Devika and her husband’s friend

Devika and Vishal Shah were married for 3 years. It was a arranged marriage and both of them were a happy couple. Vishal was a software engineer and Devika was a typical housewife. Both were well settled and living independently, Just 2 of them as they had decided to have a child after some years.

Devika was a fully ripe buxom lady. She had nice round big soft boobs and a very fleshy ass. Her fleshy ass was always displayed in the tightly worn sari and her tight fitting salwar kameez. Devika was a hot lady who had an affair before marriage. Her boyfriend had sex with her many a times. After her marriage, though Vishal used to screw her regularly, Devika didn’t find his sex power that high. She wanted a more robust and hard sex, but kept herself in limits.

Vishal’s friends used to come sometimes in a month where they had cocktail parties. Liquor flowed quite liberally and when these friends started going on a high, they invariably turned their discussions to the lady staff of their office, other women and dirty non-veg jokes. Devika and the wife’s of Vishal’s friends used to be very shocked by these discussions in the beginning, but after sometime they too got used to it.

Now a days after consuming their drinks, these friends used to talk about their wife’s too. This discussion used to take place in absence of their respective wife’s. but these men didn’t know that after drinking their meagre whispers could be heard clearly by their wife’s.

Though these friends used to talk about the wife’s of the friends, Devika found out that 2 of these men very particularly used to talk a lot about her. One of them was David Thomas and the other was Aslam Pathan. David was a Keralite and Aslam was from Mumbai.

Aslam and David used to praise Devika, her looks and her body very openly in front of all. They used to tell Vishal that he was a such a lucky guy to have a hot sexy wife like Devika. Under the drinks influence they used to ask Vishal how and in what way he enjoyed Devika. And Vishal like a idiot used to talk raunchy about is sexual exploits with Devika.

After hearing their talks, Devika could make out that both David as well as Aslam, pretended to be drunk but they were sober compared to the others. During this time mostly Aslam would be the more descriptive then David and very openly say that entire things he had to say about Devika’s hot body.

Though all the friends wife’s who would be listening to this blabber, would be embarrassed by the sexual description of their bodies by men other than their husband’s, they couldn’t do anything about it. The next day they would admonish their husband’s about their behavior but it hardly made any effect on them.

Though Vishal bragged about his sexual exploits in front of his friends, (which were largely exaggerated) Devika knew how many nights she had to sleep feeling unsatisfied. Vishal’s fucking was typical of so many men in bed, kissing, petting, sucking the boobs, caressing the pussy and then getting on top, giving 15-20 jerks, moaning so loudly while cumming as if he had fucked Devika for 15-20 minutes and then rolling aside and sleeping.
It was during such a party at her home when just the friends were meeting, when this time Aslam under the influence of liquor, (shown to be highly drunk) praised Devika’s body in a very vulgar way. He openly said that Devika had a nice flabby ass which must be slapped and she must be tit fucked. He said he would do anything to play with Devika’s ass and tit fuck her. When Vishal told Aslam that even Aslam’s wife Rehana had a nice ass, Aslam told him that compared to Devika’s ass Rehana’s ass was nothing.

Devika was standing in the kitchen door hearing all these talks. She had changed into a semi-transparent knee long nighty after arranging the dinner. From the corner of the doorway she could see Aslam and hear his talks quite clearly. Devika was feeling quite erotic after hearing all the dirty talks and involuntarily was caressing her boobs.

The level of the talks today reached to a high debauchery when Aslam standing up said “Vishal, saale aaise mast biwi meri hoti na, to saali to saali ko poori raat mere 9” lambe laude se thokta. Aur har raat thokta saali to aage, piche se. Rehana mai ab woh maaza nahi raha ki usko aaise chodu. Behanchod saali Devika jaise maal jiski biwi hogi to sabse bada naseeb wala hoga.” (“Vishal you idiot, if I had such a sexy wife, I would have fucked her the full night with my 9” dick. And would keep fucking her from both the sides. Rehana now isn’t that appealing to fuck for the whole night. You sister fucker, you are really lucky to have Devika as your wife.”)

As the male members were under the influence of drinks, nobody took the real meaning of what Aslam said to heart, they all agreed to what Aslam had said and clapped. With one more round of drinks being poured, Vishal stood up and said, “Tune ekdum sahi bola. Devika hai hi itni mast aur usko chodne mai mujhe bada maaza aata hai. Such mai Aslam mai bada khush naseeb hoon ki Devika jaise ladki mujhe biwi ke roop mai mili hai.” (“Aslam whatever you have said is true. Devika is really that hot and I enjoy fucking her. Really Aslam, I am lucky to have Devika as my wife.”)

Devika was embarrassed as well as feeling erotic to hear what all of them, specially Aslam had to say about her body and how he would love to fuck her. When she heard Aslam tell his dick size, she was more excited. When Vishal replied back which is so called exploits, Devika smiled to herself as she knew how much truth is there in Vishal’s talks.

With all these talks making her very hot, Devika when in the bedroom and removing her panty started rubbing her pussy thinking about Aslam’s 9” dick. She slowly started rubbing her pussy and then inserting 2 fingers started to get her pussy finger fucked thinking about Aslam’s dick. Her wet hot pussy was burning for a hard dick but she had to do it with her fingers.
When she came, she felt a bit relaxed but the itch for a big hard dick pounding her pussy was yet there. She somehow cleaned her pussy and then combing her hair went out. The party was near ending and the men folks were clearing the tables.

As Devika was putting the vessels in the sink, Aslam came with some more plates and gave it to her. When their eyes met, Devika could see pure lust in Aslam’s eyes. She could feel him scanning her full body with special attention to her boobs which were wobbling with her movements as she was without a bra.

Aslam could see her nipples making an pointed impression on her flimsy nighty. Aslam keeping the plates said, “Devika mujhe pata hai tune woh sab suna jo maine tere baare mai kaha. Such mai tu ekdum mast maal hai aur tujhe ek tagde mard ki zaroorat hai. Vishal tujhe bistar mai khush nahi rakhta yeh mujhe pata hai. Rehana se mai bhi khush nahi hoon. Kabhi mauka mile to ho jaye, kya bolti hai?” (“Devika I know you have heard all what I said about you. Really you are a hot women who need a strong male. I know Vishal doesn’t satisfy you in bed. I too am not so happy with Rehana. So if we get an opportunity are you ready?”)

Devika would have loved to get Aslam’s big dick in her steaming pussy right then and there. But being a wife of another person and also knowing that there are other people in the house she looked in to Aslam’s eyes. Then looking down at his bulge said, “Kuch bhi baat mat karo Aslam. Mai ek shadi shuda aurat hoon aur maine yeh sab bolna aur karna kya thik hai?” (Don’t say anything absurd Aslam. You know I am a married lady so should I be saying and doing all this?”)

Before Aslam could say anything, Vishal with David came with the remaining plates. After dumping the plates in the sink, they all came out. Aslam was the last to come out. Devika, who walked ahead of him, purposely shook her ass a bit more which didn’t escape Aslam’s eyes.

When they started leaving, Aslam turned and said good bye to Vishal and when Vishal turned to go in, Aslam winked to Devika and gave her a flying kiss. Unknowingly, Devika gave him a sweet smile and then feeling a bit embarrassed bade him bye and closed the door.

That night both Devika and Aslam were thinking of each other. Both knew that there would a great fucking session between these two only the time, place and circumstances were unknown to them.

Days were passing but Aslam wasn’t getting a chance to be alone with Devika to seduce her. Normally whenever they met, some of the friends would be there. During such time Devika could make out the lust in Aslam’s eyes and Aslam would know of Devika’s needs, but both were helpless to do anything.

Then one day they got an unexpected opportunity. One of his and Vishal’s common friend had kept a bachelor’s party and it was in a out of town resort. Vishal hated driving after drinking and so he requested to Aslam to drive that night. Aslam sensed an opportunity and agreed.

As Aslam lived near the office, Vishal told him to go home early and freshen up. Then Vishal will come to pick him up and later they would drive to Vishal’s home. There Vishal will freshen up and then they would go to the party from Vishal’s place. Aslam agreed to this idea but his mind was working on how to seduce Devika tonight as no other friend would be there.

As they reached Vishal’s home and Devika opened the door, Aslam was very happy to see his Devika in a fully transparent red chiffon sari and black sleeveless deep necked blouse.

Devika was embarrassed to see Aslam seeing her but somewhere she was happy seeing him looking at her in this sari. Devika actually had gone for a function in the society and when Vishal had told her about his program, she purposely didn’t change the sari. Devika could see pure lust in Aslam’s eyes.

As Devika turned to go in, Aslam could see the round flabby ass very prominently as Devika had worn the sari tight round her ass. As she walked, Aslam could make out the synchronized movement of her ass globes. Devika has worn the sari quite low showing off her fleshy waist too. Aslam also show tha her blouse was deep back and had just a knot to hold her big boobs.

All in all, Devika was looking very fuckable item today and Aslam decided that today is the day he will fuck this hot bitch Devika anyhow.
As they went in, Vishal in a show of love puts his hand in Devika’s waist and says, “Darling, mai ek mast bath leta hoon aur phir Aslam ke saath party mai jayunga. Mai jab tak bath loon, tum Aslam ke liye ekdum mast kadak chai bana, bilkul teri jaise kadak.” (“Darling, I am going for a bath and then will go to the party with Aslam. Till I take my bath, make a niche hot tea for Aslam. Hot and strong like you.”)

Before going to his bedroom, Vishal kissed Devika’s cheek and rubbed her ass. Devika was surprised by Vishal’s action and words. But before she could react, Vishal had gone to the bedroom.

As Vishal went to the bedroom closing the door, Aslam got up, coming near Devika, taking her palm in his palm said, “Devika aaj to ekdum mast lag rahi ho. Dekha na Vishal kaise openly uske dost ke saamne tujhe kiss karke masal raha tha. Saala ekdum naseeb wala hai who chutiya jisse aaise mast biwi mili hai.” (“Devika, today you are really looking very hot dear. You saw how Vishal openly kissed and fondled you in front of his friend? Really Devika, that idiot Vishal is lucky to have such a hot wife.”)

Now Devika was amazed by Aslam’s words and action. She could feel his hard palm caressing her soft fleshy palm. She was also amazed when Aslam called Vishal a idiot. Trying to remove her palm, Devika smilingly replied, “Aslam, kyon mere pati ko chutiya bulate ho? Ab uske naseeb mai yeh Devika likhi thi to tujhe kyon taqlif ho rahi hai?” (“Aslam how can you call my husband a idiot? Now if it was destiny that I get married to him, why are you disturbed?”)

Before Aslam could do or say anything, Devika freeing her hand and blusing a bit turn and started walking to the kitchen. During that short walk Aslam could see the slow globe dance of her fleshy ass and the waist which Devika purposely put on for Aslam.

