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Erotic invasion of white europe by muslim dicks

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muslims fucking white girls

Baba Vanga Predicted in 2016 Muslims will invade Europe. Her prophecy turns out to be true but looks like its a different kind of invasion, an erotic one. Instead of the cries we are hearing moans of white women in europe as the hard muslim dick invades white womens pussy and white women are happily spreading their legs in front of the mighty muslim cock and falling in love with it. She also predicted, In 2025 the population of Europe will disappear as a result of wars. Makes sense as the mighty muslim dicks are gonna spread their seed and the low birth rate and falling family structure among the whites is only gonna aid this. The 3rd world war will not be fought with guns abut with dicks and the mighty muslim cock is destined to win, the muslim seed will prevail.

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    1. As it should be. All white B4 hair on it white girls must take only Black and Muslim seeds into them B4 they get any hair on it. White daughters B4 hair unite. Fuck to end racism. Breed only with Blacks and Muslims.

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