whenever she came with Akram, she would ask him to drop her on the main road rather than in our society. She didn’t want any society gossip about her relation with Akram. She used to do the same when she went out with Akram.

But now, it seemed that she just didn’t care. She would ride Akram’s bike and they would come in our society. She would also hold his hand as they walked to our flat without caring much about gossip. Soon after, one day when we were sleeping in bed after having sex, she slowly got on top of me.

“Ravi, I want to talk something important to you.” She kissed me lightly as she ran her hands through my hair. I kissed her back as I caressed her naked back.

“Yes honey, what do you want?” She brushed a strand of hair aside.

“Are you ok with my relationship with Akram? Do you have any problems with us?” I looked in her eyes.

“Why are you asking this? You know that I don’t have any problems.” She bent forward and touched my face with her breasts.

“I know, but every time I am with Akram I need to tell you. If you really trust us, I want to change it and Akram too wants the same. We want to change this in an open relation kind of thing. I want to meet Akram whenever I want to without any need of consent from you. He also wants the same. In fact he kind of suggests that we 3 should move in together in this flat. So, what do you think?” I was already intoxicated with the perfume she had sprayed in her cleavage. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I felt that it was not a good idea.

“Vidya, I really don’t think it is a good idea. Our relationship can be in danger because of this.” She looked in my eyes.

“Why do you say that? It hasn’t soured our relationship. We have been doing it for over a year now. It hasn’t soured anything yet. In fact it has enriched our marriage. Don’t you think so? ” She slowly rolled over and lay down beside me as she touched my chest. I kissed her face as she touched my slowly rising dick once again.

“I guess so.” I was hesitant in my reply, but my cock was not.

“You always liked seeing me with him, didn’t you? You should see your face when Akram is fucking me and I am crying out with pleasure right in front of you. You enjoy it more than me darling.” She laughed as she touched my cock and slowly started jerking it off.

“Yes, but it’s ok if it happens every now and then. But are you serious about getting into an open marriage with him?” She was slowly caressing my penis and stroking lightly with her hands.

“Yes darling, I am very serious about this. What is the problem? I already am in a relationship with him. So why not just give me consent to go and enjoy with him any time I want rather than taking permission from you every time I see him. What is so difficult about it?” She kept stroking my cock with small swift strokes. It was erect now.

“Honey, both Akram and I are so different in every way. Financially, socially and even sexually he is much stronger than I am. Our relation may easily sour and he may jeopardize our marriage.” Vidya stopped for a moment and then she slowly rose and got above me.

“Honey, we started this relationship with an honest mind. We didn’t do this because I was unsatisfied with you or anything like that. There was nothing wrong with our relation initially and we didn’t do this to fix it. In fact since I got involved with Akram, our sex life has improved. So why are you worried? It has nothing to do with your social or sexual status compared to Akram. All the humiliation that we gave you was because we thought you enjoyed it. I didn’t really mean it.” She slowly rose above me and took my cock in her hand and then slowly lowered herself so that my cock slipped easily in her cunt. She said that she didn’t think I was inferior to Akram any way, but the ease with which my cock slipped in her cunt told another story to me. Since Akram had started fucking her, his big cock had stretched her cunt and now it had become quite loose. Akram’s thick pole still was tight fit for her cunt, but my cock would slip in easily in it even when she wasn’t wet. Even I felt that I couldn’t even touch her G spot.

“Yes darling, I understand that. But still I feel it’s risky for you to get emotionally involved with Akram. And what you are talking about will surely get you emotionally involved with Akram.” Vidya held my head with her hands and then slowly lowered her breasts on my face. The lovely smell of her perfume filled my nostrils once again.

“And what makes you feel that I won’t get emotionally involved with him with current set up?” But my reply never came as my mouth filled with her lovely boob and I started licking and sucking on her boobs. And this was always the way all our arguments ended. Vidya always knew how to win arguments with me. The sight of her naked tits, her sexy arms affected me this way and almost all of our arguments ended with me accepting whatever she wanted. And finally after we had another round of sex with her on top of me, I finally accepted her demand for having an open relationship with Akram. But I had little idea of what this would exactly entail and what lay ahead for us in future.


From then on, Vidya started meeting with Akram even without my knowledge. Every now and then, Akram would also take her out for a week end. She would spend the week end with him either at his flat or some resort where they would go. In fact, this started to happen too frequently and Vidya started to spend almost every week end with Akram. Akram would pick up her on Friday evening and she would come back on Sunday evening when Akram would drop her to our home. And soon I started to get frustrated with this. I had expected that our sex life would because of her affair with Akram. But as it turned out, our sexual life was disintegrating right before my eyes. Vidya clearly was giving all the attention to Akram and was simply neglecting me.