Devika then standing in the kitchen door frame, held the frame with both her hands. Then slowly turning back, she looked at Aslam and gave him a blushing smile. As Devika gave him a smile, Aslam winked at her and then pointing to her ass gave her a thumbs up sign.
Devika blushed and then went in the kitchen and started to make tea. When she turned turn 1-2 times, she saw Aslam staring at her back looking at her ass n exposed waist.

Then, thinking of taking this play forward, Aslam went in the kitchen and standing close to Devika said, “Devika, tu such mai ekdum mast garm lag rahi hai.” (“Devika you are really a hot and beautiful women.”)

Devika blushed a bit and then turning to Aslam said, “Thanks Aslam, waise tum bhi ekdum mast mard lag rahe ho.” (Thanks Aslam, you too look awesome like a real man.”)
Looking into Devika’s eyes, Aslam putting his hand on Devika’s fleshy ass for the first time said, “To yeh bata Devika, ab teri jaise mast garam sexy aurat aur mere jaise tagde mard ke bich mai us chutiya Vishal ka kya kaam?” (“So then Devika, tell me, between you a hot and sexy women and me awesome real man, what’s the need of that idiot Vishal?”) Saying this Aslam smiled caressing Devika’s ass a bit more.

Devika was shocked by Aslam’s hard approach. She could feel Aslam’s hard hand playing with her flabby ass. Smiling a but she said, “Aslam tum kya sooch rahe ho? Vishal ke baare mai aaisa kyon bol rahe ho? Woh mere pati hai.” (“Aslam what are you thinking? Vishal is my husband, why are you talking like this about him?”)

Rubbing her ass a bit more strongly Aslam shamelessly said, “Mai to bus is mast sexy Devika aur uski tight gaand ke baare mai sooch raha hoon.” (I am just thinking of this hot sexy lady Devika and her tight ass.”)

Devika was stunned to hear Aslam’s words. He ws openly saying whatever he wanted. Also as he started feeling her ass more hard, Devika could feel her ass giggle and bounce. Moaning a bit Devika said, “Kaisi baate karte ho Aslam? Humne yeh sab karna galat hai Aslam.” (“Whatall you are saying Aslam? We doing this is wrong Aslam.”)

In reply Aslam now with 1 hand playing on Devika’s ass, put the other on her exposed waist and clutching it said, “Ummm Devika, badi mast gaand hai teri, tujhe accha lag raha hai na jab mai tera jism sehla raha hoon?” (Ummm Devika, you have a great ass. Devika, you like me caressing your hot body?”)

Devika was stunned by Aslam’s daring and actions. Her waist and ass were being openly fondled by Aslam. Devika was afraid as Vishal could come anytime. She pressed Aslam’s hand which was roaming on her waist and said, “Aslam yeh sab galat hai. Mai aaisa nahi kar sakti.” (“Aslam this is wrong. I can’t do this.”)

“Devika, mujhe pata hai ki yeh galat hai par jabse tujhe dekha hai, mujhe tujhse pyaar ho gaya hai.“ (“Devika I know this is wrong but I have fallen in love with you from the time I saw you.”)

Aslam was yet playing with Devika’s fleshy ass. Devika was afraid that Vishal could come anytime so she prepared the tea fast and then moving away from Aslam brought the tea in drawing room. Devika was perspiring with all the action. She could feel her heart beat fast. Her big boobs were rising and falling due to her deep breathing.
Devika just kept looking down without saying anything. Just as Devika bend down a bit to pick up something from the floor, her pallu slipped and fell down giving Aslam the most sexiest view of the deep cleavage. Devika’s blouse being deep necked and tightly stitched had pushed her boobs together making a deep valley in between. With her boobs without a bra, the naked cleavage looking very ravishing.

Aslam whistled seeing the sexy cleavage and said, “Ummm Devika teri mast gaand jaise tere mamme bhi badhiya hai.” (“Ummm Devika like your sexy ass u have a great bust too.”)

Devika quickly picking her pallu and covering her boobs looked at Aslam. Aslam’s dirty talks were making her more hot. She couldn’t believe all that was happening. With a blushing face she said, “Aslam please aaise baate mat karo mujhse. Mai ek acchi aurat hoon. Mai aaise baate kar bhi nahi sakti na sun sakti hoon.” (“Aslam please don’t talk like this. I am good lady. I can’t hear or talk like this.”)

Aslam deciding to take the play forward sat with his legs spread. His dick making a tent in the tight jeans could be seen clearly. Running his hand on his thighs Aslam said, “Devika tu ek acchi aurat hai aur mai ek tagda mard hoon darling. Bhale tu mere jaise baate mat karna lekin who sab karte rehna jisse dekhke mai aaise aur baate kar saku. Devika darling, waise Vishal tere yeh mast mamme acche se chusta hai kya?” (“ Devika you are a good lady and I am a hot blooded male darling. You don’t talk like me but keep doing things that will make me talk like this. Devika darling, does Vishal suck your boobs nicely sexy?”)

Devika could feel her cunt getting wetter with Aslam’s dirty talks. Aslam was now talking to her in a very vulgar way and to Devika’s surprise she loved it. She liked the way Aslam was dominating her with his voice. She replied silently to Aslam’s question about Vishal sucking her boobs nodding her head in a no. Aslam seeing that Devika was breathing heavily, her boobs were moving up and down, her eyes were semi closed, understood that Devika was getting wet.

Aslam stood up and came near the sitting Devika. He could see her cleavage again and Devika could see the huge tent formed in his jeans. With Devika looking at him, Aslam said, “Devika, meri sexy darling, tujhe accha lagega na aagar mai tere in bade mammo ko maslu, unse khelte huye unko acche se chusu? Vishal too ekdum chutiya hai lekin mai tere is mast jism ko acche se trupt kar sakunga.” (“Devika, my sexy darling, would you like me to feel your big boobs, suck them, play a lot with them?
Vishal is a born wimp, but I will satisfy you nicely.”)

Devika was slowly rubbing her cunt in between her thighs. She could feel goose bumps all over her body. She liked it when Aslam called Vishal a wimp because she knew it was a fact. But trying to keep her image intact and to tease Aslam she said, “Aslam kaise baate kar rahe ho tum?” (“Aslam what all are you taking?”) Then moving her pallu aside a bit showing her deep cleavage, Devika brought out her mangalsutra from her blouse and showing it to Aslam said, “Aslam, yeh hai mere suhaag ki nishani. Mai Vishal ko dhoka nahi de sakti, nahi de sakti usse dhoka.” (“This is the sign of my marriage. i can’t cheat Vishal, I can’t cheat him.”)

As Devika was putting her mangalsutra back in the blouse, Aslam caught her hand. Devika looked up to him and then at his dick. Aslam, with the other hand, rubbing his dick said, “Mat dhoka dena usse lekin phir hamesha tu unsatisfied hi rahegi. Devika, mujhe tujhe khush karne ka ek mauka de aur phir baad mai tu decide kar ki hamara rishta aage chalana hai ya nahi. Devika ek baar tu tera pallu niche karke tere mammo ki gehrai to dikha mujhe.” (“Don’t cheat him but then you will always remain unsatisfied, let me give you the real pleasure once and then you decide if you want to continue this relationship. Devika drop your pallu down once and show me tour deep cleavage.”)

Devika was shocked at Aslam request. Though she wanted something to happen, she didn’t want it to happen when Vishal is at home. Devika held Aslam’s hand which was holding her mangalsutra and said, “Aslam please, mujhe aaisa kuch karne mat lagao, mai ek acchi biwi aur aurat hoon.” (“Aslam please don’t make me do all this, I am a good wife and a good lady.”)

Aslam putting his other hand on Devika’s cheek and caressing it said, “Aare jaan, pallu hatake mujhe sirf tere bade mamme dekhne hai. Maine kya tujhe tera blouse utarke tere nange mamme dikhana bola kya? Tu sirf tera pallu utarke mujhe tere blouse mai band mamme dikha meri sexy Devika.” (“Aare just show me your bust darling, did I tell u to open your blouse and show me your naked boobs? Do it my sexy Devika.”)

Devika was finding this game very erotic. She had heard what all Aslam wanted to do with her and she too wanted it. Looking coyly at Aslam, Devika very slowly pulled her pallu down. As the pallu fell on her lap, her big, busty erotic cleavage was visible to Aslam. Running his finger on her white exposed cleavage Aslam said, “Ummm Devika, kitne mast mamme aur cleavage hai tera. Allah kasam aaj tak aaisa cleavage nahi dekha. Devika ek baar mujhe in mast mammo se khelte huye tere nipple chuske mamme chatne hai.” (“Ummm Devika, you have such gorgeous cleavage and boobs. I swear on Allah that I haven’t seen such a sexy cleavage. Devika I want to suck your nipples once n eat your boobs.”)
With Aslam’s fingers moving on her exposed cleavage, Devika was feeling very nice. Hearing Aslam next words she said, “Kya? Aslam kya bol rahe ho tum?” (“What? Aslam what are you saying and asking for?”)

Running his finger in the deep cleavage Aslam replied, “Tune sahi suna meri sexy darling. Mujhe tere mamme chusne hai. Kya tu tere yeh mast mamme mere muh mai degi?” (“You heard me right my sexy darling, I want to eat your boobs, will u feed me your sexy boobs?”)

Devika didn’t reply back to Aslam but looking at him she slowly bit her lower lip. Aslam had triggered a wave of passion in her. She wanted Aslam to play with her boobs, suck them, bite them, make her fully naked and fuck her hot pussy with his 9” circumcised dick. She let Aslam run his fingers on her cleavage.

Before they could say or do anything further, they heard Vishal calling Devika. Getting up and covering her boobs with the pallu, Devika went to the bedroom. Shortly they both come out of the bedroom. Vishal is ready for the party. Devika requests him to have fewer drinks and then tells Aslam to keep a check on Vishal. Vishal smiles and then kissing Devika on her lips leaves with Aslam for the party.

As they sat in the car Aslam suddenly opened the door and came out. Vishal sat in the car. Aslam entered the house and went to the sofa where he was sitting and took his cell. Devika was seeing all this. They both were out of Vishal’s view. Taking a chance, Aslam caught Devika and kissing her on her lips and putting his hand on her boob, pressing it said, “Devika, ek baar zaroor tujhe poori nangi karke chodunga. Ab teri chut liye bina mera lauda nahi manega.” (“Devika be rest assured that once I will make you fully naked and fuck you. My dick won’t rest now without fucking your pussy.”)

As suddenly as Aslam had started all this, in the same speed he ending it all went out leaving a shocked Devika standing dumb folded. He started the car and they both departed for the party.

Devika was shocked by Aslam’s actions. Before she could react Aslam had kissed her and fondled her boobs hard. She could still feel the soft pain by his fondling. Also hearing Aslam’s intentions made her wetter. She could feel her panty soaked in wetness. Devika liked the way Aslam had controlled and dominated her. He said and did all the things he wanted to without any fear. He had also made Devika obey him. Devika liked the domination of Aslam and wished they had more time to be alone.

