Deepika’s vacation with Fawad

Deepika and Fawad went to Spain to take part in a fashion show. After attending an award function in Madrid, Karan, Deepika and Fawad took off for a fun vacation to Barcelona for a few days.
You can’t expect karan johar to do anything so it was Deepika and Fawad.

I dont think she didn’t taste muslim lund before that. She had already sucked a lot of muslim lunds prior to this.

For her this was not enough, she even met Dawood

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  1. BT uska bf to Hindu hai

    • Kaun bf? To zhatu Siddharth Mallya? Vo tu uska ex hai!
      This is certainly a honeymoon. Indian hottie needs Paki circumcised Muslim penis. lol!

    • She is a feminist #mychoice type of girl, even if she has a bf she will have sex with other men if her mood strikes. She would even have sex outside the marriage which she advocated. So having sex with fawad or other muslim men is not a big deal for her.

  2. bf to mostly hindu girls k hote hai…pr satisfaction to unhe muslim mardo se hi milta hai…

  3. Ummmm ahaaa yesss always have fantasy for Fawad……

  4. Vibasha iska bf ranveer singh hai

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