Delhi to Mumbai with Asif and Javed

Hi, readers I am Radhika Sharma, 22 years old, 5 ft 6 inches, fair and doing my Bachelors in Architecture. I come from a conservative family, however, being the only child I am treated like ‘Daddy’s little princess.’ Initially I was shy and hesitant to share my experience.The wonderful interfaith sex stories on this site some what gave me some courage. I told my best friend Anjali (she is the one who introduced the site) about my encounter and she encouraged me to write the story. This incident happened a few months ago.

One of my cousin sister was getting married in Mumbai, my family had gone to attend the functions. As I had my project submission and viva, I couldn’t go with them. It was decided that I would join them later. I requested my travel agent to book a plane ticket, unfortunately nothing was available on that day. With great difficulty he managed to get me a seat in Rajdhani first class from Nizamudin Railway station at 5 p.m. I would have to miss the other functions but I could at least attend the reception. The departure was in less than one hour and took a taxi from my college and barely made it on time. The train was about to leave. I quickly checked if my name was on the list. My berth was with an old south-Indian couple, Aiyar’s and their relative perhaps (judging my her name). I knew the journey would be long and boring. They would keep talking in the mother tongue, I would just keep sitting staring at their faces.

I had a big heavy suitcase and my college bag with me, coolie left the suitcase at the entrance. I dragged the suitcase to my compartment and opened the door. To my surprise there were no Aiyar’s, instead there were two young muslim men and the third seat was not occupied. One was wearing a traditional muslim dress and the other wearing a t shirt , but both had beards (not very long though), both of them were wearing skull caps and one of them was reading an urdu newspaper, the other was reading about Zakir Naik in English. I was a little confused, I checked the bogie number again. This was compartment alright. Watching me enter the compartment, they both looked at me from top to bottom and smiled in a lude manner. In the first look I could make out that these two are’ kattar muslims.’ They didn’t do or say anything, but it was just the way that looked at me. It made me feel very uncomfortable.

I asked them, ‘apki seat bhi iss compartment mai hai?’

nahi, humari waiting mai tha… jab train main aaye toh yeh compartment khali tha.

oh, ok then. Meri seat 13 hai. Upper berth. (for some reason they looked at each other and smiled).

The one in t shirt said toh andar aao, bahar kyun khari ho?

Meanwhile,the other guy got up and almost snatched the suitcase from my hand. It was a heavy suitcase, yet he had no problem in picking it up, and placing it.

I was a little shocked at this, I found it rude, he didn’t even take my permission. I still thanked him never the less. I had never been alone with any men like this, and to top it all these looked like two arrogant muslims, now even the thought of traveling with an old couple did not look so bad. Well on the upside Aiyar’s would be coming soon and these two would have to go. The train now started, and still there was no sign of the Aiyar’s. To avoid them, I decided to go the upper berth and sleep for some time. I took the ladder to climb up, I couldn’t see them directly since I had climbed to the top, it was clear from the reflection in the mirror that they were checking out my under skirt area. (It so happened that day, I was wearing my favorite dress, a long skirt and a pink t shirt, with a heart on it. All my friends use to say I look really hot in that dress).

I had my eyes closed but I could hear them talk, they talking about some news item and relating it to H!ndu fundamentalists.  Again they didn’t bother I was in the compartment, and I might feel offended. Around 30 mins had passed and it was beginning to get dark out side. I had this feeling that I Aiyar’s might not come. Just then the door opened. I thought it would the Aiyar’s, finally. It was the TT , and from his beard i realized he was also a middle aged muslim. The moment the TT came in the two greeted him with ‘salam Khan saab.’

He replied, ‘Salam miyan.’ Then he took out his list, and checked the list. “aap ka naam toh yahan nahi hai….. iss seat par toh Mr. Aiyar ka naam hai. Please ticket dekhao.”

They showed him the ticket. He looked at the ticket and asked, “aap Asif Quershi, age 28? …. aur app Javed Quershi, age 30…. dono bhai ho.” They confirmed (one in the t shirt was Asif and the one in kurta was Javed…..) Asif replied, “Javed mere chacha ka beta hai.”

TT: ‘apki ticket toh theek hai par aapki toh seat confirmed nahi hai miyan.’

Asif replied, ‘Khan saab toh kya howa, ticket toh hai. Aur humdono to Mumbai zaroori jana hai.Aur train toh aadhe ghante peheley start hogayi. Aiyar and family toh nahi aae ab tak.’