Here driving to the party Aslam had to hear to Vishal’s silly talks. He kept replying to his dumb talks in just single words. Aslam was thinking about Devika and how she had responded back to his talks and actions. He knew that Devika was shortly going to be fucked by him. But he wanted to fuck Devika at the earliest. Arriving at the venue Aslam drew up a plan of fucking Devika tonight.

As they got down from the car Aslam had his game plan ready. The venue was a nice resort tastefully decorated. There were many other people also. Vishal’s friend had booked a small hall to cater to his 25-30 friends. Drinks, starters and food was being served in the hall. Vishal and Aslam joined the party.

As Vishal moved to the bar, Aslam started acting on his plan. Aslam had decided to get Vishal fully drunk. He decided to make Vishal drink so much that he passes out. And then he will take Vishal home and when Vishal sleeps like a log he will fuck Devika. Aslam went near the bartender and giving him a 1000 rupees note told him to give Vishal big pegs with less of water and soda.

Seeing Vishal enjoying his drink, Aslam moved a bit away with his peg and called Devika. When she picked up the call, Aslam in a sweet voice said, “Hello Devika darling.”

Hearing a unknown caller, calling her as darling, Devika in a bit irritated tone asked, “Hello kaun bol raha hai?” (“Hello, who is that speaking?”)

Aslam again in the same sweet tone replied, “Aare jaan, mai Aslam hoon, Devika aur uske mast jism ka pyaasa.” (“Oh dear, I am Aslam, lover of Devika and her sexy hot body.”)

Devika was happy to hear Aslam’s voice and said, “Oh to tum ho Aslam. Kya hua Aslam? Phone kyon kiya? Pauche kya tum resort pe?” (“Oh so it’s you Aslam. What happened Aslam? Why did you call? Have you reached the resort?”)
Aslam replied, “Haan hum aa gaye hai idhar lekin mera dil aur maan udhar hi tere aur tere mast jism ke pass hai. Devika darling teri mast gaand aur bade mamme nazro ke saamne se jaa hi nahi rahe. Aur jabse tere mamme masle hai, mera haath chahata hai ki poora waqt tere bade aur bhare huye mamme mere haatho mai hi rahe.” (“We have reached and are in the party but my mind is near you my darling. Devika darling, I am missing seeing your nice bust and your sexy ass. Also from the time I pressed your boobs, my hands fell to keep playing with your big boobs forever.”)

Devika started rubbing her pussy hearing Aslam’s hot talks. She too wanted Aslam’s hard hands on her soft body and then his big hard dick in her wet burning pussy. She could see her face gone red hearing Aslam in the mirror. Running her hand on her boobs Devika in a heavy tone said, “Ummm kaise baat karte ho Aslam? Meri to tab jaan hi nikal gaye jab tumne mera sina masla tha. Lekin Aslam, please Vishal ko jyada daaru mat pine dena. Uski capacity nahi ki jyada drinks le sake. Kidhar hai Vishal? (“Ummm what all are you saying Aslam? I was so stunned when you were rubbing my boobs. But Aslam, please don’t let Vishal drink too much. His capacity isn’t that good. Where is Vishal?”)

Aslam replied, “Haan pata hai Vishal ki capacity kya hai? Saala chutiya itni garm biwi ke mamme jyada nahi chusta to kya acche se chodega tujhe? Vishal 1-2 dosto ke saath pi raha hai. Choor na us chutiya ka topic, teri honewali chudai ke baare mai baat kar. Devika abhi to sirf tere mamme masle hai, jaldi hi teri mast chut ko thokke tujhe aur maaza dunga.” (“Yes I know what’s Vishal’s capacity. Bloody wimp, if he doesn’t fully and nicely suck you boobs, then how the hell is he going to fuck you hard? Vishal is drinking with 1-2 friends. Leave that wimps topic, lets discuss about how you are going to be fucked by me. Devika I have just played with your boobs but very shortly I am going to fuck you hard and give you all the satisfaction.”)

Devika was so hot that even after hearing Aslam’s vulgar intentions, she didn’t cut the call. Though she prided over herself for being from a high class family, today it seemed that Aslam had broken all her reserves. Aslam could hear the deep breathing of Devika from over the cell.

Deciding to break Devika totally Aslam then added, “Meri sexy maal. Vishal to gaandu hai, ekdum nikamma hai saala, woh kabhi bhi tujhe poori tarah chodke khushi nahi de sakta. Meri maal, mere pass aa, nangi hoke mere niche aake dekh kitna maaza aayega tujhe. Devika saali ekdum randi banake chodunga tujhe.” (“My darling Devika, Vishal is a wimp, a total wimp, he can never satisfy you in the bed. My sexy babies, come to me, come naked under me and see how much you will enjoy. I will fuck you like a whore.”)
With Aslam calling her a whore made Devika’s heart beat more hard. She had never been talked to like this ever. Being a high class Jain girl, Devika had never encountered such degrading language. But to her surprise she could feel her nipples going more taut and her pussy secreting more juices. Trying to show as if she is hurt by Aslam’s dirty talks, Devika with a hurt in her tone said, “Aslam kaise gaandi baat karte ho tum? Please mujhse aaise gaandi baate mat karna. Mai ek high class Jain aurat hoon aur mujhe yeh sab sunne accha nahi lagta.” (“Aslam, how dirty you are talking? Please don’t talk to me in such a dirty way. I am from a high class Jain family and I don’t like to hear such language.”)

Aslam was happy to hear Devika pleading him even after he had called her a whore. Aslam decided to take the degradation more down and said, “Devika meri sexy maal, mujhe pata hai ki tu ek Jain aurat hai par mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki Vishal jaise namard ke saath tu bistar mai kitna bhi chudegi to bhi woh gaandu tujhe Maa nahi bana sakta. Uske liye tujhe mere jaise tagde mard ka bistar ek randi jaise besharm hoke baar-baar garm karna padega. Uffff saali Devika, teri mast gaand aur bade mamme yaad aate hi mera lauda aur tight ho gaya hai. “(“Devika my sexy darling, I know you are a Jain lady but I also know that with a wimp like Vishal in bed, you can never be satisfied nor become a mother, howsoever he may fuck you. For complete fucking and to become a mother you will have to get fucked like a whore by a man like me repeatedly. Uffff Devika, remembering your nice round soft ass and big boobs is making my dick go more hard.”)

Devika moaned a bit loudly this time hearing Aslam’s dirty words touching her nipples. Though Aslam doesn’t see her touching herself, he understood it hearing her moan and breath heavily. Aslam decided to come to the point and said, “Meri sexy baby, tu kitni aahe bhar rahi hai. Mujhe pata hai ki tujhe mera Musalmaani lauda chahaye teri garm chut ko chodne. Mai to teri chut phadke rakhunga saali aur tujhe bhi mujhse ek randi jaise chudwake lene mai bada maaza aayega. Ek baar chudwane ke baad meri randi banke rahegi tu. Bol saali, kab aau tujhe chodne?” (“My sexy babe, you are moaning so loudly dear. I know you too want my Musalmaani dick in your hot cunt. I will fuck you very hard darling and you will love getting used like a whore. You will then always remain as my whore. So tell me darling, when should I come to fuck you?”)

At last Devika couldn’t restrain herself anymore and rubbing her cunt hard she let out a deep moan. She had tried to contain her feelings, her urges but Aslam’s dirty language and words just dissolved her firmness. Rubbing her pussy she said, “Ahhhh Aslam, tune to mere jism ki aag aur bhadka di. Aslam mujhe bhi yeh sab karna hai, lekin hum sirf ek baar hi yeh khel khelange aur kissi ko samajhne nahi chahaye, ok?” (“Ahhhh Aslam, you have made my thirst more acute with you words. Aslam I too want to play this game with you, but we will do it just once and nobody should come to know about this, is it ok?”)

Happy to hear Devika agreeing to get fucked, Aslam said, “Wow Devika, yeh to bahut acchi baat boli tune. Devika mujhe tujhe aaj hi chodke mere laude ka paani teri mast chut mai dalke tujhe pregnant karna hai. Kitna accha hoga na jab is Aslam ki paani se Devika pregnant hogi? Tujhe aaj chodke mujhe tujhe ek aurat hone ka asli ahsaas dena hai.” (“Wow Devika, thats great news. I want to fuck you today itself my darling, I want to put my seed in your womb. It would be so nice na that Aslam’s seed makes Devika pregnant? I want to ravish your cunt and make u feel like a real women.”)

Devika was happy to hear Aslam’s intentions. She too wanted a deep hard fuck. But when Aslam said that he wants to fuck her tonight itself, Devika said, “Nahi nahi Aslam, aaj raat nahi. Vishal ghar mai hoga to uski risk hai. Kal jab Vishal office ke liye jayega tab tum aao, thik 11 baje, thik hai mere jaanu?” (“no no, not today. It’s risky, tomorrow when Vishal goes to work you come, ok? Then we will do it, tomorrow morning come at 11, ok my darling?”)

Devika didn’t know of Aslam’s plan to fuck her today night itself with Vishal sleeping near them, fully passed out. He was also happy to hear Devika call him as darling. He said, “Thik hai meri jaan, mai kal 11 baje aake shyam tak teri chut ki thukai kVishalga. Yeh bata meri maal, tune kabhi Vishal ka lauda chusa hai kya?” (“ok my darling, I will come to ravish your cunt tomorrow morning. Tell me darling, have you ever sucked Vishal’s dick?”)

Devika was shocked by this intimate question but then she understood that its Aslam’s way of heating up the things. She replied, “Kaisi gaandi baate poochte ho tum Aslam? Lekin mai batata hoon, maine sirf usko kiss kiya hai, kabhi bhi chusa nahi uska maine.” (What dirty things you are asking Aslam? But let me tell you, I have just kissed his thing but never sucked it.”) even as she replied, Devika felt a jerk in her pussy. Her pussy was secreting like hell.

Glad that Devika was opening up Aslam said, “Accha kiya jo uske chote se lund ko sirf kiss kiya. Lekin meri maal, mai jab tujhe chodne aayunga tab mera lauda acche se chuswake lunga tujhse, thik hai jaan?” (“It’s good that you have just kissed his small dick. But when I come to fuck you, I want you to suck my dick nicely, ok darling?”)

Devika was playing with her nipples and said, “Haan Aslam, tu jo bolega who sab mai kVishalgi mere raja.” (“Yes Aslam, I will do whatever you tell and ask me to do darling.”)

Aslam kissing on the cell said, “Yeh hui na meri maal jaise baat. Devika abhi jo kiss diya who tere mast mammo ke liye tha. Baki tere poore nange jism pe kal aake kiss kVishalga. Chal ab phone rakhta hoon. Tera gaandu pati kitna piya hua hai dekhta hoon.” (“That’s like my baby. Devika, the kiss that I gave now was for your boobs. Tomorrow when I come I will kiss your full naked body. Now I will cut the call and see whats the sate of your wimpy husband.”)

