Driver aslam and my hindu wife part 2

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It’s me again, Keshav Agarwal, a businessman from Kolkata with Part 2 of my
real life story.

In Part 1, ( I
wrote how I got married in 2009, shifted to Mumbai in 2010 and there we
hired a Muslim driver Aslam who changed our lives forever. Aslam was a
powerful muslim stud, who became our master and had regular sex with my
wife, that too in front of me. Aslam also had 3 wives of his own, all of
who were Hindus and converted to Islam to marry him. Aslam made my wife
pregnant. A beautiful son was born to us who we named Aslam as well after
his biological father’s name and then in 2012 Aslam permanently shifted to
Dubai.with all his wives.

Aslam wanted to take my wife with him as well but I begged him to leave her
and he agreed. After our son Aslam’s birth my wife took a break and for 3
months did not need any sex. However once 3 months got over she started
demanding as she had the habit of being pounded by a powerful muslim cock.
I decided to go for a vacation with her to London. It was in October 2012,
I left our new born baby with my wife’s parents and left for 1 month
vacation to London with my wife. I was hoping this vacation would divert
her attention and she would stop asking for her muslim lover Aslam who I
was not able to contact despite many attempts. but in London it went
opposite. I knew i will not be able to satisfy my wife after she enjoyed a
pure muslim mard for 2 years. In London, she became even more restless as
she wanted the muasalmaan lund of her lover and my master Aslam. First few
days we roamed and my wife was not enjoying it. She started fighting with
me and warned me if I do not do something to satisfy her, she will run
away. Clearly she did not want me to have sex with her. She wanted me to
find another muslim mard if Aslam was not reachable and find him fast.

One morning I set of for morning walk from my 5 star hotel. In the park, I
saw a couple kissing each other and a man watching them. I was stunned. The
man who was kissing looked 28 year old, the woman 35 and the man watching
around 40. I saw the watching man and smiled at him. He smiled back. I
could figure out that, that the man who was watching the woman was her
husband and watching his wife being kissed by another man. It was both
exciting for me and shocking as well. I was excited because this case was
similar to mine and shocked because me and my wife used to do it secretly
but this guy was doing it publicly in a park. It was early morning, but
still someone could come there and watch the action anytime. The man wished
me Good morning. I wanted to know more, so went near him. He didn’t
disappoint me and started to have conversation with me. He said his name
was Steve and his wife Martha was being kissed by a young Pakistani muslim
male Masood Khan. Steve said that he was unable to satisfy his wife. Steve
was a contractor and Masood worked as a labour in his company. Steve saw
Masood was a hung Bull with big body. He invited Masood for dinner to his
house one night. Then Masood in front of Steve banged his wife for 45
minutes. His wife then started to ask only for Masood.

Steve requested me to shoot Masood fucking his wife in his camera while he
watches them. I agreed to help them and took his camera and began to shoot.
Masood kissed Martha for 10 minutes and then stripped her naked. Martha was
35 but her body was very tight. Masood started to wildly bite her big busty
breats and sucked her nipples violently. She started to moan and shake.
Then Masood removed his shirt. He was a hung male like a Bull. He removed
his underwear and i saw his brown cock. It must be 10 inches long and
cut.Then Masood stood up and took Martha’s thighs and hoisted her in air
and started fucking her in a standing position. Seeing his power, i was
surprised. He was not just holding a 65 kg woman on air, 4 feet above
grounds but also banging her with his 10 inch long dick and he did that for
20 minutes till Martha orgasmed. It was a sight to see a brown Pakistani
muslim cock enter a pure white british cunt and rip her apart. Steve also
was watching with lust. When Martha was done, Steve took Masood’s cock and
started sucking it. This was a new thing for me. Involvement of husband.
Martha was already done with but Masood was yet to release his load so
Steve sucked his master’s cock for 10 minutes. After that Martha was ready
and she again sucked Masood’s cock for 10 minutes after Steve. Finally
Masood banged her doggy style and after 20 minutes of fucking Martha
orgasmed again, so did Steve and Masood. I could see Martha’s hole was
dripping with Masood’s creamy white load. I felt so hot while shooting all
these, that even i came out, without even touching my tool. After so many
months I had such a hot experience of watching a Muslim Stud fuck a wife
for 1 hour. Just that it was not my wife but a white man’s wife. I decided
hat Masood would be my new master and after the long sex session, started
to get friendly with Steve.

After the session, Masood and Martha left for the home while Steve offered
me ride back to my hotel. He for sure knew we had much in common. Steve
told me a lot which I was not aware of. I thought these things happened
only in India where Hindu girls are attracted towards Muslim Cocks but
Steve said it was a common thing in London. Steve said that in London there
are many handsome Muslim males from Pakistan and Middle east, also many
Black males in London were muslims. As per him there were 5-6% muslims in
London but almost 75% of white British women have regular sex with Muslim
males. So each muslim male on an average fucks around 12-15 white British
women.. Steve explained that it was not about money. It was because muslim
males were manly on bed and over last few years, this feeling got spread
that Muslim men satisfy the woman more than anyone else, so they started to
marry rich white men, divorce them, take their divorce money and started to
marry muslim men who were not very rich as they were labours, cab drivers
but most of them had big tools. This alarmed white men. So they started to
beg their wife not to divorce and promised them muslim men within marriage.
So now around 75% white woman have regular sex with muslims and out of that
48% do it with the knolwedge of their husband like Steve does, rest 27%
cheat on their husbands. Steve explained he knew many women who made their
husband drink too much alcohol at nights so that he sleeps and then call
their muslim servants, drivers etc to have sex and have their babies. Steve
said that Masood was with them for 4 years and his wife already had 2
children, both from Masood. I asked Steve if Masood would fuck my wife.
Steve said Masood already was fucking 20+ women so he won’t have time. He
took me to an area and said there would be some Muslims from middle east
here so I can ask anyone. I searched but saw only white British males
roaming there. I searched and roamed the streets for almost 2 hours but I
did not see any musalman mard. Only British males, who I was not interested
in. I felt if I go back to the hotel empty handed, my wife would get angry.
So I was disappointed and hungry after 2 hours of roaming, so decided to
step into a restaurant to have breakfast before going back to the hotel.

