Dubai Diaries: Unforgettable Experience Mr Osman

Happily written by the h!ndu girl at the behest of the same musalman guy.

Rashmi was just another hindu girl with big dreams and she saw it coming true when she got a dream job in Dubai at a wealthy real estate company. She was assigned to work under this musalman named Mr. Osman and just like most musalmans Osman too was very good with non-muslim girls, especially Hindu girls with whom he had enjoyed many relationships in the past. Also Mr. Osman had his own way of dealing with hindu girls, he was well aware of the psychology of Hindu girls from India, he knew all too well about the modern day hindu girls getting westernized, open and secular furthermore many of the independent girls love showing how liberal they are by hugging muslim men, just as white women do in the context of black male. He also knew the socio-political dynamics in India regarding muslims and love jihad as it came up a few times in the conversations he had with hindu girls who were close to him, so it was from them he learned about all this.

Mr. Osman was handsome and charming as most gulf muslims. Thousands of hindu girls travel to UAE every month for work and better pay. When they land there their bollywood dream comes true, absolutely clean plus they see average local males look as handsome and masculine as models to their eyes, something which they had always dreamed about.

Rashmi was earning 5 times the amount she did in India. Plus Mr. Osman went further and gave her free accommodation in his villa.
Traveling with Mr. Osman and helping him as his assistant was one of her duties. They quite often used to go on the site for inspection and meeting with clients, moreover having such a smart and classy girl as Rashmi beside him only had a positive impact and Mr. Osman was well aware of it.

One day Mr. Osman was driving with Rashmi sitting next to him as usual. Mr Osman was holding a disposable coffee cup in his one hand which got spilled over his trouser right in line with the zipper. He yelled at himself. Mr. Osman was driving and he looked at Rashmi who took out the tissue paper and started cleaning it.

Rashmi felt a huge bulge from outside his pants. She couldn’t move for a second. It was definitely his dick, she realized. Mr Osman looked at her as she withdrew her hand. He boldly said, what are you afraid of ? It was enough to get her hormones going.

That night Rashmi couldn’t stop herself from fingering her pussy because she always found Mr. Osman attractive and now she ended up fantasizing about his dick.

The sexual tension between them kept rising up and few days later when Mr Osman went to drop Rashmi to the villa. He asked her won’t she invite him to her place. Rashmi smiled and said its your place you can come whenever you want. Mr Osman got out of the car and said I choose now.

They both went inside the room where the tension between them only went up as Mr. Osman grabs Rashmi’s hand and she didn’t say anything. He kissed her and still she remained silent. Then he pressed her boobs and Rashmi responded by kissing him on his lips even harder. Rashmi was now on fire as was Mr Osman. They were both kissing and undressing each other. Rashmi was kissed his chest and neck like a hungry bitch until Mr. Osman took out his massive circumcised cock in front of her.

It was as if time had completely stopped for her and all the laws of nature were broken.

Mr. Osman placed her hand and made her grab his 9 inches of giant circumcised muslim cock and only after that Rashmi come to the realization that she is gonna get ripped apart tonight, which made her both horny and nervous.

Mr Osman sat down on the couch like a king and made Rashmi work his dick. Rashmi strokes his dick at first and she knew what do next. She started sucking his dick as well as she could. She never had to open her mouth so wide.

Rashmi tries to take his cock deeper inside her mouth but after a while takes it out and with a sigh she whispers, how is this thing so big ?

Mr. Osman hears Rashmi, he was enjoying it greatly to see her overwhelmed. He replies, you should now get used to real man’s cock. Don’t worry baby I will train you.

Rashmi smiles with bits of Muslim cum inside her mouth and says I though you were always serious but you turned out to be too naughty.

Mr Osman- You like me talking, ok I will do the talking while you work my dick like a nice girl. Mr Osman teases her “have you heard about the love jihad thing”

Rashmi slaps his hard cock which only sprung back to hit her hand and she replies omg where did you hear about it.

Mr Osman – From a hindu girl like you, a friend who told me all about it. Rashmi – What did she tell you.
Mr Osman- The word is that boys there say that we are funding love jihad with gulf money, giving muslim boys nice motorbikes and all the infrastructure they need to lure hindu girls in your home country.

Rashmi – They are just mad insecure guys, most girls don’t believe that shit. Mr Osman, presses her naked boobs and kisses her lips while Rashmi caresses his dick. Then he says, what if its true, what if I tell you its true, would you stop enjoying that muslim cock.

Rashmi smiles very erotically her pussy was getting real wet now. She said umm! even if its true, its only good for us we are getting to choose from a larger pool and for dick such as yours I would willingly let love jihad happen, she said.

Mr Osman, then gets down kisses her, touches her pussy lips and says this is the thing he likes about hindu girls. Rashmi pauses for a brief second and says what thing is that ? Mr Osman- Act like the purest to begin with and then turn into the dirtiest, at least that is what he has personally experienced. Rashmi then playfully bites his cock and says erotically now I am really beginning to think that love jihad is real.

Mr Osman- You wish it were true, makes your pussy extra horny huh! Rashmi continues to suck his cock until Mr. Osman gets up and and lays her on the couch. Rashmi was nervous, Mr Osman says- I know what you are thinking you are not the first.

Don’t worry it will go in without a problem. Rashmi had a tight pussy but it was wet. Osman slowly pushes his cock inside her pussy as Rashmi moans in submission, thinking about letting this muslim man have his way with her body. Osman was very very calculative. His was moving his dick inside with chess like maneuvering, after all he wanted to make the hindu girl addicted to his cock not drive her away. Surely but surely with Rashmi’s pussy getting wetter and wetter he keeps pushing his dick deeper and deeper until his balls makes the first contact. Osman then lunges onto her as she hugs her tightly, and after that it only gets wild as he starts fucking her in full flow.

Rashmi never felt so heavy down there, its so big her pussy could feel his raw cock and its power. Rashmi was going crazy at the thumping sound of his cock beating her pussy. After some time he fucks her from behind with her hairs in his hand like a bitch. Then Osman sits down on the couch and mounts Rasmhi on his big cock. She kept riding his cock as the room was filled by the throbbing sound. When Osman finally cums inside her pussy Rashmi felt a strong rush of load, she had never felt it so strongly. Muslim cum filled up her pussy, she went mad at that thought.

Mr. Osman takes out his cock and then cleans all the cum that was left on his cock with pretty Rashmi’s face. After a few minutes Osman was ready for the next session. He kept fucking her the whole night as if she would not live to see another day. Rashmi couldn’t go to office the next day. Mr. Osman gave her 3 days leave but he continued fucking her all the same.


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