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Divya an atheist girl floored by a muslim stallion

My Name is Divya Shrivastava and I am a 26 year old girl from a hindu family. I am a secular atheist and here is my story. I studied in ******* college in london where I met this muslim guy of pakistani origin.

He was in my class and the first though that came up in my mind when I saw him was that he is handsome. He had a personality like Fawad Khan, he had copied his hairstyle and it looked good on him.

His name was ilyas ahmed he was more than 5.8 feet tall with an athletic body. Since we were in the same class we used to talk a bit. I felt that few desi hindu guys who were in the same class didn’t like it when they saw us together as they used to stare.

It was just the beginning as conversations between us got more and more frequent and prolonged from face to face conversations to text messaging to video chat we couldn’t get enough of each other and sex was on the cards.
I am 5.6 feet tall with fair complexion. I go to gym and my figure is like shraddha kapoor’s. Once we were having a video chat on skype ilyas was shirtless.

I said “remove your pants too you dont need any clothes” it was said as a joke. He acted so swiftly, removed his pants and said pointing towards his underwear “do you want me to remove this too ?”. I said no. From the inside I had no problem seeing his dick but it was just a sanskari reaction from my side as we were not in a sexual relationship yet.

The first time we had sex was when he took me to his room for a nice cup of coffee after the college classes. He said “you should taste my coffee at least once, you dont know what you will miss”. I went to his room to taste his coffee and ended up tasting his dick. We were sitting together having a sweet evening conversation after a hot cup of coffee which warmed us both. The conversation turned romantic, sexual tension between us grew stronger and stronger and eventually it was a swift spontaneous reaction we both exploded.

We started kissing each other hungrily. He removed his t-shirt, his heady masculine aroma aroused me further and I was in heat. Next undressed me slowly and started kissing me everywhere, he sucked my tits like a mango.
He removed his pants and I hurriedly pulled down his underwear and there popped out a huge piece of meat. Damn his big cock was rock hard. It was big and thick like the ones I saw in big dick themed porn videos. I lost my virginity when I was 20 during my graduation days in India to a hindu guy and his dick was not that big it was less than 5.5 inches.

We had normal sex. That week we had sex every single day but something different happens a week later and it is were I would like to take you. So fast forward, one week later, I was at his place in his bedroom. We were close together on the bed kissing and cuddling.

He began to play with my pussy with his fingers I was heavily aroused.
Then he said to me “I know you have a fetish for muslim guys and their circumcised dicks”.
Me: What are you saying I dont have any fetish of that sort. Just stop talking and have sex.
ilyas: There you are so desperate, you keep talking about muslims in your facebook posts and now you are getting fucked by one, you have a fetish you should accept it, you cant stop thinking about them.

Me: What are you upto, you dont like my posts then say it but you never mentioned it before why now.
ilyas: I dont mind your posts they are positive. How many bf’s have you had before.
Me: Just two.
ilyas: They didn’t have a dick like this.
Me: No your dick is special, I laughed.
ilyas: what were their names ?
Me: Varun and Parth, but i really find this off topic.
ilyas: It is not, so they were hindus (he laughed), thats why my dick has to be special for you.
Me: You seem completely changed today.

Then he quickly grabbed me and started kissing me, his leg was over my legs his big dick was crushing against my thigh. He started licking my pussy with his tongue, I went completely mad.
After few minutes he moved his cock close to my mouth. My hormones were raging and I was desperate to be pleasured by his big dick.

I knew he wanted to get sucked so I starting playing with his dick in my mouth. He chocked me two times with his big fat dong inside my mouth, I felt his dick in my throat which made me cough. He smiled probably thinking that its too big for me. He opened my legs and began dick slapping my tight pussy with his heavy penis which was drenched in my saliva and his cum.

His wet circumcised brown muslim dick was hard  and shining with veins bulging out due to increased pressure in his dick, he was so hard for me. He then inserted the thick tip of his dick in my vagina which was already wet and started rubbing the tip on my pussy lips. He inserted his massive tool into my vagina as I moaned loudly in pleasure. He put his body weight on me as his dick went further inside my pussy. I moaned loudly he said “bitch you like this muslim dick in your hindu, atheist, secular or whatever pussy you might call it dont you, should i bring a mirror wanna see for yourself”.

I bit his neck and shoulder in annoyance and pleasure.
ilyas: (pulling and pushing his dick in and out he said) Bitch still want this dick dont you, or I should stop.
I was hungry and this big dick was so overwhelming, I was completely floored by this dominant muslim guy. Today he revealed his true picture. It was clear he wanted to dominate me and I submitted myself so easily, I wasn’t a submissive type girl I was argumentative but I guess it was always in the nature hidden inside just needed the wild heady manhood to come out of the closet.

He kept jerking his dick in and out I crossed my legs on his hips, my hands were on his back wanting him to go deeper. He kept pushing his dick, I was breathing heavily. Next he lunged forward putting his dick deep inside my pussy and squeezing my boobs I moaned aloud, I remember he said in a heavy voice “what are you brahmin, kshatriya doesn’t matter they all love to be floored and serviced by potent muslim men. His sharp words buried me deeper and deeper.

Next he turned me over. I was lying down facing the bed, he put a pillow under by pussy. He rubbed his dick between my ass cheeks and pushed his cock into my pussy from behind and started stroking and thrusting his dick from behind. I was moaning and I could hear the noise of slapping flesh of his thighs and the base of his dick beating against my ass / hip.

Banging me from behind he said “loving it eh bitch a muslim dick servicing your cunt”. I should blow all my load inside you, you want it dont you.
Me: Yes you muslim beast shoot your hot cum inside me.

He then grabbed me from behind put all his weight on me I could feel his chest rubbing against my back as he banged me from behind. I grabbed the bed sheet firmly. In a low voice he said in my ear ‘I know you dont like to worship anything but from today you will happily worship my big muslim dong’ He then thrust his dick deep inside and moaned as his hot cum exploded inside my vagina. He pulled his wet dick out of my pussy as some of the juices trickled out onto the bed sheet. He wiped his cock on my ass. Exhausted I kept lying down on the bed, he then smiled and cuddled me.

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  1. Fuckkk that was hottest story I read,I jacked my di ck off
    twice already, my cousin also had paki bfs, I’m pretty sure she’s been pounded hard by them , I want my wife to get banged by Muslim hunks… Msg me on kik SMATS85

  2. This is so interesting. Atheist girl also likes muslim?

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