TT, “mujhe bhi nahi lagta woh ab anewale hain, par apki reservation confirmed nahi hai, koi aur aaya toh aapko jana parega.”

Javed,” Khan sahab, yehi theek hai, iss compartment ka view bahut accha hai.” (after this TT looked up to my berth, and smiled). Javed then gave something Khan and he put it in his pocket. TT, “koi baat nahi aap nahi continue karo….Koi aur ata hai toh main adjust kardunga”

TT then turned to me, ” Madam, aap niche aakar ticket dikhado,” I climbed down the ladder and showed him my ticket. He checked the list and said, “Radhika, good, seat number 13. Theek hai madam.”

I asked him, “khan sahab, kya mera compartment change ho sakta hai?”

Khan, ” Nahi madam, aapki seat toh confirmed hai, mai change nahi kar sakta haun. Koi problem hai yahan?

(I couldn’t say I was uncomfortable with sharing the compartment with these two arrogant muslims, who were ogling me all the time). I said, “nahi, kuch nahi,”

He then said, “ok, Madam. main chalta haun, kuch problem hogi toh mujshe aap bulalena. Par Asif and Javed, aapka accha khayal rakhenge. Kyun Miya?”

Javed said, ‘bilkul, Khan sahab.’

I thought about going of to sleep again to avoid them, just then the waiter came with the tea and evening snacks (a short and a frail old man). While keeping the tray on the table waiter fumbled and little, Javed shouted at him “Bhenchod, tray bhi theek se nahi rak sakta. ” This gave the waiter and me shivers. The poor waiter started shivering and apologized, He pleaded to Javed it was by accident and Javed should not to hit him. Javed, told him to keep the tray and leave. Asif told Javed, “janedne do Javed bhai, humne eek mara toh marhi jaega.” This waiter put the snacks on the table and left trembling, Javed followed him outside, murmuring something under his breath. I thought I heard, “sala Hindu namard”, but I wasn’t sure. He came back and told Asif, “hogaya”. Asif didn’t say anything, he just smiled and nodded. I didn’t know what did he mean by this, the incident shook me a little. I was hungry, so decided to stay for a little longer and finish my tea. Asif was the first one to start the conversation. “hi, I am Asif Quershi.” He got up from his seat and forwarded his hand to shake mine. I knew, it was just an excuse to touch me. But, it would be rude not to shake his hand. I said, “hi, I am Radhika Sharma.”

Then Javed also got up and said, “Radhika, bahut piyara naam hai. Main Javed haun… ‘Sharma’ brahmin ho” . I nodded. He shook hands as well, infact held my hand a few seconds longer then it was necessary. When they both standing shoulder to shoulder, I realized these two muslim men where huge, certainly over 6 ft had dusky complexion and virile. I must must confess I like the touch of their big and rough hands, and that is the reason allowed him to hold my hand a little longer than required.

Asif asked, “do you stay in Mumbai?, hum dono Mumbai se hi hain”

I told him, “Oh nice, yeh mera first time hai, going to a cousin’s wedding…” Asif and Javed started telling me there are plenty of places to see, the people are good, and the women are ‘very forward looking.’ I gave mechanical responses and after the tea was over, I told them, I was going to my up. Javed said, “sone ke liye toh puri raat padi hai… thodi dare yahi raho”I told him, I was really feeling sleepy.

Asif asked callously, “dono muslim mardo se darr gayi kya, jo itni jaldi bhag rahi ho.” This was the first time, I saw the aggressive nature of Asif. I sheepishly said, ” no no it is not that, we live in a secular country…. Hindu aur muslim ka toh sawal nahi hai….”.

Then Asif said, “toh betho na…..”. I complied to his dictate. Normal conversation continued for some time, I was beginning to feel a little relaxed in their company now. I started asking them about their lives too. They told me, they have a meat plant and export meat to Gulf countries, and work as part time Gym trainers for hobby sake. (That would explain their huge biceps and well toned bodies). There was a pause for a few seconds, then Asif said, “bore, ho rahe hai…. lets play something. Time pass hojaega..”
I asked him what can we play, we don’t any cards or anything else to play.

He replied, “truth or dare khelte hain, time bhi pass hoga and we’ll get to know each other better.” Javed supported the idea…. I felt it was a silly kids game. But its ok to break the monotony. Asif then said, he is very important that we tell the truth always, no matter what? We all agreed.