Devika replied, “Oh Aslam, kal zaroor aana. Aur haan, mere pati ka thik se khayal rakhna. Chal baye.” (“Oh Aslam, please do come tomorrow, and yes please take care of my poor hubby.”)

Saying this Devika cut the call. She was so happy that tomorrow Aslam will fuck her and satisfy her sexual hunger. Since she wanted to feel her body in the bed with minimum hinderence of clothes, Devika changed into a sexy night without any undergarments.

Aslam was happy that tonight he was going to fuck his friend’s hot and sexy wife. Aslam had dreamed of fucking Devika from the time he saw her. Devika’s big boobs, fleshy ass and soft body had made him lust for her.
When he reached near Vishal, he could see that Vishal was quite drunk. He was standing and talking in a shaky way. His speech was somewhat blurred. Vishal had his cell in his hand and was fiddling with it. Aslam went near Vishal and supporting him asked what he was doing with the cell. Vishal told him to send a message to Devika telling her that Vishal will reach in an hour.

Aslam took the cell and his mind went into an overdrive. Aslam typed, “Devika darling, aaj tu wohi fully transparent nighty pehnna jo mai tere liye Bangkok se laya tha. Aaj shyam se tujhe dekhke mera lund tight hua hai. Shyam ko Aslam tha mere saath nahi to tujhe shyam ko hi chod dalta. Ab aake tujhe acche se chodunga.” (“Devika darling, tonight when I come, you will wear the fully transparent night I got you from Bangkok. Seeing you in the evening I wanted to fuck you then and there but since Aslam was with me, I couldn’t do it. When I come, I will fuck you hard.”)

Devika wasn’t that surprised with Vishal’s message. She knew whenever he had a few drinks, he used to talk vulgar. Devika messaged, “Thik hai baby, jaisa tum chahate ho waise hi nighty maine pehni huye hai. Aur to aur maine uske niche na bra pehni hai na panty. Yeh batao sirf nighty hi pehnu ya niche bra panty bhi chahaye? Aaj raat tum thumhari is Devika ko bistar mai acchi saaza dena.” (“Ok baby as you wanted I am in the same nighty. And that too without bra and panty. Tell me, do you want me in just the nighty or should I wear any bra panty under it? Today night you punish your bad girl in bed.”)

Devika was surprised herself with what she wrote. But today Aslam had ignited a deep horny passion in her cunt and she needed Vishal to satisfy her fully.

Here, Aslam too was happy and surprised with Devika’s reply. He understood that Devika was fully hot and wouldn’t resist too much when her reaches her place with passed out Vishal. To make her more hot, Aslam replied, “Ekdum mast Devika, tu bina bra panty ke sirf nighty pehnna. Darling mai kitna khush hoon ki tu meri sexy biwi hai. Meri jaan, aaj raat ko bistar pe dekh kaise tujhe punish karta hoon.” (“Awesome my darling, I am so happy that you are my sexy wife Devika. And yes darling, I am going to punish my sexy hot wife tonight in the bed.”)
Devika was thinking as to what happened to Vishal tonight? He never went so deep into sex as he was talking now. But she was happy that Vishal is going to fuck her and in somewhat proportions try to douse the fire that Aslam had lit in her cunt. As she was thinking about this, she got a message from Aslam saying,” Devika, meri maal, meri jaan, teri badi yaad aa rahi hai baby.” (“Devika, my baby, my sweety, I am missing u a lot sexy.”)

In the rush of chatting with Vishal, Devika replied to Aslam thinking as if she is replying to Vishal and wrote, “Mai bhi tumko miss kar rahi hoon darling. Please jaldi aao, mai badi garm ho gaye hoon tere liye.” (“I too am missing you baby. Please come soon, I am feeling so hot.”)

After sending the message, Devika realized that she had replied to Aslam’s message. But now she decided not to think more about it. And Aslam’s next message made her cunt more eager for a hard dick. Aslam messaged, “Devika, kaash mai abhi aake tujhe chod sakta tha. Teri garm chut mai mera lauda dalke, tere mamme chuste huye tujhe chodta.” (“Devika darling wish I was there right now fucking you. With my hand dick in your tight wet pussy and sucking your boobs, I would have fucked you.”)

Reading Aslam’s erotic chat, Devika became hotter and now she was rubbing her cunt and boobs. Her body wanted a hardcore fuck and she knew that only Aslam could do it for her. Pinching her nipple she replied, “Haan Aslam jaanu, mai bhi yehi chahati hoon. Teri baato ne mujhe ekdum pyaasi banaya hai. Mujhe pata nahi tum kaise sirf baato se mujhe itna garm kar sakte ho?” (“Yes Aslam darling, I to wish the same. Aslam you make me so hot, I don’t know how you make me so hot just by your talks?”)

Aslam replied, “Woh isliye Devika ki mai ek tagda Musalmaan mard hoon aur teri jaise sexy aurat jab mere saamne nangi hoti hai to chudai mai jannat ka maaza milta hai. Teri meri bistar ki jodi sabse garm jodi hoti hai.” (“It’s because I am a hot blooded Musalmaan man and when a sweet sexy hot lady like you is naked in bed with me, the fucking reaches in a different level. You know, you and me will be a deadly combo in bed?”)

Devika was now playing with her cunt lips. Aslam was making her go mad with his vulgar talks. She moaned a bit and asked, “Sacchi Aslam? Aaisa kyon ki tere jaise tagde Musalmaan mard aur meri jodi itni mast hogi bistar mai?” (“Really is that so Aslam? Why is it like you say, that a Musalmaan man and me will be a deadly combo in bed?”)

Aslam was happy that Devika was openly replying to him. He messaged, “Woh isliye meri maal ki mere jaise tagde mard ko teri jaise naram jism wali aurat pasand hai. Teri chut ke saath-saath tere muh aur gaand ko bhi mere tagde laude ki zaroorat hai. Isliye jab hum chudwane milte hai to poori duniya ko aag lagate hai.” (“It’s like this because when a strong male wants a lady with a sexy soft body like you. Along with your cunt when I fuck you mouth and ass, we go like fire.”)

Devika liked Aslam’s confidence. But when he said about ass fucking, Devika replied, “Gaand aur muh mai? Nahi-nahi Aslam, maine to Vishal ka lund sirf kiss kiya hai aur jab woh aage se thik se nahi karta, to piche kya lund dalke meri gaand marega?” (“In my ass and mouth? No-no Aslam, I have just kissed Vishal’s cock and when he can’t satisfy my cunt do you think he can ass fuck me?”)

To the surprise of both, Devika had for the first time replied to Aslam in his words. Aslam was happy with her reply. He replied, “Meri maal, ab jab mai aayunga tab teri chut, muh, mamme aur gaand, sab chudnewali hai. Ek baar mera nanga lauda dekhne ke baad tu kissi baat ke liye na nahi bol sakega. Chal meri item, Vishal aa raha hai. Mujhe ghar choorke woh ghar aayega. Ab kal doophar ko aake tujhe ekdum mast chodunga meri raand. Tayyar rehna Devika is Musalmaan Aslam se chudwane.” (“My darling, when we meet, then your cunt, ass, mouth and tits will be fucked hard by me. Once you see my huge naked dick, you won’t be able to say no to anything. Now my sexy item, Vishal is coming, her will drop me home and then come. Tomorrow I will come and give you nice hard fuck, my whore. Be ready Devika to get fucked by this Musalmaan Aslam.”)

This time Devika liked it when Aslam called her as a whore. She replied, “Haan mai tayyar rahungi kal doophar ko Aslam. Mai bhi dekhungi ki is Devika ko Musalmaan Aslam kaise-kaise chodta hai. Tum zaroor aana mere raja. Vishal ko bolo thik se drive karke aane. Chal bye mere jaanu.” (“Yes my dear, I will be ready and waiting for you tomorrow noon. I too want to feel how this Devika is going to be fucked by that Musalmaan Aslam. You come surely. Tell Vishal to drive carefully. Bye my love.”)

Saying this Devika went to the bathroom to clean her wet cunt. She was happy that at last she was going to be fucked by a real man tomorrow. Refreshing herself she sprayed some perfume and sat in the hall waiting for Vishal to come.
Aslam went and saw Vishal had completely passed out and was sleeping on the sofa. Aslam smiled and again giving the waiter a Rs. 500 note, told him to put Vishal in the car. Aslam started the car knowing that tonight he is going to fuck this wimp’s hot and sexy wife.

Devika was waiting in the fully transparent nighty. The nighty acted like a see through cover. Each and every part of her body could be seen. She could feel and see her taut nipples. She had decided to try and prolong her fuck session with Vishal as long as she could. Aslam today had made her cunt wet just by little touches and dirty talks. She knew she need a hard long fuck.

Meanwhile Aslam reached Vishal’s home. He held Vishal with one arm under his shoulder and rang the door bell. Devika was sitting in the drawing room lost in Aslam’s dirty talks and Vishal’s would be fucking. As she heard the door bell, she with a spring in her steps went and opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door, Devika was shocked to see a fully sloshed out Vishal, standing with the support of Aslam in the door. Devika immediately covered herself with a hand around her chest to hide her nearly naked boobs from Aslam’s eyes.

Aslam purposely let Vishal a bit loose. Devika thought Vishal was falling and so she suddenly supported Vishal. In this process both her hands were holding Vishal thus exposing her nearly naked body. Recovering a bit she asked, “Aslam tum yahan? Vishal ko kya hua?” (“Aslam how come you here? What happened to Vishal?”)

Aslam was happy with his trick because of which he could see the practically naked Devika under the nighty. The nighty barely covered her pussy. If Devika raised her hands then her ass and cunt could be fully visible. Since she had caught Vishal’s hand she couldn’t hide her semi nudity.

Leering at her perky boobs Aslam said, “Aare Devika tere is gaandu Vishal ne kuch jyada hi pi aaj. Dekh saala behanchod kaise ludak gaya hai.” (“Aare Devika, see how your asshole Vishal has had too many drinks. This sister fucker has totally passed out.”)

Devika could feel Aslam’s hard look at her big boobs. She was helpless to do anything about it. But she was more surprised with the abuses he was showering on Vishal. Somewhere in her mind she knew what Aslam was saying about Vishal was true. She found Aslam staring at her perky boobs. Aslam could see her big ripe boobs and deep naval very clearly though her cunt was hidden in her thighs. As she helped Aslam to bring Vishal inside Aslam could see her body jiggling, shaking hard and her big navel making different shapes and my bouncing ass.

Aslam and Devika had put their hand behind Vishal’s back to hold him. In that process their hand fingers were interlinked behind his back. Devika was a bit shy. Though she had agreed to sleep under Aslam tomorrow, his being here in the night with her practically naked was making her feel erotic.