When I tried to talk to her about this, she just laughed and told me that I was being jealous and just ignored the subject. But there was no denying the fact that she was intentionally avoiding any real sexual contact with me. One Friday, when I was in office, I received a call on my cell phone from Vidya.

“Hello Ravi, are you free?” I sensed that she must have called me to tell me that she was going with Akram this evening. So I moved out of cubicle and went towards cafeteria. It was fairly empty so nobody could have heard me there. I sat on a table near the window and spoke to her.

“Yes, I am sitting in the canteen.” I noticed that it was almost 5 PM now and cafeteria staff was preparing for evening snacks.

“OK, I called you to tell you that I am going with Akram now. He has come here to pick me up. I will spend week end with him at his Hiranandani flat. But he asked me to ask you if you would like to join us for the week end. So why don’t you come to his home after office?” I brushed my hair with my hands as I watched people slowly coming in.

“I don’t mind, but I don’t know address.” I slowly got up as one couple sat just next to my table and started to walk towards the exit.

“I will send you a SMS. Please come after 8:30. We won’t be home until that time. Akram is taking me for shopping.” I disconnected the call and soon after I received a SMS from my wife. It had the address of the flat.

I had planned to leave early for home, but now stayed in the office till almost 7. I left at 7 and was soon hurtling towards Hiranandani Thane. I reached Hiranandani gate at about 8:30, but it took me some time to find the building and finally I parked my bike in the parking. I entered my name in the security register. The security guard meanwhile picked up the phone and called a number. I guess he was calling Akram’s number.

“Hello Parveen madam, there is someone to meet Akram Sir. His name is Ravi. Do you want me to send him?” I was surprised to hear him calling Parveen. I was sure that there was only one female in Akram’s home. And he had called her Parveen. He listened in the instrument for a moment and then nodded to me before putting the phone down.

“It is on 17th Floor. Use the right most lift.” He said as he showed me the lift. I nodded.

“Who did you talk to just now? Didn’t you talk to Akram?” He looked up towards me with interest.

“I talked to Akram Sir’s wife Parveen madam.” I was almost shocked. So this was how Vidya was known to security guard here. From his tone, it sounded as if he was fairly comfortable with her and he knew her very well.

“Do you know her well? Since how long do you know her?” He got up from the chair.

“I have been working here since last 9 months and I have known her all this time.” I was once again surprised as Vidya and Akram had met almost 1 year back. So she must have been coming here just after we had met initially. I had come to know that she had cheated with me. But even then she didn’t tell me that she was cheating for such a long time.

I thanked the guard and then walked towards the lift. I reached the 17th floor and rang the door bell of Akram’s flat. Soon it was Vidya who opened the door for me. She was looking ravishing in a black sari and sleeveless blouse. She was wearing light makeup and a red bright lip stick on her lips. Her petite frame looked absolutely sexy in the thin georgette sari. Something about her had changed, but I just couldn’t figure out what. She normally wore a bindi, but now she was not wearing anything. She smiled at me and then closed the door behind me. Her lovely black hair was spread on her back. I looked at her luscious swaying as she walked.

“I will get some water for you.” She went inside as I walked in the hall. Akram was sitting on the sofa and he got up and smiled at me.

“Hello Ravi, how are you? Come in and have a seat.” I got close and sat on the sofa chair.

“I am good. How are you?” I replied cordially.

“I am good. We both thought that Vidya was almost spending all her weekends here. So we both thought maybe we should invite you here so we could all spend it together.” Vidya walked in the room bearing a glass of water on a tray and she stooped before me to offer me the glass. I picked up the glass.

“That was nice of you although I suppose I myself could have come in any time, isn’t it?”

“Of course, any time you want.” Akram smiled and replied.

I slowly drank water from the glass as Vidya kept the tray on a tripod beside chair and then sat down beside Akram. She was sitting very close to him that his thighs were touching hers. Her sari was very transparent and she was not wearing a petticoat underneath. So as she sat there, I could see her panties from the sari. I finished my glass and put the glass on the tray. Akram slowly wrapped his arm around my wife’s petite frame and put his hand on her naked arm. He caressed her arms slowly as she looked on me.

“Did you have any difficulty in finding this place?” Vidya asked me as she ran her hands through her hair.

“No it was pretty straight forward.” I replied. Vidya’s hand was resting on Akram’s thigh. I was surprised at the level of intimacy between them. I knew that they had been in a relationship with each other for almost a year. But even then I was surprised to find how close Vidya was with Akram. There was nothing awkward when Vidya touched Akram’s thighs or he touched her naked arms. They were pretty easy with each other. It was almost as if they were a real husband and wife. I felt as if Vidya was not my wife, but Akram’s.