I sat on the table and saw the waiter asking for my order. He was fair and
handsome with brown eyes but his accent was not british. He did not look
like an Indian or Pakistani. I wanted to check his name so pretended to not
understand his words. He came closer to me and spoke near my ears. Then i
peeped his nameplate, it read, ‘Hasan’. I was excited and happy. I had
found my new musalman master. But i really doubted if he will agree to my
offer of fucking my wife and being my master. I ordered a coffee and
sandwich. After eating I paid him 100 Pounds, but Bill was only 20 pounds.
He came with change of 80 pounds but I asked him to keep the change as tip.
80 pounds tip was very high so he thanked me. I wanted to talk to him so
could not do so in front of everyone in the hotel so I asked him if I could
make a phone call from his mobile. He gave me his mobile and I gave a
missed call to my number. So his number reached my mobile. I came out and
after 5 minutes made him a call from my number. I told him on the phone, I
was the same guy who gave him 80 pounds tip and wanted to talk to him. He
said he could meet me after half an hour after tending to one table. I
waited at the street corner and after half an hour Hasan came. He was a
handsome hunk. I asked him more about himself. He said he was from Turkey
but earned British citizenship by marrying to a 70 year old British female
who died later. Hasan used to live alone and worked as a waiter in that
restaurant. He was just 25 years old. I told him the reason why I wanted to
meet him. I told him that he was very handsome and me and my wife wanted to
have a beautiful baby like him so if he could help us. I told him we would
be staying in London for 15 more days. And after that he would come with us
for 6 months to India and stay with us and sleep with my wife daily. Hasan
said he would have helped but he cannot leave his job. I offered him to pay
double salary for 6 months, free stay and food with us if he came to India
with us and also when he returned back to London, i promised to help him
get a job in that 5 star hotel where I was staying as I knew the hotel
manager there, being a regular and premium customer. Hasan agreed and I
invited him to our hotel that night for dinner after his work. Then I went
back to hotel and told my wife of the good news that a new handsome muslim
hunk will visit us that day for dinner. I told my wife his name was Hasan.
My wife accepted it as she knew it would be impossible to find out Aslam
(her former lover) again. We waited the full day and at 8:30, someone
knocked the door, it was Hasan.

Hasan didn’t know to speak Hindi and spoke broken English while my wife
didn’t know English. Even then they talked for 10-15 mins. Meanwhile i went
down and told the receptionist, that we would not want any disturbance for
next 1 to 1.5 hours and will have dinner late. When I came back to the
room, Hasan was already on the act. He was passionately smooching my wife.
I knew Hasan was a muslim but still I was scared if his cock would not be
bigger than or equal to Aslam then my wife would be angry so I anxiously
waited for him to remove his pants and reveal his dick. Hasan told my wife
that this is his 1st time which obviously my wife didn’t understand as it
was in English. My nervousness increased as I didn’t know if Hasan would be
able to satisfy my wife or not. Then Hasan, even though inexperienced,
started to remove clothes of my wife 1 by 1, artistically as if he had
experience to fuck 100 women. I saw my wife naked after many months, her
body was still great. It was now Hasan’s turn to show what he was made of.
He removed his shirt. His skin colour was reddish fair. He had dense, but
short chest on his hair and the hair on his chest and body was not black
but golden brown in colour. I had seen many Muslim male models and actors
in Bollywood but Hasan was more handsome and sexy than all of them. Finally
he removed his pants and underwear and my mouth watered on what I saw.
Hasan’s dick was perfectly circumcised with light pink. It was thicker than
any cock I had ever seen, probably double thicker than Aslam’s cock. It
would be 6 inches long but then it was not fully erect. It was down. My
wife saw this manly hunk and jumped on him. She started to kiss and lick
his broad chest endlessly. Now Hasan’s circumcised dick started to grow
longer, harder and thicker. It would be 9 inches long.

My wife went down and grabbed the powerful musalmaan lund in both her
hands. Still the top end was visible. Then she took the cock in her mouth
and started moaning loudly. After a few minutes, even Hasan started to
moan, which made my wife jump up and down. Hasan then tore the condom
packet he had brought to put on his dick but my wife snatched it and threw
that away, Hasans aw me and I signed him to go ahead and fuck my wife
without condom. He did not waste time and lied on top of my wife. Although
it was his 1st fuck, he was in absolute control and dominated my wife like
a true stud. My wife was cooperating with him fully. It seemed she was born
just to take this stud’s cock in her hole. He thrusted his mota lund in her
pussy and inserted it completely. She started to feel the pain as she had
never taken such a big and fat cock ever. After a few strokes, some blood
started to drip out so Hasan wanted to pull his cock out but my wife
grabbed him tightly and did not allow him to pull out his cock. Then Hasan
continued to pump his cock inside my wife’s cunt even faster. After 15
minutes she started to moan very loudly. My tool also harderned and i
started to masturbate again. Hasan continued to fuck her like a horse and
she continued to moan and shout. She orgasmed in half an hour. Hearing her
so loud moans, someone knocked the door. It was the housekeeping waitress.
I opened the door and she asked us not to make noise as it was disturbing
nearby rooms. Then I opened the door completely and she saw Hasan lying on
my wife and continuously fucking her. She saw and started to itch her cunt.
I invited her inside. When Hasan was done with my wife, I signaled him to
take the waiteress. The white British waitress must be 35 year old and was
married too but seeing such a handsome muslim hunk she slipped and gave
herself to Hasan. Hasan after satisfying my wife, tore the clothes of this
waitress and started to fuck her. He bit her milky white breasts hardly. He
started to bang her as well. After 20 minutes she also orgasmed but Hasan’s
juice was yet to come out. I offered to help my new master and took his
cock in my mouth. I used my tongue to massage his pink dick head. He was
feeling ticklish. I took his cock deep throat but it was too thick to go
inside my throat but still i tried to take it as deep as possible. After 15
mins of massaging the dick using my skillful mouth, Hasan started to moan
loudly. I sensed this was the moment. A few seconds later, a powerful river
of sperm was shot in my mouth. My mouth became full of the white juice and
his cock continued to eject the liquid. When my mouth was full, I took out
his cock and sprayed my entire face with the remaining sperm which was
still coming out of his cock. My whole face was covered with white. I
swallowed the cum load as this was the 1st gift to me from my master.

