Cultural revolution xxx

interfaith sex

This in regard to the recent post on your website where your wrote about the history of interfaithxx.
I would say that your website has played a great part in an unique cultural revolution of sorts, taking place in India as well as in Europe. As I said several times earlier, the best way of integrating two communities by integrating man and woman. It happened when Muslim cock from foreign lands fucked Brahmin, Rajput women during the medieval Indian period.
In Europe, today, many refugees from Africa and Middle East are being welcomed by white women with open arms, and open legs… This is a silent cultural revolution. It will bring more equality in the world.
And your website plays a great role in that regard.

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  1. yes!! this is whatis required.. there should b a rule in the country that all Hindu gals should marry Muslims.. then in next 5 years India will become an Islamic country with strong and mighty Muslims as our rulers

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