Just as this thought struck me, I suddenly noticed the difference in her. Her neck was bare. She was not wearing her mangalsutra. The sudden realization of this coupled with the fact that the guard had called her Parveen and not Vidya now had full impact on me. My eyes were riveted on Vidya’s neck and it seemed to me that she also noticed it.

“So you noticed it huh? I was wondering when you would notice it.” She smiled at Akram.

“Yes, I noticed that and I also noticed that the guard called you Parveen madam.” Akram slowly turned Vidya’s head towards him and they both kissed slowly. As they kissed, Vidya wrapped her arms around Akram’s waist and then she slowly put her head on his shoulder.

“That’s how she has been known here ever since we met. Everybody here knows her as my wife Parveen Shaikh. Everybody thinks that she works as sales manager in a company as she is travelling. So she comes home infrequently.” Vidya slowly extended her arm and touched Akram’s face and kissed him lightly.

“So you had planned this all along?” I was surprised at this. However as I thought it was the only decent way of doing it. Akram really couldn’t have disclosed Vidya’s real identity to everybody.

“Yes, you can say so. Vidya didn’t want to reveal her real identity to everybody here, so she herself suggested this. And she was right in every way. Now everybody here as well as in my social circle knows her as my wife. She even joins me to parties or any social events in the society as my wife. Vidya has respect of everybody and she preferred it that way rather than to be known as my mistress. She was very particular about not being known as my mistress. So we chose her a new Muslim name and introduced her to everybody here as my wife. And she definitely is enjoying her new social life with me as her husband.” Vidya got up from the sofa and came near me.

“It was only way of not spoiling my name. I didn’t want to be seen as somebody’s mistress. I wanted respect, not scorn. And no matter how you are, you can only get scorned by everybody if you are someone’s mistress.” Vidya seemed conciliatory in voice and gesture. I nodded as even I felt that this was the right way. Vidya brightened as I showed my agreement.

“Thank god you understood this. I was really wondering if you would be angry with me for doing this. Let’s go to the bedroom. We will show you around the house.” She walked up to Akram and extended her hand towards him. Akram took her hand and then they both walked in front hand in hand as I followed them. Akram wrapped his hand around my wife’s waist as Vidya enthusiastically showed me around the house. I was pretty impressed with the flat. It was a wonderful flat and it was showing off Akram’s wealth all around the place. And the way Vidya was showing it off to me, one would have supposed that the flat belonged to her rather than Akram. Her eyes were glowing and her face was almost contorted with pride. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched her gloating about the flat with her hands in Akram’s hands. Finally we both came to a door.

“And this is our bedroom. We have a surprise for you here, but it will have to wait till we finish our dinner.” Vidya smirked at Akram as he slowly pulled her closer to him and he kissed her lips. Vidya melted in his arms as they shared a passionate kiss. Vidya moaned as they continued kiss. I could see Akram’s hands moving on Vidya’s big ass as he slowly stroked it. They stopped the kiss after a few minutes but not before she was almost breathless. Vidya pated heavily as he boobs heaved before my eyes.

“Let’s go and have dinner. I will get everything ready.” Vidya wiped her lips with her fingers and then without looking at me went towards the kitchen. Akram and I followed my wife as I noticed Akram looking at her lovely swaying ass.

We both reached kitchen and sat down on the dining table opposite to each other. Vidya moved about the kitchen as she put pans and pots on the table. I clearly smelled chicken as well as I could see one vegetable for me. Vidya put 3 plates on the table and then she sat down beside Akram. She slowly served couple of roti in my plate and then served some salad as well as vegetable for me. Then she pushed the plate for me. Then she served chicken for herself and Akram in two more plates.
“So how did you like the flat Ravi?” Akram asked me as I started eating.
“It’s wonderful. It’s pretty big for one unmarried person, isn’t it?” Akram smiled at me as well as my wife.
“Yes, but you see I haven’t been very lonely since I met Vidya.” He slowly touched her arm and kissed her lightly once again.
“Yes, she told me that.” They both had started eating now.
“But it’s big even for 2 people in a sense. So I was wondering if you would like to move in this flat along with Vidya. You two will be good company for me. You can rent your existing flat. It will be extra income for you and I can spend more time with Vidya. What do you say?” I didn’t know what to say.
“Is this your idea or Vidya’s?” I wondered and told me so.
“Well frankly speaking it’s my idea, but one endorsed by Vidya. She wants to spend more time with me as well.” He looked at Vidya and she smiled back at him.
“I don’t know if it will be a good idea. As I understand, here Vidya is known as your wife. Will it look good if I moved in?” Akram ate pretty fast even when e was talking.
“Of course, this is Mumbai Ravi. Do you really think people care for who has moved in to your next flat? It doesn’t matter. You can come here as my friend and stay here.” He touched Vidya’s arm and she also pitched in.
“I also want the same thing Ravi. I really want to get into an open relationship with you and Akram and even you agreed to it. But the way it is right now, with both of us staying at different places, I can’t give much time to Akram. With us moving in here, I could spend lot of time with Akram as well as you.” I looked at her as she ate chicken pieces and put bones aside.
“I need some time to think about this. I can’t answer right away.” I couldn’t commit anything to this.
“Well we are just proposing it to you. You don’t have to accept it right away or even quickly. You can take your own time or if you want you can even refuse it. Both Akram and I would love it, but ultimately it will be your decision.” Vidya chipped in. And we continued to talk over the same subject for some more time as we had dinner. Soon we finished it and Akram and I walked in the hall and Vidya continued to clean everything up.