The waitress left and asked me if she could come again to meet us tomorrow.
I asked her to come again next day seeing how powerful Hasan was and his
stamina. We ordered dinner. After 1 hour, another hotel staff came and said
since Hasan was an outsider, he needed to go as visitors time was only till
11 PM. I told him he was our guest and would stay with us so they can
charge us extra person’s bill. The staff asked if we needed extra bed and
pillows. I refused. As I wanted Hasan and my wife to sleep together on the
bed while i sleep on the floor. At midnight i woke up seeing my wife was
riding Hasan’s cock and moaning loudly. He was fucking for the 4th time in
4 hours. It was dark but i could see my wife moving in his lap. Next day
the waitress came. She suggested me a change. When Hasan was smooching my
wife, she entered and started to suck his cock. So 1 woman was kissing his
lips, other kissing his cock. A male who had no sex for 25 years was
suddenly displaying powerful stamina of fucking. I was not surprised as he
was a pakka Arab musalmaan and this is what muslim men do. When Shweta
orgasmed, the waitress asked me to suck Hasan’s cock. I think this time she
wanted to have all his juice so she would get fucked after I sucked his
cock. I did so as I already tasted his powerful sperm and thought women
needed it more than me. After I sucked his dick for long, the waitress
seduced Hasan and he started to fuck her wildly. Hasan fucked her for long
hours and then finally cummed. The waitress cunt was literally flooded with
Hasan’s sperms. It was a sight. We continued this process for 15 days. I
also gout our Visa extended for 2 more weeks which meant more fun. We were
trying to get Hasan to get 6 month Visa to India, so that he could stay
with us. Meanwhile for the next 2 weeks, Hasan didn’t come out of the hotel
room for even once. He had resigned from his job and my wife and the
waitress took turns to get fucked by him. Finally the day arrived when I
and my wife were to leave London and reurn to Mumbai, thankfully Hasan also
got Visa for India. I used my contacts to get him Visa for India. The
waitress was not happy but she revealed that she was pregnant with Hasan’s
child. She was married for 6 years but her husband could not make her
pregnant but Hasan made her pregnant in just 30 days. I felt happy as
another married white woman got a Muslim man’s child. Her husband had no
choice but to accept the child as his wife was made pregnant by a superior
and Muslim hunk.

We reached India and all my neighbours and friends were curious about
Hasan. From his face, they could make out that he was a muslim hunk and so
they feared about their wives, sisters and daughters. As soon as we reached
my apartment, Hasan got naked and started to bang my wife again. He did was
not even tired after the 15 hour long journey from London. I knew his
stamina would mean that he has atleast 5-6 more women in the building to
satisfy his beast like sexual hunger and my wife would not be enough for
him. I knew that women will be attracted towards him if they see him. I
just wanted to ensure that these women are from nearby areas so that Hasan
does not leave my wife for other women even for 1 day. I wanted Hasan to
fuck hard my wfe for atleast 3-4 times each day, also sleep with her for
whole night. For rest of the day he was free and could fuck as many Hindu
women as he wanted. Next day I took Hasan with me to my building’s gym
where all residents of the society come to exercise. Usually housewives
come after 10 AM in morning and not early so I purposefully took Hasan to
the gym at 10. I instructed Hasan that his handsome looks would attract
women but he also has to show his muscular hairy body to make them bend on
knees. I told him most of these women would be married but would not even
think once before sleeping with Hasan, the handsome musalmaan mard as their
hindu husbands were too sissy to satisfy them. When we went to gym, there
were 3 women. Hasan removed his shirt and started exercising bare body.
This attracted all 3 women. 1 girl was just 21 and college going. She gave
her number to Hasan and left. The remaining 2 women were about 30 years old
and were desperate to get fucked by Hasan. 1 woman who stayed in the below
me, started to talk to Hasan, with the excuse of learning exercise. She
asked Hasan to teach her some exercise and using this excuse she started to
touch his body, mainly his chest. The other woman got jealous and started
to show her cleavage and back to Hasan to seduce him. I knew that there was
some action going to happen but they would feel shy in front of me. So I
left the gym leaving th 3 of them. However I didn’t want to miss the
action, so i went to the door, removed the shoes and locked the door from
inside so that noone could come to the gym. Then I secretly came back to
the gym without making much noise and hide behind a training machine.

