Daughter of a pandit elopes with musalman barber

It happened so in the town where I live, a 24 year old brahmin daughter of a Pandit eloped and secretly married a Muslim barber (around 28 years old) who owns a small low end shop in the outskirts of the same town. The pandit was well known in our neighborhood and he was the one we and many other families in the town called upon for carrying out hawan or pooja.

The girl is willingly and legally living with her muslim husband and nothing can separate them.
I saw the pandit’s daughter once, I had gone along with my father to invite him to do hawan in our house. I saw her daughter, she was fair and pretty around 5.4ft with nice figure and looked innocent but you never know whats inside. There was nothing else to do so I was thinking about her, then it just came up in my mind that I cannot marry her at least not by usual means as I am not a Brahmin and she is pandit’s daughter.
But now thinking about the reality, that very same girl sucking muslim lund and spreading her legs getting fucked by muslim circumcised cock is very enticing.

I have heard most of my relatives bringing this up and saying things like, “Wo ******* pandit ki ladki hai na usne bhag kar shaadi kar li ek muslim naee (नाई) se…” “Chi naak katwa ki us ladki ne…..” “She has brought shame and dishonor…” “Aaj kal yehi ho raha hai (such things are happening these days), girls don’t care…” “ha par hinduo mai sab se jyada ho raha hai (yes but its happening far more often with hindu girls)…” In fact the whole neighborhood which is hindu majority area seems to be talking about this.
People like to talk some of the people I know said that the the muslim barber got her number and it all started on the phone and whatsapp, then they started meeting secretly and it reached the point where she ran away and married him.

This kind of event either turns you frantic with disgust and even anger sometimes or it makes your hindu dick unusually hard, which of the two do you think is the happier lot.
Why these h!ndu girls even fall for even the lower class muslims being college educated themselves.

Its 10 PM right now and as I am writing this, just a few miles away from here that pretty brahmin daughter is warming the musalman’s bed, she is spreading her warm legs for the muslim lund, which is without a shadow of doubt intensely pumping her pussy hole as she is enjoying every vein in his dick, every millimeter of his supada and every inch of his shaft as it throbs her pussy and uses her sexy body which was meant to be used by a musalman mard.

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  1. Today’s mostly young generation love interfaith relations.but agar shadi bhi interfaith ho to kya bat hai.both wife n hubby share their religions beauty to each other n live happily.I love it’s real beauty of india.but Hindu chut ki bat hi alag hai ..kik me at sahilkhan877

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