After a moment, Akram looked at me and then called to me.

“Ravi, come in and join us.” He was looking at me directly. I got up and switched the TV off and then walked into the bedroom. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I walked in.

There was a big double bed in the center. It had 4 posts and all of them were decorated with lovely white flowers. The room was fragrant with lovely smell of the flowers mingled with perfume Vidya was wearing. The bed was covered with red and pink rose petals mixed with white ones. Lines of flowers were hung from bed reaching up to the carpet.

One look at Vidya and I was simply bowled over. It wasn’t that she was looking ravishing and wonderfully beautiful. What shocked me was that she was wearing a cherry colored ‘benarasi’ sari and green blouse over that. She looked at me and then smiled a benign smile.

“So you recognized it? I thought maybe you won’t recognize. Akram wanted me to wear this for him this time.” She was talking about her sari. It was the same on that she had worn for our first night. She was wearing just as she had worn in our first night. She was wearing same set of ornaments as well. Now suddenly I remembered today’s date. Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. I never used to forget it before but this year I completely forgot it somehow. I Looked at her. Her ear rings were made of gold and dangling slightly below her ears. She was wearing another gold necklace but she had removed her mangalsutra. On top of all the glass bangles, she was wearing a set of gold bangles. She was also wearing gold waistband over her naked waist. She was wearing a lovely pink colored lip stick and her perfume smelled wonderful. There was a gajra made of white flowers in her tied hair.

“I have always wanted to see her as a bride. She looks absolutely wonderful, doesn’t she?”-Akram asked. I couldn’t deny that my luscious wife was more beautiful than ever. She had been slim when I had married her and this sari had looked beautiful on her. Now with her plump and voluptuous frame draped in sari, she looked a perfect woman compared to an inexperienced naïve girl. Her breasts were bigger, her hips wider and her ass larger than before.

I didn’t reply but kept looking at lovely frame of my wife. I couldn’t feel anything but lust for her right now. But she wasn’t even looking at me. Her eyes were riveted on Akram. Akram moved slowly and went behind her. He wrapped his big hands around her waist and Vidya touched his hands. Vidya turned her head slightly towards him as they kissed with passion. Akram’s hands were running all over my wife’s body. Vidya touched Akram’s hands and then slowly moved them to her large breasts. Akram squeezed her breasts as she moaned in his mouth but continued to kiss him hard. Akram’s hands started caressing Vidya’s lovely breasts as they kissed. He was massaging them hard or I should say he was molesting them. Vidya moved her hands behind Akram’s neck as she slowly started caressing his hair.

They broke the kiss and Vidya slowly turned towards Akram. His hands were rubbing her ass as Akram kissed her neck. Vidya moaned as she was feeling Akram’s lips on her neck.

“You know Ravi, right from the first moment when I saw Akram, I have wanted to belong to him. Please Akaram make me yours today. I want to belong to you completely.” She rubbed her hands excitedly in his hair as she kept sighing. Akram kissed her back with his lips and Vidya bent a bit forward so Akram continued to kiss her back with slow strokes.

“I love it when you kiss my back like that.” She smiled at me and then signaled me to sit down on the chair. I was feeling very hot as I saw my wife rubbing her ass against Akram’s crotch. She then moved her hands behind her and started rubbing it between their bodies. I could only say that she must be rubbing his crotch.

“Do you like it baby?” Akram asked her as she rubbed it with her hands. Vidya’s eyes were closed now as she enjoyed Akram’s touch on her skin. She didn’t reply, but she licked her lips. Akram slowly turned her around and then kissed her lips again.

“Let’s go the bed for our suhagraat (first night of a newly married couple is called suhagraat in Hindi.)” He touched her waist and they both walked towards the bed and Vidya sat on the edge of bed.

“Ravi, come and join us. I want you to prepare us for our suhagraat.” She slid backwards on the bed and then lay down on the bed. Akram also moved in the bed and gestured me to join in. Vidya removed pallu of her sari aside and threw it on the bed. Her lovely breasts came in Akram’s view as she lay down. Vidya wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him down towards her lovely breasts. Akram didn’t need any invitation and he buried his face in Vidya’s sexy breasts.