What would happen if a true musalman stud is left with 2 Hindu married
ladies who are not satisfied with their husbands? 1st woman asked Hasan to
show him push ups and challenged him to do 50 pushups. She said if Hasan
does 50 or more, she will strip herself naked in front of him and if he is
not able to, then Hasan will have to massage her body nude. Both cases was
too hot to imagine. If Hasan won, he would fuck the woman, if he lost, he
would still fuck her. Hasan started to do pushups and he did 125 pushups
without break. The woman removed all her clothes. She had huge breasts.
after 125 pushups, Hasan was sweating heavily, so the nude woman went near
him and started to lick his sweaty hairy chest and abs. The scene was so
hot that i started to masturbate.. The 2nd woman took advantage and went
down. She unbuttoned Hasan’s pants, removed his underwear and took his
powerful circumcised dick in her mouth. After a few minutes, Hasan started
to fuck 2nd woman in doggy style and started to press hard the breasts of
1st woman. He was doing both woman at same time. A perfect 3 some. After 20
minutes both women exchanged position and he fucked the 1st woman in doggy
style, again for 25 minutes. Then both of them turned and started to suck
his cock and balls. After 10 minutes, Hasan shot his river of sperm on the
faces of both women. Then I took Hasan to my apartment and massaged him. He
was ready to fuck again after 1 hour so he took my wife again and banged
her and also released his cum in her hole. This was the 1st time he
released the powerful load in my wife’s hole. In the evening, Hasan sneaked
into that college girl’s apartment from her window and fucked her, even
when her parents were inside the house in other room. In the next few
months, Hasan befriended a lot more women and started to have regular sex
with them, sometimes even in front of their husbands.

When 5 months got over, atleast 20 married Hindu women in my society became
pregnant.. I knew Hasan was behind all of them because Hasan had started to
fuck a lot of women and their hindu husbands were helpless. I wanted this
for my wife too.So i started to ask Hasan to make my wife pregnant and also
got his Visa to India extended by 3 months. Meanwhile a rich officer’s
daughter, just 19 years old converted to Islam and married Hasan. We gave
her a room in my house so that Hasan could also enjoy with his wife. This
made sure that Hasan stayed in my apartment for maximum time. After a
month’s regular fucking, my wife became pregnant with Hasan. I knew that
this child would be very beautiful as his father was a Turkish muslim Hunk.
Hasan fucked my for next 3 months even while she was pregnant. He also met
10 more new women in the next few months, made 8 of them pregnant and
married 1 more. So when it was the time to leave for London, he had 2
wives. I arranged for british Visa of both his wives as they were not
British citizens, booked their tickets to London. I also paid a lot of
money to Hasan to start his own restaurant as he had lost his job. I went
to drop Hasan to the airport. In the airport, I begged my master to allow
me to suck his giant monster cock for last time. He agreed and in airport
washroom, I sucked his cock for 1 hour, where he released his load in my
mouth and i swallowed all of it. I also took his number because I knew tha
once my wife delivers the 2nd baby, she will again start to need a lund of
Musalman Mard so I would then contact Hasan again.

Exactly on 14th February 2014, another baby boy was born to us. he was also
beautiful like his elder brother and his father. We decided to name him
Hasan after his biological father. I was happy that my hindu wife bred 2
very beautiful sons to 2 real muslim studs. 3-4 months after the baby was
born, my started to demand a muslim cock again. what went afterwards, I
will cover in the 3rd anf final part.

In India many hindu girls run away with muslim boys and marry them. but
marriage is small part, bigger part is married hindu women who are married
to hindu males. Many of these get fucked by muslim males. Once a hindu
woman has tasted muslim cock, she will never accept sex from Hindu husband.
She will cheat or do itin front of his husband but only with muslim. This
is true for all non muslim women, not just Hindus. I saw in Britain as
their society is very open. In India a lot of it happens secretly. Like my
case or all my neighbours, their wives are fucked by musalmaan mards only.
Even their children are musalmaan. if husbands do not accept, like me then
wife starts to cheat and hindu husbands cannot do anything but helplessly
watch, so it is better to accept that musalmaan mard are real mards and let
them dominate your wives and enjoy the show, else you will keep feeling
depressed. One of my office guy married a girl who had a muslim boyfriend
before marriage. He thought marriage will change her nature but since she
tasted a muslim cock, she continued to cheat him with other muslim guys and
both her children were from muslim males, not her husband.

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    • ley meri raani hindi mey padh or bata kaisi lagi
      कुंवारी नेहा की चुदाई , मेरा नाम अयाज़ खान हैं मे एक मुस्लिम फैमिली से हूँ , मेरी ऐज ३० साल हैं। अब आप लोगो को बोर न करते हुए मे स्टोरी पर आता हूँ , हमारा घर एक ब्राह्मण इलाके मे हैं वहा हमको छोड़कर सभी ब्रहिमीन फैमिलीज़ रहती हैं। मेरे पापा के अच्छे सवभाव के कारन हमारी सब फैमिलीज़ से अछि बनती हे और हमारा सब फैमिलीज़ के घर आना जाना रहता हे , हमारे घर के बिलकुल बगल मे ४ लोगो की एक फैमिली रहती हे जिसमे मोहन मिश्रा (६५ साल के एक अंकल ), उनकी वाइफ शिखा मिश्रा (55 ), उनका बेटा और मेरा बचपन का जिगरी दोस्त शिवम मिश्रा (३३) , उनकी बेटी शिवानी मिश्रा(27 )।

