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Driver Zahid impregnates Deepika

This incident happened for real when I was around 14-15 year old, around 20 year back. We are Assamese Brahmin and my dad was working as a senior government official in Assam. We always had servant for household work and drivers for our cars. A young girl from our community was working as a servant in our house.

Her name was Deepika and she was an orphan. My parents raised her as more than a servant, treating her like their own daughter. They promised to marry her off to good person when the time comes. She had her own room and good clothes and other stuff. She was from the village and was a fair skinned Assamese beauty with a voluptuous, figure, with firm legs and big boobs. I had a teenage crush on her; it was more lust than love.

She however treated me like a kid brother but I was always aroused whenever she would talk to me. Once we had gone on a family trip and she lifted her sari to avoid the shrubs and I could see her fair and firm calf as I was walking behind her and I had an immediate erection and I think she noticed it too. One time I was beaten up my father for doing something bad and she hugged me to protect me from the beating and my face was crushed on her boobs, which felt so good that I forgot all about my pain.

During the hot summer month at mid-day after lunch when everyone in the family sleeps I would sneak in and look into her room to see her sleeping. One day when it was really hot I saw her sleeping with her leg parted and lifted to let the cool breeze from the window inside her skirt and what I saw was that she was not wearing any panty, I clearly saw hairy pussy and fair and fleshy thigh. I couldn’t control myself and masturbated right outside the window even at the risk of being caught.

Any way the real shocker came a few months later. I didn’t see her for a week or so and when I asked my mother, she told me that she has gone back to her village. Then one day I overheard my parents discussing about her. I learned that she was pregnant and the person who has knocked her up was our driver, Zahid Ali. Zahid was of Bangladeshi descend and was a cocky and arrogant young man.

He even tried to flirt with my older sister and her friends when he used to drop them off to college. I used to see Deepika and Zahid talking some time but he lived in a rented place near our house so when did he seduce her and how? I was also shocked that a beautiful girl would not only get seduced but become pregnant with his kid, that also a Bangladeshi Muslim. We never heard from her again and my parents think she is a slut/of loose moral. But i often masturbate thinking how I never got anywhere near her pussy when a lowly Bangladeshi Muslim not only seduced, fucked but impregnated her as well.

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