“Do you want to make them wet for me.” Vidya’s hands were running in Akram’s hair. Akram was licking her cleavage slowly. Suddenly he stopped for a moment and got up.

“Let’s get your lovely mangoes open for me”.
“Ok jaan but I want Ravi to open them for you.” Vidya smiled at me and extended her hand towards me as I got on the bed.

“Come on darling, Open my blouse for Akram and feed my mangoes to him.” I was feeling hot as hell and my cock was standing. I didn’t reply and slowly started opening my wife’s blouse buttons one by one. I peeled off her blouse and she raised her body a bit so as to allow me to remove it.

“Ravi, please remove it quickly darling and throw it away.” I obeyed her silently and threw the blouse on the bed. She was wearing a black colored bra and now her boobs were spilling out of the bra cups. Akram quickly buried his head again in her large breasts as she sighed.

“Oh Akram, wait just one minute. Ravi open my bra alos na.” I removed it also. She moaned and threw her head back as Akram sucked her big nipples one by one. Then he moved both his hands on her boobs and slowly started massaging them. Vidya raised her hands and ran them through her open hair. Her breathing was getting heavier and her eyelids were closing heavily. Even I could smell her juices flowing out of her cunt. I imagined it must be wet by now.

I was feeling very hot now. I touched my wife’s breasts but she slowly pushed my hand away.
“No Ravi, not tonight, today I just want you to watch.” She slowly moved forward till she was sitting in Akram’s lap and then wrapped her legs around his waist. Akram squeezed her breasts hard again as she moaned. She looked in Akram’s eyes and then slowly moved her hands towards his chest. She started opening his buttons one by one till she had opened them all. Then she slowly tried to remove it. Akram allowed her to remove shirt completely and Vidya threw his shirt on the floor. She slowly caressed Akram’s chest with both her hands and then put her head on his shoulders.

She kissed his neck and kept caressing his chest. It was covered with thick black hair. It was something Vidya always liked in a man.

“Oh Akram, your hair on the chest make me crazy. I feel like putting my head on it and just go to sleep.” Akram didn’t reply, but he grabbed her hair and then kissed her hard. Vidya kept caressing his chest as she opened her mouth for him. As they kissed, Akram moved both his hands to her breasts and started to molest them. After squeezing her breasts for a few moments, he broke the kiss.

“Remove your gajra baby. Make your hair open. You look very sexy like that.”-Akram whispered in her ear. Vidya just smiled at him and then moved both her hands behind her hair. She slowly removed the chop tying her hair and then threw it away. She threw the gajra towards me. She looked at me for a moment and then looked down on my raging hard on.

“Akram, look how hard my Ravi is getting by watching me with you.” She laughed and then ran her hands through her hair couple of times. As she was doing it, her breasts were raised high and Akram looked at them. Vidya noticed it and blushed at him. “Ravi, pl come….it’s now time to remove my sari” I came towards her and started to pull out her sari from her waist. I managed to pull her sari quickly and then threw it aside as Vidya was now wearing only her petticoat. “Come on Ravi put your head under my petticoat and prepare me for his big tool” She ordered. I followed her order quickly.

She smiled when I punt my head inside her petticoat. She rolled her petticoat above her waste. Then she slowly turned and adjusted her cunt just in front of me. Her creamy thighs were spread as Akram looked on both of us. He had now got up and was sitting down on the bed. I looked on her cunt lips. Her juices were leaking and streaks of it were flowing over her creamy thighs. Its smell was intoxicating me as I smelled richness of it.

I touched her thighs and slowly kissed her thighs with my lips. I could see Vidya looking at me between her thighs. I slowly kissed her thighs and rubbed my cheeks against them. Her thighs were very soft and fleshy. The smell of her juices was driving me crazy as I continued to kiss her and moved my face downwards. Vidya moved both her hands behind my neck as she cajoled me to go downwards.

I kept licking her thighs and slowly moved downwards as I was drawn inexorable towards her wet hole. Her smell was musky and as I moved in it got stronger. I inched my way towards her cunt and finally licked her cunt lips with my tongue. Vidya stiffened suddenly and held my neck gently and pushed my face firmly in her cunt.

“You know Akram Ravi doesn’t have much of a cock, but there is nobody like him for getting a good lick”-I heard her saying this to Akram as he laughed.

“Yes darling, I am sure he would love to lick you on many occasions from now on.” Akram kissed Vidya once again as I licked her cunt with slow strokes. Her intoxicating odor was driving me crazy as I licked her cunt with slow strokes of my tongue. She was moving her thighs gently as I licked her cunt. She moaned slowly I entered her cunt with my tongue and started moving my tongue in and out.
I wanted to eat my wife’s cunt voraciously, but soon she firmly held my neck and said.
“Ohh honey, that’s enough for now baby.” I was disappointed, but pulled out my mouth from her gaping hole and kissed her thighs on my way out. She gave me a peck on the cheek before she turned towards Akram.