      शिवम और मे बचपन के दोस्त थे, साथ -साथ बड़े हुए व् पढ़ाई की , शिवम पढ़ने मे अछा था इसलिए उसको अच्छे कॉलेज मे एडमिशन मिल गया और ग्रेजुएशन के बाद विदेश मे एक अछि जॉब , पांच साल विदेश मे जॉब करने के बाद वो वापस आ गया और एक छोटी सी कंपनी खोल ली, सुरु मे कपनी छोटी थी तो उसको कोई एम्प्लोयी नहीं मिला इसलिए उसने मुझको ३०% का पार्टनर रख लिया। एक साल के बाद हमरी कंपनी ठीक ठाक चल निकली तो हमने एक्सपैंड करने की सोची और लोकल लोगो को जॉब देना स्टार्ट कर दिया तो बहुत सारे हिन्दू लड़को को शिवम ने जॉब पर रखा लिया । हमको कस्टमर सपोर्ट के लिए एक इंग्लिश बोलने वाली लड़की की जरुरत थी तो शिवम ने अपनी कजिन(मौसी की लड़की ) नेहा पाण्डेय (21 साल ) को जॉब पर रख लिया नेहा ने अभी कुछ दिन पहले ही एक लोकल कॉलेज से बीकॉम कम्पलीट किया था और उसकी इंग्लिश बहुत ही अछि थी । मे नेहा को बचपन से ही थोड़ा बहुत जानता था क्योंकि वो कभी न कभी शिवम के घर आती रहती थी। १५ साल की उम्र से ही उसके छोटे -२ चुचे आने स्टार्ट हो गए थे और मे तभी से उसको सोचके मुठ मारा करता था (तब मेरी उम्र २४ साल थी )। हमारा ऑफिस एक छोटे से रूम मे हे और थोड़ी ही दूर पर शिवम और मेने अपने लिए एक रूम ले रखा हे जिसमे हम कभी कभी ओवरटाइम वाले दिनों मे रुख जाते थे। ऑफिस मे नेहा ने अपनी चेयर और टेबल मेरे बगल मे लगा ली थी क्यूंकि वो ऑफिस मे अपने भाई के बाद सबसे ज्यादा मुझको जानती थी , उसका भाई उसको मजाक -२ मे मार देता था इसलिए उसने अपनी टेबल उससे दूर रखी। अब हमारी टेबल ऑफिस के कोने मे थी , मे उससे खाफी बाते करने लगा था और वो मेरे से पहले से भी ज्यादा ओपन हो गयी थी मे उसको खाली टाइम मे इधर -उधर घुमा भी दिया करता था , फ्री खाफी पिला दिया करता था और जब तो वो ऑफिस मे रहती तब तक उसके सात हसी मजाक किया करता था और रात को अपना काम फिनिश किया करता था , मेरे इतना बाते करने से हम बहुत ही करीब आते चले गए , मैं नेहा को बातो मे इतना बीजी रखता था की उसको बॉयफ्रेंड से भी बात करने का टाइम नहीं मिलता था जिससे उसका ब्रेकअप हो गया और वो बहुत रोई , बुरे टाइम मे मेने उसका बहुत सात दिया और उसका मन हल्का करने के लिए उसको ऑफिस से बंक मरवाकर एक दो बार मूवी दिखाने ले गया। अब जब भी उसका भाई ऑफिस नहीं आता था हम खूब इधर -उधर घूमते थे, मेने उसको अपना रूम भी दिखाया और खाफी टाइम उसके सात स्पेंट किया ,

      • उसकी हाइट 5 फ़ीट और वजन 45 किलो हे , जबकि मेरी हाइट 6 .10 और वजन 85 किलो हे ), मुझको चुदाई का खाफी एक्सपीरियंस था और अच्छे से मालूम था की ऐसी जवान लड़की को कैसे काबू मे किया जाता हे। मेने उसके होंटो को चूसना चालू रखा और टी-शर्ट के ऊपर से उसके छोटे-2 बूब्स दबाने लगा थोड़े देर में वो भी लम्बी -२ सांसे लेने लगी तो मेने किसिंग बंद करके तुरंत उसके होटो पेय हाथ रखा और कहा की नेहा मे तुमको खाफी समय से पसंद करता हूँ , और हमेशा से तुम्हे अपना बनाना चाहता हूँ , प्लीज आज मुझको रोकना मत , आज मे तुम्हारे सरीर को बिना कपड़ो के देखना चाहता हूँ आज मे तुम्हे भोग़ना चाहता हूँ , मेरे इतना बोलते ही उसने आँखे चुखा ली , जिसको मेने उसकी हाँ समझा और मेने फिर से उसके गुलाबी होतो को चूसना चालू कर दिया , उसके होटो को चूसते -२ ही मेने अपना एक हाथ उसकी टी-शर्ट मे दाल दिया , उसने नीच ब्रा पहन राखी थी इसलिए उसके बूब्स का ज्यादा मजा नहीं ले पा रहा तो मेने उसके हॉट छोड़ दिए और मे बैठकर उसकी टी-शर्ट उतरने लगा तो उसने मेरे हाथ पकड़ लिए और बोलने लगी की अयाज़ सर रहने दीजिये न मेने ये सब पहले कभी नहीं किया, मेरी फ्रेंड बोलती हैं की पहली बार बहुत दर्द होता हे , मेने पूछा की अपने बॉयफ्रेंड के सात कुछ नहीं की हो, तो नेहा बोली की सर किसिंग के अलावा कुछ करने का मोखा ही नहीं मिला ,