It was then when Aslam picked up Vishal and holding Devika’s arm asked her, “Devika meri maal, yeh bata tera bedroom kidhar hai jahan yeh namard gaandu teri jaise sexy gudiya ke saath sota hai?” (“Devika my darling, tell me where is the bedroom where this useless wimp sleeps with a sexy doll like u?”)

Devika didn’t try to free her arm. She felt good when Aslam abused Vishal. Devika showed Aslam the way to the bedroom and on the way she took a bath towel and covered herself with it.
As Aslam laid down Vishal on the bed, he pulled Devika on the bed, making her sit near him. Devika’s sexy thighs were fully exposed and Aslam caressing her thighs said, Devika, tere chutiya pati ne aaj 8 peg liye. Mai is maderchod ko rok raha tha par yeh harami kissi ki koi baat nahi sun raha tha.” (“Devika, your idiotic husband had 8 pegs today. I was stopping this mother fucker from drinking too much, but this bastard didn’t listen to anybody.”)

Devika didn’t feel anything when Aslam was abusing Vishal. She felt that Vishal deserved this abuse. Devika got up and removing Vishal’s shoes said, “Aslam mai tujhe sorry bolti hoon. Tujhe bina wajah yeh sab sehna pad raha hai. Vishal hamesha se aaise hi bewakoof hai.” (“I am sorry Aslam you have to take care of this problem. Vishal is always a stupid like this.”)

Devika was cursing Vishal like anything in her mind because this wimp had asked her to be in the fully transparent night, he was going to fuck her but this idiot has passed out drunk.

As Devika was removing Vishal’s shoes the towel falls off and her nearly naked ass is fully exposed to Aslam. Aslam, without loosing a moment putting his hand on her naked ass and caressing it said, “Devika darling, Vishal sirf daaru pine mai hi bewakoof hi nahi, yeh gaandu to saala ekdum boring person bhi hai.” (“Devika darling, Vishal isn’t just stupid just in drinking but he is a big bore in life too.”)

Feeling Aslam palm on her naked ass, Devika stood up suddenly and trying to cover her ass softly said, “Aslam yeh kya kar rahe ho tum? Maine yeh sabke liye tumko kal doophar ko bulaya hai na? Please abhi kuch mat karna.” (“Aslam what are you doing? I asked you to come tomorrow for this na? Please don’t do anything now.”)

But Aslam put his hands on Devika’s waist and pulling her close said, “Tu abhi bhi is gaandu se daar rahi hai? Meri maal, yeh namard abhi kamse kam 10 ghante uthne wala nahi. Suna nahi kaise keechad mai soye huye suwar jaise kharatte le raha hai? Dekh kaise yeh maderchod daaru pike ludak gaya hai aur uski sexy biwi uske Musalmaan dost ke saamne nangi khadi hai.” (“Why are you afraid of this idiot even now? My darling, this idiot won’t get up for 8-10 hours, don’t you hear him snoring like a pig in the filthy dirt? See how this bastard is drunk and his hot sexy wife is practically naked in front of his Musalmaan friend.”) Kissing Devika’s exposed cleavage Aslam added, “Devika, dekha is gaandu ne hame aaj poori raat uske hi ghar ke bedroom mai aaiyashi karne ka mast mauka diya hai.” (“Devika see how rightly this bastard has given us an opportunity to enjoy the full night in his house and in his bedroom.”)
Devika was breathing hard. It was an awesome scene where she practically naked was with her husband’s friends in her own bedroom. Though her cunt was crying for a hard dick to pound it she was feeling a bit embarrassed. Holding Aslam’s hands she said, “Aslam, please, mai yeh nahi kar sakti idhar. Vishal ke kehne pe mai uske liye aaise tayyar hui hoon. Aslam mai ek high class khandani lady hoon aur apne pati ke idhar hote huye aaisa kuch nahi kar sakti hoon.” (“ Aslam please understand, I can’t do this. I was dressed like this because Vishal wanted it. You see I am a high class nice family lady. I can’t do this and that too in front of him.”)

Caressing Devika’s neck gently Aslam said, “Meri maal, tu is sexy nighty is namard ke liye pehni ho? Aare yeh gaandu to tujhe is nighty mai dekhke hi zad jayega. Tune aaise mast sexy nighty sirf mere jaise tagde Musalmaan mard ke liye pehnne chahaye, jo tujhe aaise nighty mai dekhke badi berahmi se tujhe chodega. Teri jaise mast kadak maal ke liye mere jaisa tagda lauda hi thik rahega. Waise bhi yeh chutiya so raha hai to kyon daar rahi hai?” (“My darling, you dressed up in such sexy nighty for this idiot? Devika I am sure if he sees you in this clothes he will cum in his pants. You must dress like this for a hefty Musalmaan man like me my darling. A good and hot and sexy girl like you needs a hard cock like the one I have. And since Vishal is sleeping there’s no harm.”)

Devika yet not convinced, trying to free her, moaning a bit says, “Aslam yeh galat hai. Please mujhse yeh sab idhar mat karna.” (“Aslam please this is wrong, please no don’t make me do this here.”)

Aslam pulled Devika closer and now his hands were on her back. Aslam could feel her full soft back and ass cheeks. Running his hands all over her back and ass cheeks Aslam said, “Devika aagar mai tujhe kal chodne hi wala hoon to aaj choda to kya farak padega? Tujhe pata hai meri naye sexy maal, tujhe aaj raat, tere hi bedroom mai chodne ke liye maine Vishal ko itni daaru pilai ki woh tuun ho gaya aur aaj raat bhar mai tujhe chod sakunga.” (“Devika if I am going to fuck you tomorrow anyway then what’s the harm if I fuck you now in your bedroom? Devika, my new darling, you know darling to fuck you tonight I made Vishal drink so much that he sloshed out and I can fuck you the full night.”)

Devika was happy to hear Aslam’s confession. She really liked his way of getting things done the way he wanted. Putting her hands on Aslam’s shoulders she asked, “Aslam, to tune Vishal ko aaj pila-pila ke out kar diya? Aaisa kyon kiya tune mere raja?” (“Aslam so you made Vishal drinks so much and doze off? Why did you do this my darling?”)

Seeing Devika not protesting anymore Aslam putting his hands on her boobs said, “Devika maine yeh sab isliye kiya taki tere yeh mast mamme masalke, chatke tere nipple chus saku.” (“Devika I did all this so that I could maul and lick your boobs and suck these nipples.”) Aslam then put his hands on Devika’s ass and fondling her ass globes said, “Mujhe teri is mast gaand ko ragadna tha.” (“I wanted to play with your nice round ass.”) Aslam then rubbing Devika’s cunt said, “Aur sabse last mai meri Jain maal, mujhe mera Musalmaani lauda teri is garm chut mai dalke tujhe ek randi jaise chodke bahoot khushi deni thi isliye maine Vishal ko daaru pilake uski hi bedroom mai tujhe chodne ka plan banaya.” (“And lastly my sexy Jain darling, i wanted to put my Musalmaani lauda lund into this hot cunt of yours and fuck you like a whore. See Devika, I love you so much that I made your hubby drink so much that he won’t trouble us when I will fuck you in his bedroom when he is sleeping here.”)
Devika felt so erotic with Aslam’s words and actions that she snuggled herself against Aslam’s broad chest. It was suck a erotic scene, her husband sleeping passed out on the bed, she practically naked in Aslam’s arms and Aslam playing with her and talking all the dirty things he was going to do with her. Devika bit her lips and moaning a bit said, “Aslam lekin yeh sab galat hai. Mera mangalsutra pavitra hai aur mai iski pavitrata khona nahi chahati. Mai ek bade Jain khandaan ki beti hoon aur mere pitaji idhar ke Mandir ke sabse bade poojari hai.” (“Aslam but this is so wrong. My mangalsutra is pure and I don’t want to lose that purity. I am a good Jain girl from a rich and high family and my dad is the chief priest here.”)

Aslam could feel Devika’s heart beating fast with her boobs heaving hard. Keeping caressing her body Aslam replied, “Devika darling, mujhse chudwane se tu tere mangalsutra ki koi pavitrata kam nahi kar rahi hai. Balki mujhse chudwake tu teri chut mai lagi aag ko thandi karke ek asli aurat jaisa mehsoos karegi. Tera baap idhar ke Mandir ka poojari hai lekin tere is garm mast jism ka poojari aaj se mai hoon. Aaj tujhe aaise chodunga jaise ki tu sirf meri hai.” (“Devika darling, after getting fucked by me you won’t lose any purity of yours, instead after fucking you, I will satisfy you sexually and make u a complete true women. Your dad is a temple priest and I am your sexy body priest, today I will fuck you as if you belong to me my darling.”)

Saying this Aslam put his lips on Devika’s lips and started deep kissing her. Devika to not resisting anymore started to kiss Aslam back running her hands over his back. Aslam could feel Devika’s soft but fleshy body in that skimpy dress. But somewhere Devika was feeling that she was doing a wrong thing, so breaking the kiss she said, “Lekin yeh galat hai na Aslam?” (“But this is wrong na Aslam?”)
But Aslam caught hold of her head and started kissing her again. Now their tongues were fighting with each other. Aslam could feel Devika’s soft round fleshy ass and Devika was feeling Aslam tight big dick rubbing on her cunt. Rubbing his dick nicely on Devika’s cunt, Aslam said, “Hum kuch galat nahi kar rahe hai Devika. Aur aagar hum galat kar rahe thay, to tujhe mujhe pehle hi rokna tha na. lekin hum dono ko pata hai ki Vishal ki nunni tujhe poora maaza nahi deti aur isliye mere bada tagda Musalmaan laude se chudwane tune mujhe pehle se poora saath diya aur ab jab mai tujhe tere hi bedroom mai chodnewala hoon to tu bolti hai ki hum galat kar rahe hai?” (“We are doing nothing wrong Devika. If it’s wrong you should have stopped me on the first step only na? but we both know that Vishal can’t satisfy you with his small dick and that’s why to get yourself fucked with my big and strong Musalmaani dick, you allowed me to take the liberties with you, and now when we r together for the fuck you find it wrong?”)

Aslam slowly placed his hands on Devika’s big boobs and started pressing them. Aslam saw that as he pressed the boobs a bit hard, Devika would stand on her toe tips and would come down as he left her boobs. Aslam found this erotic and kept doing that.