Vidya now slowly moved her hands downwards and reached for Akram’s massive tool. She slowly unbuttoned his jeans and then unzipped the pant. To my utter surprise, Akram’s big cock sprung out of his jeans immediately. Vidya smiled at Akram and then started to pull his jeans out. Akram raised his waist for a moment as Vidya pulled out his jeans and then threw it aside.
She gathered her hair on one side on her shoulder and then slowly lay down on the bed. She spread her thighs and then Akram quickly got on top of her. I could see streaks of juices on her thighs and smell it. She moved her hand downward till she reached Akram’s massive cock and touched it briefly. She caressed the length of his cock with her fingers slowly and then took it in her hand.

“Akram I am so wet down there, I can take you right away. Please don’t make me wait darling. Please fuck me now.” She spread her thighs further and then with her hand she adjusted Akram’s cock on her cunt lips. Akram slowly pushed forward as Vidya bit her lips hard in order to avoid making any noise.
But even then a moan escaped from her mouth as Akram’s massive cock entered my wife’s wet cunt.
“Ahh, Akram please put it slowly darling. You know Ravi I am used to his big size now, but still you can see it’s very big and it hurts me even when I am wet.” She grimaced as Akram used her body to support his weight and started pushing his cock further in her cunt. Vidya caressed Akram’s chest as she allowed Akram to sink his tool in her cunt slowly and took it deeper in her cunt.

“Oh Akram, Your cock is touching base of my cunt. Please don’t push it any further and just fuck me darling.” She turned her head towards me for a moment.
“Ravi; this is one case where I like it bigger the better.” Akram’s cock is buried deep in my cunt. He is touching my base and yet it’s just half his length. You have never touched my base. This is what you have always wanted, isn’t it? To see big thick cock buried deep in your wife’s cunt.” I was in a trance looking at their physical union and I just nodded.

Vidya raised both her legs high in the air and then wrapped them around Akram’s waist. Akram supported himself with both his hands and then slowly started fucking my wife with deep slow strokes. Vidya was moaning with every stroke as she also matched Akram’s strokes with her strokes.

She closed her eyes and licked her lips as Akram started to move his cock in and out of her cunt slowly. Vidya was very wet and as Akram’s cock slid in and out of her cunt, it made squishy noises. As he fucked her, he sucked on her big nipples. Akram’s speed increased as his strokes became harder. Vidya cried out every time he went in her cunt. Her mouth was gaping open as Akram fucked her hard. She was twisting and turning with Akram’s strokes, but her eyes were filled with lust.

“Oh maa, Akram please don’t stop darling. Please fuck me harder. Please don’t stop. I love you so much honey.” Akram didn’t need any encouragement as he kept fucking her. Her head was turning from one side to another as Akram pounded her pussy. Vidya was caressing Akram’s back with both her hands as she matched Akram’s strokes. Her thighs were firmly locked around Akram’s waist as she satisfied Akram’s lust. And I watched in awe as Vidya face contorted with pleasure and pain. I had never seen her moan and twist in bed like that in all our married life. But here Akram was making her moan and sigh like she was a virgin.

“Oh honey, you are the most wonderful man I ever had.” She cried out loudly as her breathing got heavier. Akram was also getting breathless as he humped my wife mercilessly. He didn’t reply, but kept pounding her cunt hard. The sexy smell of their physical union was floating all over the room. Vidya’s juices were flowing profusely and I could smell it distinctly.