    • जब -२ उसका भाई ऑफिस नहीं आता था हम दोनों भी बंक मारके मूवी देखने निकल जाये करते थेय , जिसको देख कर बाकि हिन्दू लड़को की बहुत गांड जलती थी की उनकी ऐज की माल हिन्दू लड़की अपने से 9 साल बड़े मुस्लिम अंकल के सात घूमती हे।अब आप लोगो को ज्यादा बोर न करते हुए मे नेहा की चुदाई के बारे मे बताता हूँ , शिवम को किसी काम की वजह से १५ दिन के लिए सिटी से बहार जाना पड़ा इसलिए वो ऑफिस की पूरी जिमेदारी मुज पर छोड़कर निकल गया। उसके जाते ही मेने नेहा को अपने घर न रुककर उसकी मौसी के यहाँ रुकने के लिए राजी कर लिया(उसका घर ऑफिस से खाफी दूर हे)। अब पहले ही दिन मे नेहा को उसकी मौसी के घर से बाइक पर लेके ऑफिस के लिए निकल पड़ा और रास्ते मे एक मेडिकल स्टोर से नेहा की नज़रे बचाके कंडोम और आईपिल के कुछ पैकेट खरीद लिया , क्यूंकि आज मे उसको चोदने का पक्का मन बना चूका था , मेने उसको रस्ते मे चाय -काफी पिलाई और ऑफिस न लेजाकर सीधा अपने रूम ले आया वो पहले भी ऑफिस टाइम मे वहां आ चुकी थी इसलिए उसको कुछ भी ओड नहीं लगा। मेने रूम का दरवाजा अंडर से लोक कर दिया , फिर वो और मे बैठके टीवी देखने लगे और इधर उधर की बाते करने लगे , आज उसने रेड टी-शर्ट और ब्लू जीन्स पहन राखी थी जिसमे वो खाफी लग रही थी , मे उससे बिलकुल सत्कार बैठा था , थोड़ी देर टीवी देखने के बाद मेने उसको कहा की नेहा चलो न आज कुछ तूफानी करते हैं , तो उसने कहा की आपका इरादा क्या हैं , तो मेने उसके कान मे आराम से कहा की नेहा मे तुम्हारे सात सेक्स करना चाहता हूँ, उसने कुछ बोलने के लिए अपने होंट खोले ही थे की मे तुरंत उनको अपने होंटो मे जकड लिया उसने जैसे ही विरोध जताने के लिए पीछे हटने की कोसिस की मेने उसको तुरंत कंधो से पकड़र बीएड पर लेता दिया , इस बीच मेने उसके रसीले होटो चूसना चालू रखा , अब वो पूरी तरह से मेरे निचे थी और बिलकुल भी हिलडुल नहीं सकती थी (नेहा मेरे सामने बिलकुल बची लगती हे ,

