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Daughter of Europe

Written by a white British girl source:
I am a young British Girl that has submitted herself to the power of Muslim Men. Years ago i was enlightened and shown the straight path, ever since then It has become clear to me that my sole purpose in life is to serve the Muslim Race.

On this account i’ll be uploading Captions that i have made for those who share the same interests as me. They will be inspired by the deepest desires and also by past experiences that have shaped me to become the Person i am today. I will also post regular updates about my life and would like to communicate with my followers as much as i can.

This is my Lifestyle & Fetish. My choice. Who i am. i have no intention to cause any offence. Though if my blog has offended you then i suggest you go elsewhere.

Her Views:
Wearing a Hijab is a personal choice that is intended to reflect ones devotion to Islam. The Hijab is a sign of modesty, covering the beauty of a Woman with the intention of causing “Men to lower their gaze and be modest”, as a sign of respect to one of Allah’s creations.

When requested, I wear a hijab as a token of respect towards my Muslim Boyfriend and other Muslims i come in contact with. Dressing modestly outside of the house is a way for me to show that my body is for his eyes only. I may not yet be a Muslimah, but i sometimes wear a Hijab to show my devotion to Islamic culture. My Boyfriend likes me to wear one when we are out in public together and he feels it openly shows native British Men that i am his woman, his possession.

He likes seeing the reaction of White Men when we are together. I often notice dirty looks from White Men when they see me, a White Girl, wearing a Hijab whilst holding hands with my Syrian boyfriend. I know they judge me, but only because they fail to understand that i am on the right path and am exactly how i was made to be. I am doing my duty as a Kafr to serve the Muslim Race before my eventual conversion when i am lucky enough to get married. As time goes on, it is becoming more common to see White girls wearing Hijabs, which will lead to more acceptance from the local population. Eventually it will become the norm for Women to wear Islamic clothing all over the West. When that day comes around i will smile, because the world will be that much more of a beautiful place to live in.

Why do you think so many girls are still reluctant to submit to Muslims? What needs to be done to change that?
In towns where there is a high % of Muslim Men its common to see them with White Girls. I think it might be less common is less “Ethnic” areas. Though most Girls that i haven spoken to tell me they secretly love Muslim Men but are too scared of what Society would say. I understand this because i’ve had to deal with the social stigma of being a White Girl who has only dated Muslim Men.

TBH, a fair few of the Girls that told me they were too scared to be openly attracted to Muslim Men are actually with them now, some even have kids. So i think as it becomes more common due to the rapid rise of Muslims in the West, more White Girls will feel free to be who they really are.


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