Devika was in heaven with such type of play. Vishal hardly had felt her boobs and that too so hard. She loved it. She had now decided to get fucked by Aslam today itself but was feeling a bit embarrassed to get fucked in the same bedroom where her husband was sleeping. Pressing her boobs harder in Aslam’s palms she said, “Ahhhh Aslam, please kamse kam is room mai mujhe mat chodna. Vishal bhi idhar hai to mujhe accha nahi lagega uske saamne chudwane. Chalo na hall ya terrace pe chalke mujhe chodna.” (“Ahhhh Aslam, please at least don’t fuck me in the bedroom here. Since Vishal is also here, I feel guilty to get fucked here. Let’s go to the hall or terrace where you can fuck me.”)
Refusing to accept Devika’s request Aslam said, “Ummm Devika, tu kitni garm aur sexy maal hai meri gudiya. Devika tujhe to is gaandu namard ke saamne chodne mai jyada maaza aayega jab yeh hosh mai hoga.” (“Ummm Devika, you are so hota dn sexy my doll. Devika it would be even so nice to fuck you in front of this wimp even when he is awake, but this bastard is a chutiya.” Saying this Aslam kicked Vishal’s ass hard but Vishal just groaned and slept. “Nahi meri darling, mai tujhe aaj idhar hi chodunga. Bhale baad mai jidhar tu bolega udhar chodunga tujhe. (“No my darling, I will fuck you here today in your bedroom today. Later I will fuck you where ever you want me to fuck you.”)

Saying this Aslam started kissing and pumping Devika’s boobs. Somewhere deep Devika felt it nice that Aslam was abusing and kicking Vishal. That bastard had ruined her sexual life. Though she agreed that Vishal never let her down in materialistic world, but a woman also needs a hard strong dick which Vishal sorely lacked. Devika realized that with all this erotic actions and words she was on the verge of cumming. She couldn’t believe that just by dirty talks and playing with her body, Aslam had brought her on the verge of climax. She slowly started to shiver and rub her cunt hard on Aslam huge dick, kissing him and thrusting her boobs more hard in Aslam hand’s she accelerated her climax.

Aslam realized that Devika was on the verge of climax due to her sudden fast actions and blurring words. He decided to let Devika cum so that she will enjoy the sex more better later. So he held Devika tight and started rubbing his cock hard on her pussy. Aslam kept kissing her hard, pumping her boobs and rubbing her chut.
At last Devika came hard and holding Aslam said, “Ohhh Aslam, mai tumse bahoot pyaar karti hoon. Vishal to hijada hai, saala namard kahi ka. Harami ko meri jaise aurat ko poora santusht karna kabhi nahi aayega. Aslam tune mujhe ek aurat hone ka sahi mai ahsaas diya hai raja. Ahhhh Aslam darling.” (“Ohhh Aslam, I love you a lot. Vishal is a wimp, a sissy. This bastard doesn’t know how to satisfy a hot lady like me and he can never satisfy me. Aslam you make me feel like a complete women. Ahhhh Aslam darling.”)

Devika hugs Aslam tight and moans loudly. Aslam too keeps rubbing her boobs hard and kissing her. “Mujhe pata hai Devika ki Vishal namard hai, woh kabhi bhi kissi bhi aurat ko satisfy nahi kar sakta. Devika tu sirf mere liye hi bani hai. Sirf mere hi Musalmaani laude se chudwane tu paida hui hai meri mast randi.” (“I know Devika that Vishal is a total wimp. He can never satisfy any lady. Devika you are made for me, you were bown to be fucked by my Musalmaani dick, you sexy hot whore.”)

As Aslam once again abuses Vishal and calls her a whore, Devika cums hard again hugging Aslam tight and shaking hard. After 2-3 minutes she settles gown and says, “Aslam, please mujhe randi mat bulao. Mai ek acchi Jain aurat hoon.” (“Aslam please don’t call me a whore. I am a good Jain woman.”)

Aslam sits on the carpet and pulls Devika on his lap. He had decided to break Devika and make her a whore. He makes Devika remove her nighty and now a naked Jain Devika ws sitting in the lap of this brute Musalmaan Aslam. Kissing her neck and licking Devika’s naked boobs Aslam says, “Devika, teri chut ki aag aur bhadkane hi maine tujhe randi kaha. Waise to tu meri darling hai. Chal meri darling, aake tu tere is Musalmaan lover ko kiss karke bata ki tu usse kitna pyaar karti hai.” (“Devika my sweet sexy darling, I called you a whore just to arouse your cunt more. You are my sweety darling. Come baby doll, come over and kiss your Musalmaan lover and tell him how much you love him.”

As Aslam keeps pumping her boobs, Devika feels it so erotic that she is sitting naked in Aslam’s lap, he is playing with her boobs and kissing her whereas her wimp husband is dozing off on the bed. Devika kisses Aslam hard and massaging his head says, “Aslam tum itne saal kidhar thay raja? Meri zindagi mai pehle kyon nahi aaye tum? Mai tumse bahoot-bahoot pyaar karti hoon aur thumhare liye mai is gaandu Vishal ko talaq tak de sakti hoon.” (“Aslam where were you all these years? Why didn’t you come in my life before? I love you very-very much and I will do anything for you, I will even leave this wimpy Vishal for you.”)

Devika hugs Aslam tightly. Aslam too feeling her naked body says, “Darling tune hi jaldi mai is harami Vishal se shadi ki. Aagar mai tujhe pehle milta to tujhe mere bistar ki Rani banake rakhta.” (“Darling you were in a hurry and so got married with this asshole. If you had waited for some more time, I would have picked you up and made my bed queen.”) Massaging Devika’s naked boobs with his head Aslam says, “Devika, mai bhi tujhse bahoot pyaar karta hoon. Tujhe chodke hamesha khush rakhunga. Devika tujhe pata hai, tu jo samajhti hai ki Vishal ne tujhe woh messages bheje thay woh aasal mai maine bheje thay Vishal ke cell se. Kyon ki mujhe tujhe is sexy nighty mai dekhna tha jab mai tere gaandu pati ko ghar le aau.” (Devika, I too love you a lot my darling. I will fuck you and give u all the pleasures of life. Devika you know all that Sms’s send by Vishal were actually sent by me because I wanted you to be in the most sexy outfit when I come home with your bastard husband.”)
Aslam was rubbing her nipples when he told this. Devika justly playfully slaps Aslam. Since her eyes were not on Aslam’s face, she couldn’t see the anger in his eyes because of this slap. Due to Aslam’s manipulation of her nipples, Devika moans and holding Aslam’s hands she pulls his face down and says, “Mai tere liye kuch bhi kVishalgi Aslam.” (“I will do anything for you Aslam.”)

Aslam knew that Devika bitch is going to pay heavily for the slap. Without showing any anger on his face, he kisses her and says, “Devika, mujhe pata hai tu mere liye kuch bhi karegi, mujhpe utna bharosa rakh ki mai tujhse bahoot se cheese karwake lene wala hoon. Darling Devika, kya tujhe woh Musalmaani lauda nahi dekha jo teri mast chut pe hamla karke, teri chut phadke rakhte tujhe mere bacche ki Maa banane wala hai?” (“Devika, I know dear you will do anything for me and believe me I will make you do many a things. Darling Devika, don’t you want to see the Musalmaani dick that is going to invade your pussy and fuck the brains out of you and which is going to breed you my children?”)

Devika nods hungrily as Aslam stands up. She could see the huge tent formed in this jeans. Kneeling down, Devika loosens his belt and then opens the jeans button. Then running her hand all over the length and feeling the thickness, Devika unzips his jeans. Pulling the jeans down, she helps Asalm take off the jeans.

Now the bulky tent in the underwear looks more huge and prominent to Devika’s eyes. She looks at Aslam who indicates her to remove his undies. Putting her fingers in the elastic band as Devika starts sliding down the undies, Aslam huge dick pops out and dances in front of Devika’s eyes.

Devika was dumb folded seeing the huge bulbous big and long slab of 9” meat dangling in front of her eyes. She had never seen such a dick before though she had heard that some men do posses such cocks. Devika involuntarily licked her lips looking at the dick.

The big red head of the ramrod straight circumcised dick was shining due to the precum drops. The sacs dangling below looked like tennis balls filled with the potent cum, which Aslam was going to deposit in Devika’s womb.

Devika could feel her cunt leaking more seeing this dick and rubbing the dick she said, “Baap re Aslam, yeh kitna bada hai. Yeh to mujhe poora phad hi dega.” (“Oh my God Aslam, this thing is so huge. It will fully tear me.”)

Removing Devika’s hands from over his dick, Aslam rubs the dick on Devika’s face and says, “Haan Devika, mera lauda to kabhi bhi Vishal aur uske jaise namardo se bada hi hai. Yehi nahi, mera lauda to kaafi mardo se bhi bada hai. Sooch meri jaan, aaisa lauda pehle chuske aur baad mai usse chudwake leke tujhe kitna maaza aayega.” (“Yes Devika, my dick is huge anytime compared to your Vishal’s and wimps like Vishal. Not only that, its huge compared to many real males too. Just think of the pleasure you will get sucking it first and then getting fucked by it.”)
Devika again started massaging Aslam’s huge dick. Thinking of sucking this piece of meat Devika said, “Aslam mai pure Jain hoon, waise bhi maine aaj tak Vishal ke lund ko kiss kiya hai, kabhi poora muh mai leke chusa nahi hai.” (“Aslam, I am a pure Jain lady. Thought I have kissed Vishal’s dick, I have never sucked it fully”)

Aslam removed his shirt and now both were fully naked. Aslam sat down and pulled Devika on him. She was lying on his naked hairy thigh. She could see the bulbous dick head and the sticky piss hole. They both were a contrast to see. Devika as white fleshy lady, with big round white boobs and a equally fleshy ass sleeping on the naked lap of Aslam, a hard bodied muscular, somewhat dark brown male.

Aslam pulled Devika a bit up and now his dick was rubbing on Devika’s cheek. Holding Devika’s nipples in his thumb and fore finger and twisting them a bit, Aslam said, “Nahi darling, lund chusna bhi chudai ka ek hissa hai. Sab ladkiya aur aurate ab lauda pehle chusti hai aur baad mai chudwati hai. Tu ek Jain aurat hai to tune to pakka mere jaise Musalmaan mard ka lauda chuske uski taste leni chahaye. Chal, mera lauda choom ke chusna shuru kar Devika maal.” (“No darling, sucking is a form of sex, all the girls and ladies nowadays first suck the dick nicely and then get fucked by it. And Devika specially you should suck a Musalmaan dick and see how it tastes. Come baby, kiss my dick and then start sucking it.”)

Devika had read that all men like to get their dick’s sucked before fucking. If a wimp like Vishal likes it then a man like Aslam would surely demand it. Devika used to suck her boyfriend’s dick before marriage.
Aslam patting her head and then pressing her mouth on the dick said, “Maine bhi wohi bola tha na darling? Chal ab aur jyada lauda le muh mai aur lollypop jaise chusne shuru kar.” (“That’s what I told you na darling? Come baby take more of it more in your mouth and suck it like a lollypop.”) As Devika once again took the head in her mouth Aslam said, “Ahhhh meri jaan, aaise hi chusti rehna.” (“Ahhhh, my darling babies keep sucking like this.”)

Devika was finding it enjoyable now to suck and lick Aslam dick. As she was lying on Aslam’s thighs sucking his dick, when could feel her hard nipples rub on his thighs. Devika was licking and sucking the dick greedily. She moaned a bit as Aslam pushed his dick more in the mouth and slowly bit the dick to show her pain.