First, few questions were normal. They asked me, I am so pretty, I have a good fair skin, soft hands, a nice height and , a great figure, why is it I didn’t take up modelling? ( I was flattered to hear such nice things about me). I thanked them with a blushing smile and told them I wanted to but my parents are conservative and wouldn’t allow me to do that. They told me Asif was a graduate, but Javed didn’t even finish school, he was thrown out of school before passing his 12th. Then,if I had a boyfriend. I told them we broke up, my parents found out and shouted at him. (At this point, Asif said he must be a Hindu. I don’t know how he guessed it?) I asked if they had girl friends. They told me ‘many’, but for some reason they took all Hindu names. They also told me, Bombay girls are far more open than Delhi girls. Another I noticed was, during the course of the chat, while addressing me, aap was replaced by tum, and tum to tu… It may be because of dominant presence, I continued to call them aap only.

Then it was my turn, I picked truth, Asif asked, “Chalo, let’s make it interesting….. asked me which was my favorite sexual experience who is / are the movies stars, I would like to have sex with.” This was unexpected, I blushed. And refused to answer. Both Asif and Javed said, I must follow the rules.

I thought I would never see them again in my life and my family is also not around, let me just go with the flow. So, I reluctantly said, “No, I have never had sex. And I would mind having sex with Yusuf Pathan the cricketer and Irfan Khan the actor.” I felt so shy, that I covered my face with my hands….

” Asif said, “yo, babe. dono muslim….. kya baath hai” ,

Javed added, “Yaar woh toh understood hi tha aur kisko pasand karti… Radhika, tu sharmate huwe, aur bhi sexy lagti hai”.

I said, “see I am secular…. well I like tall and strong men….”

Asif, ‘toh iska matlab hai, we have a chance Javed bhai. Tall and strong ke saath, sare muslim mardo ki tarah hum dominating bhi hain.”

I didn’t like the part of dragging me into the conversation and wanted to quickly change the topic. So, I asked, “aur aab tum dono answer do? what about u?”

Asif, ” Haan hum bhi…. I want to fuck all Hindu actresses and given the chance I would fuck them all in one night. I have many to chose from, but my favorite sexual experience is when I fucked my Hindu girl friend’s elder sister Shekha a week after her marriage on her husbands bed. She was so looking so hot with all the bangles and mangalstura. Best part is her husband was sleeping in the other room, he didn’t even come to know…… (they both laughed and gave high five). Javed, tu ne toh dehka Shekha ko hot hai na”

Javed, ‘ Yaad hai bhai, woh Hindu maal. Gym mai aati thi. Mera favorite experience hai, Humare Principle Amit Joshi ki sexy Hindu 18 year old daughter, Pallavi Jashi. Continued with the details. Javed saw my face going red this embarrassment. He said, “arey Radhika… kya howa? Hum truth and dare khel rahe hain, I am telling you the truth.

I was zapped to hear all this. My best friend Anjali, had told me that Muslim men have fetish for Hindu girls, and a lot of Hindu girls are also sleeping with them. Even married ones. Circumcised cocks are amazing, and I must try it some time. I use to find this talk non-sense, and I didn’t believe her. Now my cousin is marrying her muslim boy friend, who was 12 years older than her and despite the family opposing it. But the vivid details these guys were giving, it must be true. And innuendos suggested them wanted to fuck me. Now, I was in two minds, weather to take the plunge or not to. I thought about my family, and decided not to go ahead with it. Neeti did’s wedding to a muslim was already a big shock for them.

I told them to leave the topic and do something else. Both them said, we were having a lot of fun, lets continue. Again I gave in. But I made a condition, this time they will call dare, and if they are not able to do the task at hand the game would be over. They agreed, and also put their condition that if they completed the task I would also have to complete a task given by them. I agreed as well. I asked both of them to lift up the my heavy suitcase, as well as three of theirs together over their heads. I knew they would fail at this. Javed laughed and said, “lagta hai, aur khelne ka mann nahi hai…” I giggled and told them, if they had thrown in the towel it is ok by me. Javed got up and said, “Asif, dekhadete hain…” Javed kept his hands forward and Asif put one suitcase on top of another, and lifted it very easily. Asif also did the same. I was looking at them with my mouth open, I couldn’t believe it. They both laughed and said they could have picked me up with the suitcases as well. And now it was my turn.

