Doubts about my mom

My mother is a divorcee single mother who works as an assistant manager in a Mercedes Benz showroom in Gurgaon. She is 39 years old.

Recently I have seen a lot of changes in her personality.
She comes home late than before and her colleague Asfaque who is her senior at work drops her home. Earlier she used to wear salwar kameez mostly to work but now wears Western outfits mostly skin hugging shirts and jeans or trousers.

She has straightened her hair too and looks absolutely fabulous. She even had gone to see the movie padmaavat with Asfaque which I found out by accident. She had two tickets of the movie in her jeans pocket which I found out and were booked by asfaque’s account.

The way mom dressed up for going to the movie was also suspicious. She wore a skin tight top and shredded jeans with jacket which even beats young girls too in fashion.

I have often seen mom come home with many things suggesting that she had gone for shopping and asfaque drops her home too.

Do you think my mom and Asfaque are having some kind of relationship or just friendship?

Pls share your views.

7 thoughts on “Doubts about my mom

  1. She is definitely having sex with him. No guy let alone a Muslim guy does it for free and a woman changes her personality without reason.

    Congratulations, u have found a new father for yourself

  2. just accept it . i wish my mom dates a bf . help her in date nights by arranging dinner etc. shes having fun so be happy of it

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