      • मेरी तो बांछे ही खिल गयी की बेहेनचोद आज तो बड़े दिनों मे कुंवारा माल मिला हैं चोदने के लिए , मेने उसे समझया की मे बहुत ही एक्सपेरिएनसेड बंदा हूँ और बड़े प्यार से करूँगा और तुमको थोड़ा सा भी दर्द नहीं होने दूंगा , थोड़ी देर सोचने के बाद उसने कहा की चलो सर जैसी आपकी इच्छा , कभी न कभी तो करना ही हे तो आज क्यों नहीं , उसका इतना बोलना था की मेने उसको कमर से पकड़कर गोद मे उठा लिया और जोरदार किश करने लगा वो मेरे से काफी छोटी थी इसलिए वो आराम से मेरी कमर मे पैर डालके लटकी हुयी थी और मे उसके रसिल होंट चूसे जा रहा था , फिर मेने उसको उसको दिवार से सटाकर उसके होंट चूसने लगा और उसकी टी-शर्ट को अपने हाथो से पकड़कर उतरने लगा , वो भी अब काफी खुल गयी थी इसलिए उसने भी अपने हाथ ऊपर उठकर टी-शर्ट निकलने मे मेरी मदद की अब वो ब्लैक कलर की ब्रा मे बड़ी सुन्दर लग रही थी , अब मे उसके गले से किस करते हुए निचे की और आने लगा और , उसकी ब्रा खाफी टाइट थी तो मेने उसका मुह दिवार की तरफ घुमा की खड़ा कर दिया और उसकी सुडोल कमर को चाटने लगा , उसकी कमर पेय किस करते-करते मेने उसकी ब्रा को झटके से खोल दिया और उसको अपनी तरफ गुम दिया वो अपने हाथो से अपने बूब्स को छुपाने की नाकाम कोसिस कर रही थी , मेने पड़े प्यार से उसके हाथो को उसके बूब्स से हटाया तो उसने शर्म के मर अपनी आँखे झुका ली , उसकी इस कातिल अदा ने मुझको घायल कर दिया , वो टॉपलेस बड़ी होंट लग रही थी उसके बूब्स बहुत अचे से मैंटैनेड थेय , और उसके सरीर पर एक भी बाल नहीं था , अपनी किस्मत पेय मे अंडर-ही -अंडर बड़ा खुश हो रहा था मेने ज्यादा टाइम वास्ते न करते हुए तुरंत उसके होंटो को फिर से चूसना स्टार्ट कर दिया और हाथ से उसके बूब्स भी प्रेस करने लगा अब मेरे से ज्यादा वेट नहीं किया जा रहा था तो मे उसको उठा के बीएड पेय ले आया और बड़े प्यार से बीएड पर लेटा दिया और फिर से उसके बूब्स चूसने लगा वो भी मेरे सर मे हाथ फेरकर मेरा साथ देने लगी। अब मे उसको धीरे -धीरे किस करते हुए निचे की और आने लगा और उसकी जीन का बटन खोलके उसकी टाइट जीन्स उतरने लगा उसने अपनी गांड ऊपर उठाकर मेरा सात दिया अब एक 21 साल की जवान लड़की मेरे सामने पैन्टी मे लेटी हुयी थी तो मेने ज्यादा टाइम न वास्ते करते हुयी पेंटी के ऊपर से ही उसकी उभरी हुयी चूत पर अपना हथेली रखकर प्रेस किया , मेरा ऐसे करते ही वो थरथरा उठी(सायद पहली बार किसी मर्द ने उसकी चूत को पेंटी के ऊपर से छुआ था ), अब मेने उसकी पतली सी पेंटी को पकड़कर उसके घुटनो तक उतार दिया , उसकी जवान बिना बालो वाली उभरी हुयी गुलाबी चूत की फांको को देखकर मे अपने आप को रोक नहीं पाया और उसकी कमर को अच्छे से पकड़कर उसकी चूत पर अपने होंट टिका दिया , मेरे ऐसा करने से उसने बहुत जोर से अपनी गांड उछाली , मे उसकी चूत मे को बहुत जोर से चूस रहा था , इसलिए वो बहुत ज्यादा मचल रही थी , मेने जैसे ही अपनी चीभ उसकी टाइट चूत की फांको मे डालके चाटने सुरु किया उसने मेरा सर उधर ही दबा लिया , और तुरंत ही ये बोलते हुए चढ़ गयी की सर और जोर से और जोर से चाटिये , कुछ हो रहा हे सर, झड़ने के तुरंत बाद वो तुरंत सांत पद गयी , अब थोड़ा रुका और जल्दी से अपना शर्ट , पेंट और बनयान उतरके सिर्फ़ अंडरवियर मे उसके ऊपर आके फिरसे उसके होंट चूसने लगा अब मेने उसके होंट चूसते -चूसते उसका एक हाथ पकड़कर अपने अंडरवियर मे डाल दिया , उसके कोमल हाथो का स्पर्श पाते ही मेरा लौड़ा पूरी तरह तनके खड़ा हो गया , अब मे अपना ज्यादा टाइम वास्ते न करते हुयी उसके होंटो को चूसना छोड़कर धीरे-धीरे निचे आना स्टार्ट कर दिया थोड़ी देर उसके बूब्स चुसके , उसकी नाभि चूसते हुए निचे आया और उसकी चूत का मुवावजा करने लगा मेने उसकी चूत की फांको को अलग करते हुए ऊँगली डालने का प्रयास किया तो वो चिहुक गयी तो मे ऊँगली करना बंद कर दिया , और फिर उसके ऊपर से उठकर से देसी तेल उठा लाया , वो देसी तेल थोड़ा मेने अपने लोडे पेय लगाया और थोड़ा उसकी चूत पेय लगाया , थोड़ा उसकी चुत मे भी लगाया पर ऊँगली ज्यादा अंडर तक नहीं डाली क्यूंकि मे उसकी चूत को अपनी ऊँगली से नहीं मुस्लिम लंड से खोलने की ठान चुका था , ओ भी खाफी देर से मुझको अपनी चूत पेय तेल लगते हुए देख रही थी और खाफी गरम हो चुकी थी , इसलिए जोर -2 सी बोल रही थी की अयाज़ सर जल्दी कुछ करोना अंडर बहुत आग लगी हे , अब मेने अपना लौड़ा उसकी चूत पेय टिकाया और थोड़ा रगड़ने लगा पांच मिनट तक रगड़ने के बाद जैसे ही झटका मारा वो तुरंत पीछे हो गयी और मेरा लौड़ा साइड मे फिसल गया ,मेने उससे कहा की नेहा डार्लिंग डरो मत मे तुमको कुछ नही होने दूंगा , फिर मेने साइड से एक तकिया उठा कर उसकी गांड के निचे लगा दिया जिससे उसकी चूत थोड़ी ऊपर आ गयी और थोड़ी सी खुल गयी , अब मे फिर से उसके ऊपर आ गया , इस बार मे चुकना नहीं चाहता था , तो मेने उसकी टांगो को मोड़के , उसके घुटनो के निचे से अपने हाथ निकालकर उसके ऊपर आ गया और उसकी चूत पर अपना लंड सेट करके उसके दोनों कंधो को पकड़ लिया अब वो बिलकुल भी नहीं हिल सकती थी , अब मेने अपना ८ इंच लम्बा और 2.5 इंच मोटा लंड