Divya in Hijab And Greets Musalmans

Same old story h!ndu girl uploads the special pic for the musalmans what follows is pretty obvious. Divya studied in Dubai. Lot of rich hindu girls study in UAE these days in universities like Middlesex Dubai and there they make lot of musalman friends and even boyfriends.

Hindu girls have soft corner for musalmans




A h guy accuses her sucking muslim (katwa) cock



Divya likes Basheer


3 thoughts on “Divya in Hijab And Greets Musalmans

  1. Mader chod randi kuitya shalini admin unban kar mujhe abhi k abhi randi kutte se chaurahe par chudegi tu sali rand unban kar or bina kisi bat fir se ban mat kar dena mujeh nahi to teri maa chudwa dungi rand

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