Javed, ‘hmmmmm…… aap Radhika teri bari… tumne bola tha, tumhari cousin sister ki wedding attend karne ke liya bombay ja rahi ho? Toh tumare pass, koi saree ya lehenga hoga.’ I nodded. He said, toh theek hai, woh lehenga pehen ke dikha. Muslim mardo ne apni takat dikhadi, aap time hai sexy Hindu ladki ko apna jism dekhane ka.’ It could have been a lot worse, at-least they did not ask me to strip my clothes off, I agreed. But I told them they would need to vacate the compartment for 20 mins or so. Javed immediately agreed. I closed the door. I heard Asif asking Javed, “bhai yeh kya kiya…” Javed replied, ‘ab tu dekh….’

I took out my blue lehenga from the suitcase, also my makeup kit. I took of my skirt, top and my bra. It was backless so no bra was required, it had deep cleavage and there was a four inch gap between the blouse and the lehenga. So my navel was visible. I stood up infront of the mirror and put on some lipstick and eyeliner. Also combed my disheveled hair. Then wore my bangles and a pendent. I was some what satisfied with the way on looked. I opened the door.

Asif and Javed came in and they saw me with their mouths wide open, they were practically drooling. It was their time to look surprised. It took them a moment or two to find the right words. I just lowered my eyes, I was feeling to shy to look at them directly. Javed finally said, Subhan Allah!!! Asif then came towards me, touched my naked waist and turned me around, even caressed my waist a little. (again he didn’t feel the need to ask.) And again his rough muslim hands felt great on my body. Asif then said, ‘you are so damn hot….. siiiisss such a sexy back!!! I thanked them, and said I didn’t want to play more, I was afraid to go further. Asif gave me a conceited look and pointed out, I am looking nervous. Is there something on my mind?

I told them, I wanted to know why Hindu women are going for muslim men these days. I told them about my cousin sister’s affair with a muslim guy, Salman Qureshi, who 12 years older than her and also not doing financially well. They both laughed and said there is nothing surprising in it. Lots of Hindu girls and doing this. I asked them why so Asif explained. ‘Dekho, tumhe tall, strong and dominating mard pasand hain.'( I nodded) ‘ aur tumne answer diya do muslims….. look at us.’ Javed added, ‘ Radhika, muslim mard ka lund bara aur sexual power bhi hindu ladko se ziada hoti hai… beef makes us a real bull in bed. Aur tumhari, behen ne woh exprience kiya hai..’ (Again I didn’t know how to react.) Kal Salman bhai, teri hindu behen ke saath suhagraat banaega. Aur teri family ke sare bechare mard, eek dosare ka muh dekhterahenge.’ Again they had that arrogant laugh. I didn’t like them bringing my family but I couldn’t say anything. I kind of had dejected expressions. But I couldn’t deny these guys were right.

Asif then said, ‘ Cheer up honey…. tum chahati ho toh apni behen se jiada maza le sakti ho…’ I was surprised and asked, ‘woh kaise?!’ Javed said, ‘tumhari behen ko toh kal eek muslim mard ke lund ka maza milega. Tumhare pass toh do hain…. kyun Asif.’ Asif said, ‘bilkul bhai….Radhika hindu dulhan ki tarah toh saji hai, hum teen hi toh hain yahan. Ras lila mai koi disturbance bhi nahi hogi.’ I immediately said, ‘are you crazy, koi aagaya toh?’
( the moment I said that I realised my mistake. It meant I was willing to have sex but scared of somebody coming in.)

Javed laughed and said, ‘janeman sari setting hogi, Khan ko toh pata hai ki eek hindu ladki, agar do muslim mardo ke saath hai, toh raat unke circumsized lund ke niche hi kategi. woh kisi ko yahan nahi anedega, muslim bhaiyo ki madad karega.

I said, ‘ time 7.45 hogaya hai, waiter dinner lekar aanewala hoga..?’ Javed said this with an arrogant tone, ‘woh sala namard?!! dekha tha kitna darr raha tha, uski behen / beti ka rape karaha hunga tabhi nahi aaega. usko bola hai maine yahan tabhi aaega, jab main mobile par call bulaunga.’

The coast was now clear, but I was still hesitant. I told them, I was scared. Javed got up from his seat looking directly in my eyes ( sent shivers down my spine). He sat down next to me and said ‘ do muslim lund aaj tere sexy Hindu jism ko chodne wale hain, cooperate kar.’ He took my and kissed it. Then holding my hand he made me get up. I was shy and nervous, I just kept on looking at the floor. Asif got up and stood behind me he took off my chunni and threw it.Then he unties the knots of the blouse one by one. Once all the knots were untied caressed by naked back and kissed it, his mulla beard felt sooo good. And slowly he took off my blouse. I had never gone so far with any guy before this.

