Destiny of a hindu wife

It was sunday.
Me and my husband were in Mahabaleshwar at his farmhouse.
My hubby had work at Panchgani.So he left me alone there.
There was one muslim gardener in our farmhouse.His age must be 45.His height must be 6.2.He was too black as Indian.He was wearing only shorts while working.

I was watching him from window and thought that how can he look so strong.I had never seen beast like him in real.
I get turned on by chain of these thoughts.
After some time,he started looking at me.
I asked him,”Uncle,What are you doing”
He,”Nothing madam.Digging to plant some trees here”
Me,”Leave it and Come inside for tea”
He,”Ok Madam”

He came inside.I was wearing backless saree.My neval was visible.I am fair and beautiful.So he was unable to move his eyes from my body.And even I was unable to move my eyes from his strong body.

I asked him about his family.He told me that he has two wives.Both wives are from hindu families.I asked him how did this happen.He said that his both wives were already married to hindu mens.But they fell for him and left their hubbies for him.

I said,”Anybody can leave their husband for man like you”
He asked why.
I said,You look strong at this age.And we women like strong men.
He – So do you like strong men?
I smiled and said yes.

He stood up and said,”I have to go now”
I went near to him.Put my right hand on his strong chest and said ,”Please don’t go” looking straight in his eyes.
He knew it that I want him.But he had never thought this will happen so fast.
He put his both hand on my waist and pressed it.I closed my eyes while biting my lower lip.
He lift me on his shoulder and took me outside in garden.

He removed my all clothes and made me nude.He removed his clothes too.
As soon as I hugged him.He grabbed my hairs and bite on my om tattoo on my left boob.

I used to hate muslim too much.But that day after watching this beast I was unable to control my feelings.
He started smooching me while pressing my boobs.He said that I have bigger boobs in all women he have fucked.I felt proud.He put his tongue inside my mouth and I sucked it.

He said,”You hindu girls are dumb.Why you marry hindu men,when at last you all come for muslim men?”
I said while moving down to his 8″ cut penis,”Because we never knew that you muslim men have such huge penis”
I was really surprised by seeing his dick.
Now I knew what I was missing all over my life.I was so dumb to spend 5 years of my life with hindu man.
My mouth opened automatically while I was thinking about my destiny.
I started sucking his dick.
It’s so big.

I started sucking more passionately.
I sucked it for 15 min.He stopped me.I knew he is going cum.
But what he did made me more submissive.He pressed his dick on my om tattoo and jerked it till his sperm comes out.
I had mixed feelings.But I moved on and took his dick again in my mouth.
Sucked it until it turned rock hard.

Then he lift me again and take me to the temple out there in garden.He made me sleep on floor.Then he came in between my legs.I was not opening my legs due to my shyness.He spread my legs with his both hands.Now my pussy was visible to him.He put his one finger inside my pussy hole.I screamed aaaahhh.

He came forward and put his dick on my pussy.His big black muslim dick was looking like snake on my fair pussy.I had never thought I would take muslim dick inside my hindu pussy.

He leaned on me Grabbed my boobs in his hands.And pushed his dick inside me.I screamed in pain.I was holding his hands.I pressed my nails on his hands.This made him more aggressive.He pushed his dick more harder and without taking any pause.I was screaming loudly but he didn’t care.I looked inside the temple.I thought god must be looking at me.
I started enjoying a lot.I was screaming in pleasure.He asked me,”How are you feeling muslim dick inside you hindu whore?”

I said,”Fuck me harder my muslim beast.Fuck me fast.You are so strong.Aaaaahhhh.Your muslim dick is too big.Aaaahhhhh”

He said,”This is muslim dick. Made for hindu rands like you.To satisfy hindu rands inside all hindu homes.”
And before he complete his line.I got orgasm for third time.
And yet he was to cum.
He asked me where I want his cum.
I said cum inside me.I want to feel your sperm.
He did it.

First time in my life I enjoyed sex.
He fucked my 4 times that day.He fucked my ass too.He liked my ass more.He said I have bigger ass too.
Now after 2 years,I became mother of 2 Children.Both are black by skin.And my hubby knows about it.But he couldn’t do anything.

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  1. It’s fun makin it religious fucking. Enjoy more of religious while fuckin our Hindu sisters, I reslly enjoy it.
    Kik SMATS1-85

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