Cuckold Fetish : Me And My Wife Naina

Hello dear readers,
My greeting to all interfaith lovers.

First my introduction,i am Pramod,born in delhi,i am 29 years old,5 feet 6 inch tall average looking man,i am from rich businessman family.recently married, both me and my wife are now in Leicester, UK, to confirm my identity i am attaching some pictures of me.

I am a bi cuckold guy, my fantasy came from porn mainly, then this fetish grew to a irresistible level gradually, i love to see my wife with another man.

Oh i forgot to add, my wife naina is 26 from delhi, like me naina is also from businessman family, so you can guess it was good pair, Naina is one of a kind, you can probably guess being from rich family my dad mom will not choose any ordinary girl to be my wife.naina is 5 feet 3 inch,fair,curvaceous,her figure 38 28 40,the best part of her body is those pair of ass,that turns every man’s head,this is the sight that overtly excites me.

There is an old saying,one thing is most desirable when it lure others but will not let other touch itself easily,a full covered or full naked girl will not excite a guy as much as when she is partially exposed and lure other guy to expose her full,that is where naina’s beauty lies,not only naina i think that is why most indian girls are so desirable by other guys from different parts of world.

This thing happened in a party in our home,when naina first came to our home in Leicester, a grand party was arranged to welcome her,i have said i was in cuckold mood,and that night brought me to my most intense point.Many guys were in full of praise of naina’s beauty,but one of my colleague, Farhan gave me most desirable comment a cuck can get,farhan was originally a punjabi rooted guy,but both of his parents migrated from pakistan to kuwait before of his birth,from there farhan came to Leicester.we both were in same institution for educational purpose and we had same financial condition,so you can guess as happen to rich persons,we got along very quickly,but unlike me farhan is quite a playboy,standing a 6 foot 5 he is quite popular among girls,and we share many things with each others.

That night when farhan openly admired naina physically that gave a erotic feelings i have ever feel before.Most possibly it’s because he is a muslim guy,Being from sub continent i know sex with a person from different religion is a huge taboo.

I have masturbated thousand times imagining naina with farhan,i feel like i do not deserve her,a beautiful soft body like that should be used to fulfill lust of muslim tiger like farhan,i like force fucking,so it is my innermost desire to see farhan enjoying naina with brute force when naina is trying to resist him,i really like the idea farhan forcefully planting is muslim seed inside naina’s fertile hindu womb,i want farhan to humiliate and degrade me and put me in my place,show me i am totally inferior to him and use helpless naina completely and mercilessly infront of my eyes,pounding her on my bed and shooting his thick raw load balls deep inside her,i would really like the scene of his exposed raw meat( i hear most muslim guys are circumcised) going inside naina’s juicy pink pussy and her most secret part is squeezing the raw meat of farhan inside her,feeling each other so closely,naina will willingly or unwillingly relief farhan’s huge muslim body’s stress,the idea of naida doing household work taking farhan’s baby making thick load inside her body is giving me sleepless erotic night,the temptation is too irresistible.I do not mind farhan impregnating my voluptuous hindu wife with his warm muslim sperm.

As from UK i can say here pakistani guys are considered are second most ethnic bulls after black guys. Many pakistani girls do not get a pakistani guy here because those guys are already engaged with white girls or humping girls from other race, girls willingly fall for them.

As a person i am strictly religious and so is my wife, but i think this is the reason why this imagination is giving me such hard on.

I wish interfaith administrators will be kind to publish my desire and share it with others. I will not take any more of your precious times. Thank you for giving your valuable time dear readers.

You all take care and advice me how should i make this happen,i really really want this to happen.

5 thoughts on “Cuckold Fetish : Me And My Wife Naina

  1. New Trend

    Seems like my story. I am also a rich businessman an went ahead with what you are fantasizing
    Go for it Pramod. Allow Farhan , Imran etc to enjoy your wife and your wife will like it.

    You can read my true stories on this forum too.

    1. Keshav,

      Your advice will be very useful.
      I have been trying to persuade my shy, prudish, Hindu, Brahmin wife for ages.
      Please read my posts on this forum…

      If you so think, please email.


  2. ALso
    I am ready to train you to become a nice submissive cuckold to a strong muslim bull.
    Contact me via email if you are interested

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