उसकी चूत के अंडर सरकाना सुरु कर दियामेरा लंड आगे की साइड थोड़ा पतला हे तो सुपाड़ा आराम से अंदर जाना स्टार्ट हो गया वो अपना सर हिलता हुए बोली की सर रुक जाइए दर्द हो रहा हे , तो मे रुक गया और मेने उसको किश करना स्टार्ट कर दिया , जैसे ही वो थोड़ा नार्मल हुयी मेने उसके होटोंको कसके जकड लिया और जोर से एक धक्का मारा तो मेरा आधा लंड उसकी कुंवारी टाइट चूत को चीरता हुआ अंदर किसी चीज से टकराकर रुक गया , और वो ऐसे उछली जैसे कोई बिन पानी की मछली , उसकी आँखों से आंसुओ की धाराएँ बाह रही थी और वो छूटने के लिए पूरा हाथ – पैर मार रही थी पर वो छोटी सी लड़की के लिए एक मुस्लिम मर्द के निचे से छूट पाना बिलकुल मुस्किल था , उसकी लम्बी -लम्बी सांसे चल रही थी, उसका पूरा शरीर पसीने मे भीगा हुआ था, मेने उसके रसीले होटों को चुसना चालू रखा और थोड़ी देर ऐसे ही लेटा रहा , मेरा 2.5 इंच मोटा लुंड उसकी टाइट छुट मे पिस्टन की तरह फसा हुआ था, मैं थोड़ी देर ऐसे ही रुका रहा और उसके टाइट बूब्स को अपने एक हाथ से सहलाना स्टार्ट कर दिया , अब मैं उसके होटों को आज़ाद कर दिया और उसके गुलाबी गालो से आंसू चाटकर साफ़ करने लगा , हॉट आज़ाद होते ही वो बुरी तरह रोते और करहाते हुयी गिडगिडाने लगी की अयाज़ सर प्लीज निकाल लो आपका बहुत मोटा हे मे मर जाउंगी , मेने उसके होटो को किस किया और उसको बोला की नेहा डार्लिंग मे तुम्हे कुछ नहीं होने दूंगा , तुम दरो मत पहली बार मे थोडा दर्द होता हे उसके बाद मजा ही मजा, वो बार -२ प्लीज़ -२ बोलने लगी तो मे फिर से उसके होंटो को अपने होंटो मे जकड लिया और जोर से चूसने लगा , मेरा लुंड अभी भी उसकी छुट मे था , अब उसके हॉट छोड़कर निचे की तरफ देखा तो अभी मेरा आधा ही लोडा उंदर गया था , ४ इच अभी भी बहार था , मुजको पता था की इसकी चुत मेरा लोडा इतनी आसानी से अंडर नहीं जाने देगी सो मेने फिरसे उसके होंटो को जकड लिया और धीरे -२ उतने ही लुंड को उंदर बहार करने लगा , जब उसको थोडा आराम मिल गया तो मेने अपना लगभग पूरा लुंड बहार निकाल लिया( बस थोडा सा लुंड उसकी छुट मे रखा ), और साथ ही उसको किसिंग करता रहा और एक हाथ से बारी -२ से उसके बूब्स प्रेस करता रहा , अब उसका ध्यान चुत के दर्द पर बिलकुल नहीं था और वो किस्सिंग मे मेरा पूरा साथ दे रही थी , उसका ध्यान किस्सिंग मे लगाकर मेने एक बहुत ही तेज झटका मारा , जबतक नेहा को कुछ समझ मे आता मेरा 8 इंच का लोडा उसकी कुंवारी चुत की झिल्ली को फाड़ते हुए उसके बचेदानी के मुह से जा टकराया , उसने बहुत जोर से अपनी गांड उछाली , दर्द मे बहुत जोरसे चीखने की कोसिस भी कर पर उसकी चीख अंडर ही घुटकर रह गयी , वो दर्द से बहुत तड़प रही थी , पर अब उसका मेरे चंगुल से छुट पाना बहुत मुस्किल था , वो दर्द से बहुत तड़प रही थी और मेरी कमर को पिटे जा रही थी , उसने मेरी कमर को अपने नाखुनो से बहुत करोचा ताकि मेरी पकड़ से छुट जाये , पर बाकि हिन्दू लडकियों की तरह उसकी भी मेरे आगे एक न चली, अब मेने उसके दोनों हाथो को पूरा साइड मे फैलाके अपने हाथो से दबा लिया, और उसको किस करना छोडके उसके चेहरे के हाव -भाव देखना लगा , वो दर्द से बहुत तिलमिला रही थी, और मेरे सामने गिद्गिदाये जा रही थी की अयाज़ सर प्लीज बहुत दर्द हो रहा हे , बहार निकाल लीजिये , सर मे मर जाउंगी , पर मे आज कहाँ रुकने वाला था, मेने उसको कहा की नेहा डार्लिंग मे तो हिन्दू लडकियों ऐसे ही चोदता हूँ, अभी तो चुदाई सुरु ही हुयी हे आगे -२ देखो तुमको कैसे पेलता हूँ, मादरचोद बहुत तडपाया हैं तूने ऐसे ही नहीं छोड़ सकता तेरेको , अभी तो तेरी गांड भी मरूँगा मे, मेरे मुह से अपने लिए गाली सुनकर वो एक दम शॉक हो गयी और रिक्वेस्ट करने लगी की प्लीज सर मुजको छोड दो मे आपकी हर बात मनुगी , अब बाते करते हुए खाफी टाइम बर्बाद हो गया था और मे जल्दी-२ जल्दी उसकी छुट का भोसदा बनाना चाहता था , इस्क्लिये मे अपना लुंड उसकी छुट मे ही रखे हुए अपने उसकी टाँगे छोड़ी करके उसकी टांगो के बिच मे घुटने मोड़कर बैठ गया (कसम से क्या खुबसूरत नजारा था एक 21 साल की जवान हिन्दू कन्या अपने से 9 साल बड़े मुस्लिम मर्द के सामने अपनी टांगे फेलाए लेती हुयी थी और उसकी कुंवारी छुट मे २.5 इंच मोटा मुस्लिम लोडा उसकी बचेदानी के मुह तक दस्तक दे रहा था ), उसके हाथ साइड मे दबाये हुये ही मेने अपना लोडा बहार की और खिंचा , उसको लगा की मे निकलने वाला हूँ , तो वो थोड़ी शांत हुयी , और मेने अपना लुंड लगबग पूरा बहार निकलके एक जोरका झटका मारके पूरा का पूरा उसके अंडर ठेल दिया , उसकी बहुत जोर से चीख निकली (आये मम्मी मार डाला ……), पर मेने उसकी चीख की कोई परवाह न करते हुयी दोबरा से पूरा निकला और फिर से पूरा अंडर घुसेड दिया , वो बहुत तड़प रही थी और छुटने की पूरी कोसिस कर रही थी , पर उसकी हर कोसिस नाकाम थी, मे लम्बे लम्बे धक्के मरे जा रहा था और हर धक्के के सात उसकी चीख कमरे मे गुन्झ जाती थी ,दर्द के मरे उसका बुरा हाल था और उसकी आँखों से लगातार आंसू बहा रहे थे , पर मे लगातार लम्बे -लम्बे स्ट्रोक मरे जा रहा था

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