I was facing Javed, so he was the one who first saw my boobs. He exclaimed, “Subhan Allah!!!”. He was shocked, from looking at my shapely body he could not have guessed I have big boobs. Javed started kissing and foundling my breasts while caressing my navel, and Asif was caressing my back. I just closed my eyes savored the moment. My family would be livid even thinking about any muslim touching me inappropriately. Here was Javed, sucking my breasts with my accord.

Javed then slowly pulled down my lehenga, caressing and kissing my silky legs. Now, I was only in my panties, which also came down a few moments later. It was all happening very fast, it was surreal feeling. Asif asked me to turn around. The look in his eyes was of a wolf looking at a little innocent lamb, before ravishing it. That is even I realized I was completely naked infront of these two arrogant muslim studs. I tried to cover my pussy with my hands, to no avail. Asif removed my hand immediately, saying….’clean shaven Hindu pussy…’ He put his big rough muslim finger inside it. ‘Brahmin virgin ki toh baat hi aur hai…’ Both of them started undressing themselves, just leaving their skull cap on.

Both the Muslim studs had an amazing gym body, they looked like professional body builders. Clean shaven chests, great abs, their huge biceps about the size of my thighs. When they took of their underpants, it was every woman’s dream. Javed was right,no wonder Hindu women are going bonkers for circumscribed cocks. Asif’s cock was about 9 inches long, 4 inches thick and much darker than rest of their body. Asif took my hand and made me feel his massive circumcised cock. It was so hard and strong. Then I saw Javed’s cock, which was also the same size.

They both sat down, Javed now ordered me ‘chal muh mai dal.’ I sat down between them. Javed pressed my arm hard, and made me stand up. Asif said, ‘on your knees, zameen par.’ He pointed with his finger the exact spot, where I should kneel down. I felt very insulted, no one had ever spoken to me like this before. Yet, I submissively followed his orders. I realized the sooner I accepted these two muslims as my master, the better.

I held their cocks softly, first I kissed the tip of Javed’s cock and then licked it from top to bottom. Javed then ordered me to put his entire circumcised cock in my mouth, it was so big. I tried my best, but his entire cock just won’t go inside. He tied my hair into a bun, and started pushing my head towards his cock. I almost chocked on it. I still continued with a smile.

Javed asked, ‘kitno ka lund chusa hai…?’ I replied he was my first. He said, ‘sali toh natural hai… Hindu ladkio se accha koi lund nahi chusta…’ Aisf said, ‘bhai aap meri bari. I gave Asif a blowjob too. After the blowjob was Asif told me to lie down on the seat. Now the moment had for my brahmin pussy to take his massive circumcised cock. I told him I was scared, it is too big and will not be able to handle it, plus what if something goes wrong. Asif told me not to worry, and since it is my first time he will where a condom. He first inserted he index finger in my pussy to see my pussy is wet. Even his finger felt great, if kept it there for a couple to minute ( I started moaning in pleasure) and then he lay on top of me.

Then he inserted a part of his dick, slowly pushing in more. He covered my mouth with his hands, and then with a sudden thrust inserted his entire cock. The entire train would have heard me screaming had he not covered my mouth. For the first couple of minutes the plain was excruciating. But slowly my pussy adjust. There after it was a divine feeling, a muscular muslim hunk laying on top of me with his skull cap on, humping me. He removed his hands from my mouth, started sucking my lips and kissing my neck. I started moaning with unimaginable plesure, ‘ssss….. ahhh, ssss Asif, dhire… please dhire.’ Javed touching his cock was saying, ‘sali, aab samjhi hindu ladkiya kyun diwani hai muslim lund ki.’ Asif continued for almost an hour.

It was Javed’s turn now. He said,’dinner se phele thodi exercise karlete hain…’ He got up and lifted me in his arms. I put my legs around his waist and hands around his strong shoulders. He had no difficulty in picking me up, whatsoever. He then put is hands under my ass and began fucking me in standing position. My breasts were going up and down with every lift, touching his muscular chest from time to time. I could see the reflection in the mirror on the wall, how small I was looking compared to his massive frame. even he continued for about half hour in that position. Finally, he kept me down. I was so tired.

