Cr!cketer M0hammed Sham!’s Sex Chat

Social media is buzzing with the pics of Mohd Sham!’s erotic chats.
His wife leaked the pics on facebook.
One was a call girl Karachi
Another girl was Esther, she was desperate to meet him

But the chat chat which stood out was with the Brahmin girl Manju M!shra.
She is a shareef looking college girl and is the prettiest of them all. Sham!’s wife calls her Nagin.




Boobs aur neck k beech jo distance hoti hai waha kiss karne ko bol rahi hai shami ko.
She says Boobs kaatoge to bahot pain hoga. Suck karna but aram se.
Mere boobs k upar black til h waha par bite karna.



One thought on “Cr!cketer M0hammed Sham!’s Sex Chat

  1. I always thought SHami was a stud. My female friend met him in an a shoot once. She said he had a strong body and bold attitude. No wonder so many girls fell for him. As his wife said, Shami had women’s nasha

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