“Ahh, Ahh, oh my god; It’s so wonderful darling. Please don’t stop honey. I am coming. Please pour your entire load in my cunt. Please flood my cunt with your cum.” She grabbed the bed sheet hard as her body stiffened. She opened her mouth as Akram kissed her hard. Suddenly both of them stiffened and their bodies shook in spasms as I sensed Akram coming in my wife’s cunt. He continued to shake for some moments as Vidya caressed his back with her fingers. Finally after emptying his load in my wife’s cunt, Akram also stiffened and then finally lay limp over her with his mouth resting against Vidya’s breasts. Vidya removed her legs from around Akram’s waist and she lay under Akram recovering her breath. They both lay in each other’s arms panting heavily.
I was shaking my own cock with my hands as Vidya turned to look into my eyes.
“I see that you have enjoyed the show very much Ravi.” Akram rolled over and then lay down beside Vidya. She got up and kissed me lightly on the lips.
“I hope this is what we will enjoy a lot in future when we will start staying together. But don’t just stay there shagging your cock. Please taste Akram’s cum from my cunt. Let’s clean me up, otherwise I will get pregnant.” She smiled as she slowly turned and adjusted her cunt just in front of me again. I looked on her cunt lips. They were opened up like flower petals after Akram had started fucking her. Even if I wanted to fuck her with my cock, I knew that she won’t even feel it in her cunt. Her juices mixed with Akram’s cum were leaking from her pussy. “Oh come on Ravi, clean me up properly darling. I don’t want to get pregnant just yet.” Akram laughed as I approached to taste his cum from my wife’s cunt.
It was like all the “creampie” pictures I had ever seen, with milky liquid clinging to every fold, and flowing slowly out of her vagina. But this was no picture, and no anonymous woman: it was real, it was my wife’s vagina, and it was Akram’s semen. The smell was dank, bitter; I hesitated, and the two of them laughed, hugging and kissing each other while they made fun of my “problem.” “Go ahead, clean me up,” she insisted. So as my wife kissed her lover, I licked his sperm from her lips. I tried not to gag as the semen flowed into my mouth, and I realized that what I saw and tasted was just the overflow; he had cum deeply inside her (deeper than I ever had), and what I licked up was only what would not fit in her vagina, her womb. I licked her clean slowly. After I finished I looked to her for my next command.


She gave me a mischievous smile and said “You did it well darling but what about Akram?
He also wants to clean his tool from you. Hearing this Akram started laughing madly. He said “yeaaaaa …….that’s my baby…….you always know what I really want.” I was practically speechless hearing what Vidya ordered me. I am not a gay but I was excited like hell because of the humiliation part of her idea. “What are you thinking Ravi? Don’t think… do what I am saying you to do”. Within a minute I found myself sitting down on my knees on the bed. Akram stood up on the bed and Vidya sat beside me. “Come on Ravi suck his cock hard. Make it erect as it was before.” -Vidya tried to cheer me up. Then she ran her hands through her hair and then looked up at Akram. She looked in his eyes for a moment and smiled slightly. Then she turned her head towards me saying” Hey Ravi, Don’t you understand, Akram wants to fuck me once more. Don’t you want it also? Please suck it and wake him again for me. I was still hesitating. I have never imagined in my whole life that one day I will have to suck a man’s dick. Vidya became impatient. She grabbed my hair with one hand and with the other she started rubbing Akram’s huge cock against my face. I closed my eyes as I felt Akram’s cock against my face and then slowly licked it. Akram grabbed my hair roughly but Vidya protested. Vidya mumbled “No……. Not like that Akram let me handle it for you”.

Then she ordered me politely “Open your mouth Ravi and take his cock in it. This time I opened my mouth obediently as Akram stuffed his big cock in my mouth. I grabbed Akram’s thighs for support as he started fucking my mouth. He pushed his cock back and forth in my mouth. Within a minute Akram’s hand was behind my neck as he held me steadily. A slurping noise was coming from my mouth as I started sucking on Akram’s cock. Akram threw his head back in plasure saying “Oh god Vidya, your husband’s mouth is so hot. Swirl your tongue around my cock just like that Ravi. Keep licking it with your tongue.” Akram quickened his pace as he wanted to fuck my mouth fast. He started stroking my face with his hand and then slowly started fucking my mouth with some kind of rhythmic motion.

Vidya was now moaning loudly saying “UMMMMMM that’s honey…..fuck my husbands mouth hard. He is a pathetic wimp. He can’t satisfy his wife well……..fuck him hard darling…………..Yeahhhhhhhhhh just like that.”

Hearing this Akram grabbed my hair roughly once more as he increased pace of his fucking. With his one hand, he held my face steady and with his other he grabbed one of vidya’s breasts as he fucked my mouth furiously. Vidya also held my chin steadily allowing Akram to fuck my mouth properly. Akram’s eyes were closed and he was groaning loudly as my mouth moved forward and backward on his cock. Akram continued fucking my mouth in this manner for almost 7 minutes. Now Akram was panting heavily and his entire body was covered with small droplets of sweat.

“That’s enough……Akram stop it right now other wise you will come in his mouth”-Vidya shouted. Akram immediately stopped and took her massive cock out from my mouth.


“Get down on your back Vidya.” Akram ordered my wife in a commanding voice. Vidya grabbed my hair and took my head near her cunt. “Spit on my pussy Ravi….spit on it quickly. As I spit on it she quickly rubbed her pussy with her hand and then lay down on the bed beside me on her back. She then spread her thighs wide. Her cunt was wet and moist and smelled strongly. She spread her thighs and waited for Akram to take control. Akram quickly moved in and he gripped my wife’s thighs. By using her feet Vidya gave me a push on my chest saying “Ravi move a little…… give him some more space”. I quickly came down from the bed and sat on a chair beside the bed. Akram slowly adjusted his huge cock on my wife’s cunt. He put his hands below her waist and then slowly started pushing his cock inside her cunt. Vidya cried out loudly as Akram pushed his cock in her cunt. Even though it was wet, his cock was still pretty big for her. She bit her lips as Akram slowly started stroking his cock in her cunt. She moaned as she felt Akram pushing his cock further and further in her cunt with small swift strokes.

