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Dictionary Definition Of Hslut


The Brahmin penis is considered the smallest may be thats why mostly brahmin girls fall for musalmans and lovejihad these days.

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  1. real proof that hslut is now a real word….
    a proof that humari behene mullo ke ho chuki hai….n aab unhe humare lulli se nhi hoga….unhe abb bade musal lund hi chahiye….they have made their choice….

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  2. Never knew they made it into a Definition. Its good anyways

  3. I cannt believe it, but padh ke hi lund se pani nikalne laga. bahot maja ata he esi cheeze padh ke.

  4. U believe or not bt truth is that our hindu sisters and mothers are slut of Muslims or isme Kuch galat Nhi h jo aurat ko aurat hone ka sukh denge vhi asli mard h or muslims hi asli mard h

  5. Its true.. mai ek bramhin wife hu .. mere pati ki bhi choti si lulli hai.. Jab musalmano ke lund dekhti hu to pata chalta hai ki asli lund kis ko bolte hai…ab to mai bhi musalmani laude ka khub maza leti hu

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