Aslam loved it when Devika bit his dick slowly and in appreciation of it he patting Devika’s ass with both hands said, “Devika, yeh bata, kya tera hijada Vishal abhi tak apne laude ka paani ruka sakta tha kya aagar tu uski nunni chus rahi hoti?” (Devika do you think Vishal would have lasted for so long if he was with you and you were sucking his dick now?”)

As Devika’s ass shook with the slaps, Aslam slapped them more. With the slaps, Devika’s ass hit each other making a ‘puch-puch’ sound. Devika giggling said, “Nahi, kabhi nahi Aslam. Vishal ki nunni ko 4-5 masla to saala zad jata hai. Tu asli mard hai Aslam aur mujhe khushi hai ki aaj ek asli mard mujhe chodne wala hai.” (“No, never Aslam. Even if I jerked his dick 4-5 times he used to cum in my hands. You are a real man and I am so fortunate that to a real man like you is going to fuck me.”)

It was now that Aslam knew that he had to show his true nature to Devika. Basically he was angry with Vishal because he had the more plum job, with bigger pay in the company. Also compared to Rehana, Vishal had a lot more hot and sexy wife. Though Vishal never brought his post or pay in the friendship with Aslam, Aslam wanted to humiliate Vishal in his own eyes in such a way that Vishal would never look eye in eye with Aslam ever again. Ad to humiliate him the most, there was nothing more pleasurable to Aslam then fucking his sexy wife Devika and making her his whore.

First looking at Aslam and then at his dick, Devika first kissed the dick. After giving 2-3 kiss, she brought out her tongue and started licking the head. Tasting the taste of the precum not repulsive, Devika then slowly opened her lips and took the dick head in the lips and started sucking it. Wetting the head she looked up at Aslam and then removing the head said, “Raja, tu aur tere laude ka taste ekdum mast hai. Mujhe accha lag raha hai tera lauda kiss karke ab chusne.” (“Baby you and the taste of your dick, both are awesome. I am loving kissing and sucking your dick.”)
Putting one hand in between his thighs and Devika’s chest, holding one nipple and twisting it hard, Aslam with the other hand slapped Devika’s ass hard. The duel painful attack made Devika scream loudly, due to which Aslam dick came out of her mouth.

As she looked to Aslam with tears in her eyes, Aslam again repeating the duel attack, this time with more pain said, “Devika randi, behanchod chut, teri jaise mast garm aurat ne hamesha mere jaise tagde asli Musalmaan mard ka har kaha manna chahaye. Tu meri randi banke is Musalmaan Aslam ka har kaha manegi na maderchod chinal?” (“Devika whore, you sister fucking cunt, you know what? A sexy hot lady like you should always obey a Musalmaan hunk like me. So by becoming my whore you will always obey me Devika, understood you mother fucking whore?”)

Aslam this time pinched her nipple hard and gave 3-4 hard slaps on her ass. Devika in pain, screamed and moving back a bit asked, “Ahhhh, kyon mujhe dard aur galliya de rahe ho Aslam? Tumne jo bhi bola woh sab mai kar rahi hoon na? Please aaisa mat karo na mere saath.” (“Ahhhh. Why are you abusing me and giving so much pain Aslam? I am doing all that you told me to do na? Please don’t behave like this with me.”

Looking lovingly at Devika and then lifting her by her shoulders, Aslam made her sort of kneel. He could see her ripe big boobs hanging like mangoes. Aslam thrust his waist up and rubbing his dick on Devika’s lips and catching her big boobs said, “Dekh harami raand, tune bahoot tadpaya hai mujhe aur yeh tera maderchod Vishal, iski maa ko chodu saala kutta, isne hamesha mujhse acche jobs cheene hai aur acchi ladki bhi, isliye aaj tujhe chodke aur meri chinal banake Vishal aur tujhe teri aaukat dikhake rakhunga. Chal maderchod randi acche se chus mera lauda raand.” (“Look you bitchy whore, you have made me wait for long to fuck you. And that mother fucker husband of yours, that Vishal, I am going to fuck his mom too, he always took the best jobs from me and also took the sexiest woman too. That’s why; today I am going to make you my whore and show you both your rightful place. Come on you whore, start sucking my dick nicely.”)

Devika is lying naked on her stomach in between Aslam’s open legs. Aslam then shoving his dick in Devika’s open mouth, cupping her big boobs very mercilessly starts slapping Devika’s naked ass. Devika finds it painful but erotic too that Aslam is saying and doing all this with Vishal sleeping on the bed. Aslam sees that as he slaps Devika’s ass more hard and roughly plays with her boobs, Devika starts sucking his dick more hard and deep.
Though Devika is finding all this painfully erotic, she with tears in her eyes begs, “Aslam please pyaar se karo na. Mai sab kuch karne de rahi hoon na to kyon dard de rahe ho raja? Please Aslam aaram se karo na, aaj poori raat hai hamare pass.”(“Aslam please love me softly. When I am ready to do anything you wish, then why are you giving me pain. Please Aslam, do it softly, we have the full night with us.”)

Not paying a scant attention to Devika’s request, Aslam in reply catching Devika by her braid, pulled her neck up. Devika with the help of her hands pulled her body up to reduce the pain. Again her big mangoes looked so erotic hanging from her chest. Aslam then started fucking her mouth from down. Devika was in pain but had to keep her mouth open to receive Aslam’s dick thrusts.

Fucking her mouth Aslam said, “Chup be harami randi, teri maa ki chut, abse tu meri randi hai samjhi? Jab chahu tab aake tujhe chodunga.” (Shut up you bitch, you bloody bitch, from now you are my keep, my bitch, understand? I will come and fuck you whenever I want.”

Devika is making ‘aagg aggg’ sound she gags on Aslam’s dick but is helpless to do anything. Aslam’s strokes are so hard that it makes her full body shake, her ass is wobbling and she is now supporting herself on Aslam’s thighs.
Aslam is happy to see that Devika isn’t and cannot resist to his attacks. She was now meekly accepting Aslam’s assault though it was painful for her. He was quite happy to see her wobbling and shaking ripe fleshy body. Holding her boobs, Aslam said, “Ahhhh saali kaise mast chudwake le rahi hai aapna muh. Soocha tha kabhi tere is muh ko mera Musalmaani lauda chodega? Ahhhh Devika dekh teri gaand kaise uchal rahi hai. Behanchod ab jab teri chut mai mera lund hoga tab tu mere uppar hogi taki tujhe chodte waqt teri gaand se khel saku.” (“Ahhhh bitch, see how nicely you are getting your mouth fucked. Did you ever imagine that one day my Musalmaani dick would be fucking your mouth? Ahhhh Devika, see how nicely your ass is dancing. You sister fucker, now when my dick would be in your ccunt, you will be on top of me so that I can play and slap your ass more.”)

Devika keeps kissing Aslam’s cock and starts to suck it hard and fast thinking that if Aslam will cum fast then this will end and she will be free. Devika, massaging his balls and kissing and licking his cock says, “Aslam please aaram se, please mujhe bahoot dard ho raha hai.” (“Aslam please do it gently, please I am in lots of pain.”)

Aslam not listening to Devika , keeps fucking her mouth, slapping her ass too and mauling her boobs says, “Aaj dekhi Musalmaan laude ki power Devika? Dekha kaise teri maa chod raha hoon? Bol abhi aur chusna hai mera lauda ya ab apni chut chudwake leni hai tujhe rand?” (“So my bitch, did you see the power of Musalmaan dick? Saw its ready to even fuck your mother? Tell me you whore, you want to suck my dick more or want to get your pure, high class cunt by my dick?”)

Devika fully tired and now in pain lets off Aslam’s dick from her mouth and now lying on Aslam’s lap, kissing his thigh says, “Aslam, tere is laude ne na jaane kabse meri chut mai aag lagaye hai. Dekh tere laude se chudwane ke liye mai ab meri maa ki galliya bhi sunke le rahi. Aslam ab raha nahi jata mujhse, ab jaldi se tere is tagde Musalmaani laude ko meri chut mai dalke poori tarah phad daalo meri chut raja.” (“Aslam, your dick has ignited a raw hunger in my cunt. To get fucked by this magnificent dick, I my listening to you abuse my Mom too. Aslam, now I can’t bear it anymore, please insert you tight Musalmaani dick in my hot cunt and fuck the shit out of me.”)
Happy to hear Devika’s request, Aslam pushed her aside. Lying down fully stretched on the carpet he caught Devika’s hand and said, “Thik hai meri randi, chal aake baith mere uppar. Randi ab aake mera lauda daal ke le teri chut mai, aaj teri chut phadke rakhunga raand.” (Ok my whore, come up here and sit over me. My whore sitting on me put my dick in your cunt, today I am going to tear your cunt.”)

Devika saw Aslam’s dick standing like a flagpole. It was so long and big that she had decided to let Aslam do and abuse her like a whore, but she would never let this dick away from her cunt. Massaging the cock, Devika looked sweetly at Aslam and then spreading her legs sat on Aslam. She was scared with the size but now was helpless as her cunt was itching for a hard dick. With one hand on Aslam’s chest for support, Devika caught Aslam’s dick with her other hand and positioned it on the opening of her cunt lips.

As soon as the dick head spread her cunt lips and slightly entered her cunt lips, Devika put both her hands on Aslam’s chest for support. Again when she lowered her cunt on to the dick the head entered her cunt and Devika giving a painful moan stopped.

Sensing that Devika has stopped taking more of his dick, Aslam roughly catching her boobs asked, “Kya hua chinal? Dard ho raha hai tujhe raand? Aare maderchod yeh Aslam ka lauda hai, tere Vishal ki ungli nahi, barabaar se le mera lauda chut mai nahi to isse laude se teri gaand mVishalga chinal.” (“What happened you bitch? Is it paining you to take my dick? You mother fucker cunt, this is Aslam’s huge dick and not your wimp Vishal’s finger sized cock. Now take my full dick in your cunt otherwise I will fuck your ass with my dick.”)

Catching her boobs and pulling the nipples, Aslam pulled Devika down. Devika screamed in pain but also slowly let herself down. The head then entered the cunt. Then Devika slowly started going up and down, taking more of the dick in her cunt. Nearly after 5 minutes of ups and downs, finally Aslam’s dick fully entered Devika’s cunt. The dick was so huge for her cunt that Devika couldn’t even breathe freely.
Aslam knew that Devika was in pain so he let her take time to adjust her cunt to his big dick. But he didn’t want Devika to be fully relaxed. Cupping her boobs hard and twisting her nipples with his thumb and fore finger Aslam asked, “Wah meri randi, barabaar liya mera lauda chut mai. Chal ab teri chut chudwake lene shuru kar Devika. Kaisa hai mera lauda chinal? Dard ho raha ha to nikal daal mera lauda aur tere chutiya Vishal ki ungli dalwake le teri chut mai. (“That’s great my whore, you took my dick nicely in your cunt. Now start to get your cunt fucked by my dick bitch. So how’s my dick feeling in your cunt? If it’s painful for your cunt then get down from over it and go and take your Vishal’s finger sized cock in your cunt.”)