“Oh Akram, please fuck me slowly this time jaan. You are hurting me with your big cock.” Vidya cried out as Akram roughly pushed his cock further in. But instead of listening to her, he extended his hand and roughly slapped her breasts. “Akram slowly please, you are hearting her” I requested.

“Don’t worry Ravi, in some time, your wife would be begging me to hurt her more and fuck her harder.” Vidya cried out as Akram started fucking her violently. Vidya’s mouth contorted with pain as Akram’s huge cock ripped her cunt apart. But Akram kept fucking her roughly as he grabbed her breasts for support. Vidya was moaning loudly now as Akram’s strokes hurt her, but to my utter surprise, she was also matching his strokes with her own. She was moving her pelvis back and forth as Akram fucked her. Her head was falling from one side to other and she was biting her lips every now and then.
Vidya extended her arms and started caressing Akram’s chest as he fucked her.
“Oh maa, please fuck me harder Akram. Hurt me as much as you want. I am your whore. Do whatever you want with me.” I knew Vidya had pretty tight cunt before she met Akram because I was just 5 inch long. But Akram’s huge cock must have also stretched her multiple times before today. The look of pleasure on her face was very clear to me. Now Akram had picked up speed and had fucking her really hard. Also, he was roughly slapping her tits and stomach with every stroke. But to my surprise, Vidya was enjoying this hurt and pain. It was almost as if his slaps on her tits was giving her as much pleasure as sex. Akram bent forward into her and Vidya wrapped both of her legs around Akram’s waist. Then Akram once again started fucking her furiously. Now Vidya was crying out wildly without any worry.

She was twisting and turning in bed and moaning with pleasure. Akram was also panting heavily and his back was wet with sweat. Akram suddenly turned his face towards me. Without removing his eyes from my eyes he started humping my wife mercilessly. I understood fucking my wife in front of me was giving him some kind of erotic and perverted pleasure. This continued for 3 more minutes. Suddenly Akram stiffened and Vidya also cried out loudly as Akram’s body stiffened. His body shook violently in spasms and I knew that he was flooding my wife’s cunt once again with his potent cum. Vidya also opened her eyes wide and her body was also shaking.

“Oh Akram, I have never had this kind of orgasm before. ” Akram laughed as he pulled out his cock from Vidya’s cunt and they both lay on each other panting. Akram looked at me and laughed. He said
“Ravi, I don’t think you have ever given her an orgasm before. Forget about an orgasm like this one. Don’t even think about it in your dreams also” Vidya laughed as she cuddled up to Akram.

“Go and get my lover some water. He must be thirsty after all this exertion.” Vidya asked me as I got up and went in the kitchen to get water my wife and her lover wanted.

When I came back to their room after about 10 minutes, Vidya and Akram both had put on their clothes and they were lying side by side on the bed. Vidya was sleeping with her head on Akram’s shoulder as her lovely hair was spread on Akram’s chest. As I entered, Akram looked up. As he did so, Vidya also woke up and looked up at me.
“Ravi, what took you so long? We have feeling thirsty.” She got up from Akram’s chest and sat down on the bed.

“I didn’t know where kitchen was and had to search for it.” I put the water jug down and then picked up a glass and filled it. Vidya took it from my hand and then turned around towards Akram.

“Jaan, you must be thirsty.” Then Akram slowly got up as well and Vidya extended the glass towards his lips. He opened them and drank from the glass as Vidya held it for him. After she had drunk, she once more took another sip from the glass and then gave it back to me.

We were silent for few minutes. Vidya broke the silence and said “Ravi this is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my entire life. I loved Akram fucking me with his huge cock and then have you licking me afterwards. If there is anything like heaven in this world, then this is it.” She asked me to sit closer to them. After I sat beside them on the bed Vidya kissed me briefly and said “Ravi, if you stay together here with us, your presence will take Akram and my sex life to the next level. Earlier we knew that you get very very excited seeing me with Akram. But today we all witnessed how your presence excites not only me but Akram also. So please think about our offer positively”. Then she got up from the bed and started wearing her clothes. Akram also got up and started to wear a night dress. They both got dressed quickly as Vidya wore a transparent sleeveless nighty that she had pulled out from cupboard.

“We both will sleep here. You have another bedroom there darling.” Vidya directed me towards the room. I also got up from bed, kissed her and then walked out of the room. Vidya came up to the door and then locked the door behind me. I walked to the other room just beside their room and wondered about how our open relationship would turn out in future.
(The End)

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