30 thoughts on “Erotic Captions 49

  1. ohmmm , lund ko hard kar dia en hindu devion nay. kash koy mel jay. actually i m not in india. but thinking alot about them.

    1. Which women wear saare ,she is the week nest of muslim men .saree is the type of dress which covers all the body parts of women but women luk much sexier than bikini. It is the translation of 2nd one..divya

          1. u can Ahmad… Gimme ur email… i will also have fun with u
            btw…can u translate 1st and 3rd?

        1. The 3rd pic says present. in the muslim empires time hindu females have been prepared in this style of tradional makeup and jewllery to present them for muslims. for sex. the first one is religious type. in second pic. Mohammad muslim holy prophet and Laxshmi devi hindu goddesss talking. Mohammad pulling har saree annd making her nude. while she reply with lusty plz dont make me nude my hindu pavitra body. he says, let me show hindu guys how hindu goddess like to be used by muslim men. maybe not perfect. just to tell u a little idea.

          1. wow ahmed sab so lucid translation
            I am wet inside by just imagination of holy prophets lunnnn going deep inside Laxmi,uff so intoxicating.
            And muslim rulers must have fucked all these traditionally wrapped Royal ladies.

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