Eid greetings from h!ndu females

eid hindu girls

Thousands of h!ndu girls celebrate eid and promote social harmony with their musalman boyfriends, husbands and friends, many h!ndu girls dressed in hijabs upload pics on social media while others go near mosques and muslim areas to experience the trill up close on the ground.

Just a small glimpse.

Not Gonna happen

Its already traditional. Ancient Bharat dresses with no blouse or very short blouses. So where’s the problem ? H!ndu girls know the tradition very well.

Dipika ki eid to Shoaib k saath manti hai.

Mahima ji’s husband is a muslim http://interfaithxxx.com/hndu-girl-in-a-muslim-home-hndu-girl-married-to-muslm/

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