Confession of a H!ndu guy

Jai Shree krishna
Namaskar interfaith owner ji,I am vijay dongre,31 age,i hail from madhya pradesh.I am working in a pharmaceutical company.
I am regular reader of your site, i want to confess something from bottom of my heart,i thought about this for long time.
First my family,i have one son.i have been married for 4 years,my wife devyani,her age 28,she is most beautiful girl i have seen in my life,our’s was love marriage.
I watch porn in pornhub in regular basis, i always got excited watching musalman man with other girls,not only hindu girl but all.

I used to and still watch a lot of video that includes musalman man and other girl. It is very erotic.
I want to say something secret, my wife has not met any man before me, i was lucky to take her virginity,my cock is 3 inches 8 centimeter. normally our sex last two three minute,few seconds when i go to her after watching movie ,i am finding it hard to tell, but when i am with her in bed,automatically i think of  musalman man on my wife,and then i am finished,i can not help it,my wife never complained about my sex ability but i get hard when i think of this scene, i also see some of video where they shoot it in girl’s face,which is very deep color then me,  my penis is very thin compared to them.
My only close friends who knows about this, that i have weakness, he also works in same place, i think almost all hindu men are in same category like me, i am not saying to insult,but if Bhagwan ji wanted,then he could create us in african country, he did not. I think this is a harsh reality hindu men feel afraid to accept. Musalman men are genetically engineered as bull, created as force of nature. I accept what Bhagwan and nature has chosen for us. we can not defeat nature and it’s force.i heard even in country like america,england also can not stand the force of musalman,many english girl and american girl i have seen with rich arab men.

I feel guilty when i think about it,but i get seriously hard when i think that my beautiful hindu wife under long beard musalman man,making musalman man happy on my bed with her soft body,musalman man thumping her so hard that bed is making noise,my wife moaning in soft  sweet voice and musalman lion groaning like a lion  and then giving his all  hot potent seed very deep inside her.I can not tell why i get hard when i think my wife will carry musalman man’s child in her womb,the new child my wife and i shall have will be fathered by musalman,in fact i am hard in my dhoti now when i am writing it.

I am not cuckold,it s humiliating,and i do not want to become a cuckold,but this is a very strange and strong feeling.
after thinking two month i am writing it to you, it is my biggest secret that no one knows except me and Bhagwan ji and I know i am not alone, because my friend also watch same porn and we talk about it many times.
at last,i am wishing everyone advance  happy independence day of 15th august for tomorrow
Jai Shree Krishna
Jai Hind

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  1. Yaar tum logo ko hindi me likhna nahi aata hai kya kisi american muslim lund se tumhari maa behan ne chudwaya hai

  2. I wanna talk to u abut it.
    Contact me on kik
    Kik id:noufal4hindus

  3. I’m a young, white, blonde-haired Anglo-Saxon Christian – and I want to adopt Indian Hindu children and raise them with my white wife. I want all white Christians to turn into the servants of the Aryan Hindu race.

  4. Kash mera BF aisa kuch kare mere liye

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