Confession of a bengali girl

Hi I am Shayani Mukherjee.I am 26 years old, originally from Kolkata. I so much love this website and very much wanted to share my experiences.This is my first ever post!

We Hindu girls spreading our legs for beef-eating rough Muslim men is nothing new of course !! And I think we Bengali girls always have a soft spot for Muslim men even more than other girls. I am working in public relations in an posh hotel in Gachibowli, Hyderabad since November 2013 after completing my BBA. I have slept with a lot of Muslim men while working here for last two years.I am in relationship with a man named Hanif Alam who is senior executive where I work. Honestly all my sexual escapades will take long time to tell.

I love everything about Muslim men….how they flirt openly and provocatively with me,their rough chudai in bed, playing with their thick long musalmani lund. Guys calls me lot of dirty names when they fucks me..- Hindu rakhail, Bong Kutiya, Laxmi randi, Hindu slut. I get aroused even more by that.

Your website is a guilty pleasure too me.I hope to write more soon.This post is dedicted to my best friend Avantika Srivastava (who told me about this site) and my sister Aditi Mukherjee – Lots of love Shayani 🙂

27 thoughts on “Confession of a bengali girl

  1. hey main bhi aab tak 7 muslim mardo ke saath soi hun and muslim man abuse me as sayali mukharjee said and i love that alllllll

  2. Hy shayani . U are rite we spread legs for mulsim hunk. I m student in saharnpur . Its musl area and i love here lots of muslim men fuck me . I collage too my class mate . My muslim teacher too . I love to nude always in front of muslim men . Love when they abuse me. And 4 5 muslim fucked me togatehr

    1. You know group sex honestly makes nervous.I mostly do that with guys I know well.And I have seen muslims loose control during group-chudai and sometimes it gets very hard on me.

  3. Mukerjee’s are top most Brahmin class of Bengal.It would be interesting to know your journey @ shayani, from a cultured hindu Bengali brahmin family in Kolkata to a rundee for musalman lund in Hyderabad.Kisne teri chut ki pehli baar chudaayi ki aur uske baad kiskisne choda?
    I am sure you will get married to a bhodrolok(gentleman) and continue with your chudai with musalman men.

    1. Ok i ll write a post sharing my first time.Just don,t have patience to write.Btw being Brahmin or any other class doesn’t make any difference.i don’t believe in all dat And to you question….i dont live with parents so have freedom to do lot of things.

  4. shyanvi didi nothingh change from kashmir to banglore from jaipur to kolcata these lucky M hunks despite less in number not only charm our girfriends and sister and enjoy they tease us and when we try to protest they beat us where ever you go same situation same phenmina !

  5. Hi all friends me 21 saal ki hu. Me b.arts kar rahi hu. Mere colony me ek javed naam ka shadisuda mard 30 year he uski usne muje ek din dhokese khub choda ,bad me muje use chud na acha lag raha he .

  6. Hi Shayani

    I am a bengali Hindu guy but I am very happy that you have decided to spread your legs for Muslim dicks. I am sure you are enjoying a lot. My real life incident is also very similar. My mother after her divorce got married to a Muslim guy and has been enjoying hard fucking since then. She even converted to Islam to show her dedication to Muslim dicks. I can see that she is very happy physically since she gets her regular dose of muslim cum inside her. If you or anyone else wants to know more please reach out to me at [email protected]

    1. Thanks for the encouragement & your honest opinion #Sudhansu.We Bengali girls love sleeping with beef eating rough musalman more than girls from any other place in India.I wish all bong guys and married bengali men were open minded like you to understand what we want, which is thick juicy muslim lund filling our love holes with pure pleasure.I am proud to say no hindu guy has ever fucked my choot and I keep it that way!

      1. @Shayani- Mujhe v interfaith sex pasand hai kash mere v bhai open minded hota mai abhi 2 hindu ke sath so rhi hu. Shayani appi kuch tips do.

      2. You are most welcome Shayani. I can understand your happiness so well. I have seen my mom and 2 cousin sisters adopt Islam for their husbands. I am so happy for them that they are enjoying muslim dicks everyday.

        I am a bisexual bengali hindu living in USA. I am so lucky that my Pakistani roomate allows me to suck his big dick everyday. I love sucking his big dick and drinking his delicious thick muslim cum every morning. I can only understand how much women like muslim guys dick.

      3. Ok. Ok. This is legit THE HOTTEST post I have read in this website. I didn’t know bengali hindu girls were so fond of muslim men. Ugh, what have I been doing sitting on my ass when there were ladies to be had.

  7. I understand it takes patience n time to write @ shayani but I m sure ur story would be very interesting and will inspire many other hindu females to try nice big,hard n rough musalmaani lunds in their pretty pl find some time and contribute.thnx

  8. Shayani is a true inspiration for hindu women… every hindu woman should follow her footsteps and give their pussy to only muslim lund… No Entry sign should be put there for Hindu guys… I am a male bitch of my muslim master and my hindu randi maa bhi uski bitch hai… this is the way it should be…

  9. Oh I don’t know why are muslim boys calling hindu girls with cheap names like Randi, slut but hindu girls r ejoying.
    I think its too hot to imagine

  10. Sayani you are absolutely right, it’s
    creates more erotic feel for me, when I get abused with these kind of dirty words by Muslims, I am addicted for that humiliation experience, and they do many more (taboos ) which I can’t explain openly, but that’s heavenly feel for me.

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