Seeing my exhausted face Asif said, ‘abhi toh dinner break hai, second session baki hai.’ I was stunned to hear this, these muslims had a stamina of a stalion. Javed told the waiter to leave the dinner outside the door. The poor guy was so scared he got a hot meal in 5 mins. I am pure vegetarian, I had veg food only. Javed and Asif had beef, and mutton, typical muslim food. They started with a conversation on how meat is important and why brahmin boys are so weak and sissy compared to muslims, because they don’t eat meat. After dinner I requested Javed to pass me the bottle of water. He lifted the bottle, looked at me and smiled. He asked, ‘tum brahmin beef eating muslim ka jhuta nahi khate na?’ I told him, ‘mai kisi ka jhuta nahi leti.’ He put some water in his mouth got up, turned towards me and held my throat forcing me to open my mouth. He spit the water in my mouth. And said, ‘pee ja.’ I got so scared I gulped the entire water in one go and looked at him. We both were turned on and French kissed for the next few mins.

The moment he stopped, he said my Hindu pussy should get ready for the second session, and this time it was without condoms. Javed sat on the seat, I sat on his lap with my back towards him. Javed was humping me now and Asif put his cock inside my mouth. These muslim bulls didn’t seem to tire at all. After he was done he ordered me to get off him and get on my knees, i had no idea why he did he say that. I got down to my knees, I saw he was holding this cock tight. He then jerked his cock and loads of cum fell on my face. It took me a moment to realize what had just happened. They both laughed, and asked me to look at them. Javed said, ‘yeh brahmin maal, muslim se facial kara kar kya hot lag rahi Asif bhai…..’

I told them, I have to wash my face now. I wore my night grown and went to the washroom, thankfully it was late at night and no body saw me. I looked at myself in the mirror, I had Javed’s cum all over my face and hair also. For some reason, seeing my face covered with muslim cum turned me on even more. I washed my face, and went back for my second session with Asif. I entered the room, looked at Asif in the eye and said in a seductive tone, ‘Maalik aap ki bari.’ Taking off my grown, like the heroine of a hot adult movie I had seen. Asif smiled and said,I am learning fast how to keep my muslim masters happy. Now he will turn me into his Hindu bitch. Javed sat on the seat, I put his cock in my cock, and gladly took my position as Asif’s Hindu bitch. Asif kept one leg on the seat and other on the ground, and began humping me from behind. Slapping my ass hard from time to time. He was also saying things like, ‘How does it feel to be owned by a muslim stud?….. ‘Feel that my Hindu slut?….’ But now, I was totally under their spell.

After he was over, he asked to kneel down as well. I told him, not to cum on my face. He said, ‘ sali yeh, kahin toh jaega…’ I smile and opened my mouth. He ejaculated, his entire cum came in my mouth. Asif asked, ‘Andar legi….’ I nodded, and swallowed the entire cum. May be it was the beef he had eaten, it was the first time I had tasted muslim cum. It is so great. They both cheered at this. They asked me, if after toady I will ever get fucked by a muslim hunk again. I replied, “ALWAYS”. Then we all went of to sleep naked. Asif told me to sleep next to him so that I could feel my soft body the entire night.

Next morning Javed and Asif woke up before me. The previous night felt like a dream, I had my sexual awakening may be this incident would change my entire life. I was thinking the experience changed me from ‘Daddy’s little princess to a slut.’ I was thanking Allah that the Aiyar’s didn’t turn up. Just then I felt something, I opened my eyes, Asif and Javed had put on their clothes. Asif was writing something on my navel with my lipstick. Once he was done, he asked me to read it aloud. It read, “I AM A HINDU SLUT OF ASIF AND JAVED.” I looked at them and we all laughed.

Station was about to come, I put on my dress. The little time we had, we put it to good use French kissing, sitting their lap. When the train stopped at the station, Asif pulled my panties down, and kept them as a souvenir of his sexiest Hindu slut. After the final good bye kisses, I de-broaded the train, while going towards the exit I met Khan sahab. He winked and asked me, ‘raat kaisi rahi, humare muslim ladko ney khayan rakha ki nahi.’ I replied, “zindagi ki sab se haseen raat.”

After coming back from Delhi, I met some muslim hunks on Interfaithxxx chat, and enjoyed getting banged by their circumcised cocks. This weekend Anjali’s parents are going out of town, she has invited me, her muslim classmate and his friends. We’ll plan to play excellent Hindu hostesses to our muslim guests. But those stories are for another time!!!

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