Encounter with a Pakistani
Hi guys,
So it’s my third post and I would like to tell you that I enjoy visiting your website and reading out the stories shared by ladies from throughout the world.

So this time I would like to share the most recent incident that took place in my life. I’m a passionate sex lover and I love doing that with Muslims. I’ve been with 34 Muslims till now out of which 5 were Pakistanis. I met a person on Facebook, had long chats with him that included sex chats as well. I’m a divorced Hindu lady from Chandigarh. So going forward, we had talks for like 1yr and then he asked me for my phone number.

Till then I knew he’s from Dubai but I didn’t knew he has his roots from Pakistan. I got a few calls from him and we planned to meet as he was in India for a week. I knew that it’ll be a sex encounter and I was ready for that as well but the way it turned out was beyond my imagination. We went to Delhi and after having a few kisses and all that stuff, he revealed the real bull. He was like abusing me, was very rough and the way he fucked was so amazing and impressive that I can’t explain. Later that day, he called his friend and he joined us on bed too.

I know this sounds strange but whoever has done it like this can relate. It’s not that simple to refuse when you’re with someone just for sex. Like in 37-38hrs of our stay, like 20-24hrs were just about sex where he crushed me. Not to mention that India Pakistan sex kink was there and it was amazing. If there’s anyone who thinks is good at sex can write it to me @[email protected] We may have a discussion, few role plays and you never know about the real encounter.

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