Devika loved the big dick in her cunt. It was the first time in her life when she could feel her cunt filed up with this hot meat slab. Till today she thought her ex boyfriend had a great dick, but today getting Aslam’s dick in her cunt had made her a women. She was now beyond all abuse and beating and pains given by Aslam. She was grateful to him for letting her take his dick in her cunt.

Devika moaning a bit was slowly moving up and down. She was letting her cunt feel the full length and width of her cunt. Devika took nearly 5 seconds to go up and that same to climb down Aslam’s dick. She was openly moaning loudly with open mouth. Running her fingers through Aslam’s hairy chest she said, “Aslam aaise mast laude ke liye mai kuch bhi kVishalgi. Ab yeh lauda sirf mera hai. Teri who kaali biwi Rehana ko bol dena ki aaise uske Miya Aslam ka lauda sirf aur sirf Devika ka maalik hai. Aslam aaise laude ke liye Vishal ko meri chut ko haath kya, usse yeh chut ab dekhne bhi nahi dungi. Ab to is laude ke liye mai Vishal ke saamne tujhse chudwane tayyar hoon.” (“Aslam for such a huge dick I can do anything. Now this dick only belongs to me. Tell your black wife Rehana that from today her Miya Aslam’s dick is Devika Master from today. Darling Aslam, for this lund letting Vishal touch my cunt is too far, I won’t even let him see it. For your dick I would be ready to get fucked in front of Vishal.”)
Aslam was happy to hear Devika’s statement. He was happy that this hot sexy Devika was his keep now. He had already planned to make her a public whore in front of Vishal and his group. He wanted to control Vishal through his sexy wife. Holding Devika’s boobs Aslam giving a push from under asks, “Aare lekin shyam ko to tu boli thi tu pavitra Jain aurat hai, to ab kaise is Musalmaan se chudwake le rahi hai? Ab tera Jain baap aur pati kuch nahi bolange kya?” (“But you were saying in the evening that you are a pure Jain lady then how come you are getting fucked by a Musalmaan dick now? Now won’t your Jain father and husband say anything?”)

Aslam gave a hard jerk from down which was very painful. Devika screamed loudly in pain. The scream was so painful that even Vishal opened his eyes. He looked at a naked Devika sitting on the carpet. Devika was terrified but to her relief, Vishal mumbled something and went to sleep. Devika was mortified by this but saw that Aslam was least bothered.

With another jerk Devika again moaned, but saw that Vishal hardly stirred in his sleep. He was snoring like a log. Devika had tears in her eyes due to pain and she supporting herself on Aslam’ chest said, “Aah ahah ahha nahi Aslam ahhh aaram se. Aslam please unko is baat ka pata nahi chalna chahaye. Waise bhi ab mai mere Baap aur pati se nahi darti hoon. Jab itna mast lauda mere saath hai to mai kyon daru kissi se. Aslam hamesha mujhe chodte rehna mere raja.” (“Aah ahah ahha please Aslam ahhh slowly. Aslam please nobody should know about our affair. Anyway even if now my Dad or husband comes to know about it then I don’t care. When I have such a big dick to fuck me, why should I be afraid of anyone. But Aslam you will always keep fucking me my darling.”)

Aslam keeps giving jerks from down which are painful but pleasurable too> Devika in bliss is moaning hard. She too is going up and down getting her cunt fucked. Spanking Devika’s ass hard, Aslam said, “Tu to boli ki Vishal ke alawa tu kissi se kuch nahi karna chahati na? Ab mera lund ko liya tune? Bol Devika randi, ab tu Vishal ke bacche ki maa banegi ya Aslam ke?” (“You were saying that you won’t get fucked except Vishal na? Then how come you are taking my dick now? Tell me whore, will you breed my or Vishal’s child in your Jain womb?”)

Screaming and jumping on Aslam’s dick Devika replied, “Aslam ke bacche ki mai Maa banungi kyonki Aslam hi mera maalik hai aur meri chut pe sirf uska hi haq hai. Mujhe to ab bus thumara hi lauda chahaye Aslam.(“I will breed only Aslam’s child as now my cunt and womb belongs to just Aslam. I just want you dick Aslam.”)

Aslam now realized that Devika’s pussy was easily accepting his dick so now he catching her waist started giving deep and hard thrusts from down. As he thrust his dick inside, Devika’s mouth and eyes opened wide and boobs jiggled, as he took back his dick, her mouth closed with a sweet moan and her boobs jiggled again. Devika was in a state of ecstasy. Thumping her cunt hard Aslam asked, “Aaisa maaza mila tha kya kabhi tujhe Devika randi?” (“Did you ever get so much pleasure my Devika whore?”)

Devika whole body wa shaking with the thrusts. She was in pure bliss. She could feel her boobs and fleshy ass wobble with each thrust. As Aslam fucked her hard, her body color was changing from pink to red and then to pink again. In a state of ecstacy she replied, “Ahhhhh Aslam please, aahhh dheere- dheere, ahhhhh oiii maa mar gaye meee, ahhh ah ah ah ah ha. Nahi Aslam, aaj tak mujhe kabhi bhi aaisa maaza nahi mila. Aur chodo mujhe mere raja.” (“Ahhhhh Aslam please, aahhh slowly-slowly, ahhhhh oiii maa I am gone, ahhh ah ah ah ah ha. No Aslam, I never had so much pleasure ever before. Fuck me more, fuck me hard my King.”)

Now fucking Devika hard, Aslam pulled her down and taking a boob in mouth, started biting her boobs and nipple, slapping her ass and fucking her. Devika was in a different world. She was moaning loudly without any fear of Vishal. Pulling her nipple and biting the other boob Aslam said, “Aare randi, yeh jannat hai jannat, dekha tera gora Jain jism kaise rang badal raha hai jab ek Musalmaan chodta hai? Tere gaandu pati ke saath kabhi dekha tha aaisa?” (“My whore, this is what is known as Paradise. See how your white Jain body is changing colors when a Musalmaan is fucking you. Did you ever see and feel like this with your bastard wimpy husband?”)

Now, as Devika’s cunt was nicely lubricated, she was easily taking Aslam’s big dick in her pussy. She had already cum once during the action. She was herself now bouncing on Aslam’s dick. With the thrusts she was giving, her boobs and ass cheeks were jiggling like twin balls. Bending down and kissing Aslam. Devika moaned and said, “Ahhh Aslam mmmm kabhi nahi itna maaza mila mujhe Vishal ke saath. Tere laude ne meri chut mai ekdum tehalka macha diya hai. Aslam jab bhi mai chudi hoon to kabhi bhi mere jism ke rang aaise nahi change hote thay. Lekin tere saath jab chudwa rahi hoon to aaisa kyon ho raha hai?” (“Ahhh Aslam mmmm, never ever did I get such a great feeling with Vishal. You dick is playing havoc in my cunt Aslam. Aslam, whenever I was fucked, my body never changed its colors. Then how come when you are fucking me, my body is changing colors?”)

The battle on the carpet was in full flow. Both of them were fucking hard now. Both were trying to please each other more and more. They were totally wet with sweat, but keep the tempo. Devika realized that Aslam was any times powerful than Vishal and she was happy that now she was Aslam’s girl his keep.

Mauling Devika’s boobs very roughly Aslam said, “Devika tujhe to pata hai ki mai tujhe kabse chodna chahata tha. Aur aaj jab tujhe us sari mai dekha tabse mera lauda khada hua hai teri chut chodne. Kya mast maal hai tu. Mujhe khushi hai ki tu aajse meri randi baan gaye hai. Devika jab itna bada lauda teri chut mai ghusta hai to sab khoon spread hota hai teri body mai isliye lal hota hai tera jism aur jab bahar nikalta hai sab khoon niche utarta hai, isliye tera jism rang badalte rehta hai.” (“Devika you know from how many days I wanted to fuck you. And today when I saw you in the chiffon sari, my dick went mad. What a sexy babe you are. I am so happy that from today you are my keep. Devika when my huge dick enters your cunt, the blood spreads in your full body making it go red and when I remove my dick the body color becomes normal.”)

Devika was now kissing Aslam hard, biting his lips and tongue. She was screaming in pleasure, putting her hands on Aslam’s broad hairy chest for support and moving her ass up and down was getting her cunt fucked. Pulling Aslam’s hands on her bouncing boobs she said, “Oh Aslam, ab mai teri hoon, teri randi hoon, teri rakhail hoon, teri kuttiya hoon. Tum jo chaho mujhpe karo, aur jo chahe mujhse karwao, ahhh mere Aslam jaan.” (“Oh Aslam, I am all yours now, I am your whore, your keep, your bitch. You can fuck me whenever you want, use me like anything and anywhere my Aslam darling.”)

Hearing Devika’s submission Aslam was very happy. Now he wanted to give Devika the ultimate pleasure, so holding Devika tight in his arms, Aslam turned keeping his dick in her cunt. Due to the sudden turn even Devika held him tightly. Now, for the first time, Devika was under her lover Aslam. Aslam adjusted himself and then putting hands on her boobs, pumping them and taking their support, he started fucking Devika hard and fast. Aslam’s dick was fucking Devika’s cunt like a well oiled piston. Devika’s whole body was shaking and with every stroke she was moaning aloud, biting her lips. She was in heaven by this awesome fucking.

Cupping the boobs and crushing them Aslam said, “Le aur le aur le meri randi Devika, teri maa ki chut badi garam maal paida ki hai teri maa ne. Ab meri randi baan gaye to hamesha tujhe chodunga chinal. Ahhh kya mast lag raha hai tujhe chodne kuttiya.” (“Take this and this and this Devika whore. Your Mom has given birth to a hot and sexy cunt like you who is now my keep. Now I will always keep fucking you. Ahhh I am so happy fucking you my bitch.”)

Devika now was in no situation to reply to Aslam’s talks. She was almost in a semi-conscious getting so much pleasure. She felt as if she was having non-stop orgasms and her pussy lips are vibrating which made Aslam’s cock feel good. She clutched Aslam’s hands on her boobs and was screaming Aslam to stop but Aslam kept on fucking her more hard. Devika’s face was now looking deep red with the fucking.
Devika looked deep into Aslam eyes and smiled. She could feel Aslam all over her. She was so tired and content that she kissed Aslam’s lips and then taking his head and putting it in between her boobs just stayed quite regaining her breath.

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  1. Great incident in Devika’s life. Aik aur Jain/Hindu ladki ko asli jannat mili Muslim mard ke neeche
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  2. Devika ko Mila asli jannat ka mazaa, Muslim mard ke neeche.
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